Meet the Forum Staff!

Ella — RP Leader

definitely did not draw this haha !!

Hi everyone, my name’s Ella maybe the first line of this post was a bit of a giveaway of that fact and I’m an RP Leader also… given away by the first line haha.

I’m from England, UK (and so sometimes I might talk properly British) and I’m about to study Biology, Psychology and Drama A-Levels in secondary school (since the recent lockdown stopped me doing my GSCEs!).

My main hobby would honestly be roleplaying and just generally going on the forums (does that count as a hobby? surely). I really love watching TV shows and movies, then talking about them with other people and making predictions about things. My favourite TV show would have to be Sex Education, so if anyone shares my love of the show, message me so we can talk about it haha! But to pick my favourite movie is a lot harder, though I am a big Marvel fan!

I also really love musicals! I listen to musical songs a lot, if there are any musical fans who care - my current favourites are Mean Girls, Dear Evan Hansen, Waitress (hence the drawing of myself at Waitress) and Heathers! But aside from musicals, the artists I have on all the time on Spotify are 5SOS, Demi Lovato, Sabrina Carpenter and Little Mix (and sometimes Billie Eilish and Jonas Brothers).

I guess a random fact about me would be that I was born without a sense of smell? That might be interesting to people? Or not haha, but now you know!

Sooo I think that’s all of me on one forum post! (though I may have completely forgotten one drastic detail and I will be back on here to add it!) I’m always open for a conversation about… all of the above and anything else!

thank you for your time


You have been accepted into the cult

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Mel(ancholy) | RP Leader

Hello there, my name is Melancholy, or simply, Mel.

You could most likely tell I’m an RP leader from this title, my title next to my forums name or a various amount of other reasons, but unless, you don’t know, hello, I’m apart of the RP staff and a fellow RPing leader. I’m from United States, North America, if you want to find the state feel free to look through my posts and kill some time if you have nothing else to do.

I’m a roleplaying gal, I’m pretty silly, I do some stupid stuff and love to have fun writing. Taurus here, birthday is May 9th and I reallyyyy am a fan of reading and studying zodiacs even if I don’t believe them myself. This place has been such a welcoming home. Proud Nigerian :nigeria: and Mexican :mexico: and American :us: . Christian as well here. Music is my life and I love nightcore. I’m an aspiring medical student. For what? Whatever pays the most-

I play the flute and am always happy to give tips and help. I love reading books, anything by Marie Lu and Rick Riordan as well as C.S Lewis, L.M Montgomery, are probably in my library and I’ve most likely happily read. I’m a fan of personality tests, the spiritual realm, tea, food and travel. I’m a lady of class, what can I say? I’ve been up in here since June, and am running many roleplays. I’m ya gal to PM for any questions.

That’s all I feel like sharing. Hopefully I kept a bit of mystery… Lovely day to meet you all.



@ForumStaff new members need to make their Meet the Staff post. Don’t forget to do this.


Actually we’re gonna be making a new thread so no need hehe :wink:


Oh really? That will be good. :slight_smile:


Lol, I would write here the day I got selected as a leader if I could. :joy:


Lol very true! They will make the new thread soon.


Added tags (wink) Though there will be a new thread at some point.

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So… when exactly is “at some point”? :eyes::green_heart:


I was also asking myself


I don’t know. Sorry. We are trying to sort some things out at the moment for forums and are also busy ourselves. I will try to bring it up later today or tomorrow. Don’t wanna stress anyone out with further tasks, but we do need to do answers too.


When can we expect this thread to be made?


Keeping people in suspense is all the fun innit


I’ve been on the edge of my seat for 29 days :joy:

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Grab a pillow :joy:

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Yeah, sorry, the problem is that the heads have been really busy lately with forums and life in general. So it hasn’t really been brought. We currently have one who REALLY ill, one on break, one who has horrendous troubles at work and home, and another who has been focusing far too much on making the website money. I’m sorry, bear with us, it will be done eventually.