Mistakes New Writers Make and How to Avoid Them

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For poor grammar, I know that many new writers have poor grammar (I do lol) especially if they aren’t writing in their first language but I haven’t seen anyone who says that it’s unimportant. If someone said that to me… I wouldn’t know what to say, because it is!

I agree with that you have to read to improve as a writer and be supportive to other writers and ultimately friends.

Mhm, people in general aren’t that good at taking criticism but criticism is amazing if you know how to approach it! This is something I have to work on as well because it’s kind of hard to take constructive criticism.

Ugh, rip GoT. I bet the books are amazing though! It’s kind of sad that they cut it short, they definitely had the audience and numbers to continue another season. I guess they just didn’t want to work on it anymore. :cry:

Don’t have a lot to say about the advertising more than there were some awesome tips there.


Yes, yes, and for any writers who are struggling with with grammar, then I’m happy to help proofread your story for you. I have done this for Fraud too. (wink)


Hehe yes, thank you! Very helpful but very scary :see_no_evil: Thaaanks :white_heart:

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HEHEHEHE! You’re soooo cute.

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Yess, absolutely!

I don’t really think I’m a new writer because I write stories for a few years now. I never made the first two mistakes, grammar was always important to me and I love to check out other people’s stories!
To mistake 4… I still do that one :see_no_evil: I feel bad but I really haven’t planned anything about my story other than a rough idea of where I want it to end and the characters I want to see in there. And I probably advertised my story way too soon, but I still got some readers so I don’t think it was a big mistake.