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You and some other people have decided to head to Misty Meadows, a remote resort deep in a valley of the Hamnach Mountains. This place is known for its silence and their mysterious but beautiful fog banks. The spa is made as a piece of land where people go for a long time to find themselves again for whatever reason. Most of these people have come to a point they need to start over and use the resort as a way of cleaning their past and starting over after they leave.

The place is so remote and hidden that no one knows exactly where it is and that a van from the resort itself is the only one going there.

Rumours have it that the drivers are being trained to blindly drive through the fog, making them the only ones to arrive safely.

However, while you are driving in the van, something goes wrong and the van ends up off the road.

You come to, and miraculously everyone except the driver has survived.

But now you have the following problem, you are stuck in a valley without an idea of how to get back to civilization or the spa resort.

As a group you decide to walk into a random direction, and at nightfall, you end up in an old abandoned village.

The village consists of timber-based houses that are rotten and fused with moss, ivy and other plants. a nasty fog hangs around the village at the time that you have seen everything. You set up camp here and discover the next day that you can no longer get out.

Rules for the characters:

  1. If you want to make multiple, please make one of each gender so we keep it nicely balanced
  2. If you have more than 1 character, the others are allowed to be killed at any point. You are allowed to play for a little bit without saying which one you are okay with killing off at any point, but PM me as soon as you made up your mind. I will also ask you to pick at some point if needed, then you have to pick quickly.
  3. Give them a dark side. Just to make them more interesting. It doesn’t need to be major, just give them something that at some point made them need to reevaluated themselves.

Rules of the RP:

  1. Basic ones:
  • Be nice and understanding to each other, please.
  • Take it to PM if things get too steamy at any point in the RP
  • Mind the language, I don’t care if you swear, just don’t go overboard and keep it to a minimum as well as keep the age of the other RP’ers in mind.
  1. Don’t be salty to anyone at any point if your character gets killed, signing up you should be aware that the possibility is there.
  2. When your character gets kidnapped or injured, don’t skip over it. I’ll always make sure that those who are involved with these moments are close to your time zone or characters you’ve been active with a lot.
  3. Drama is welcome but keep it in the RP and not outside. If anything happens you get only 1 warning or else, you’re thrown out of the RP.
    I beg you to contact me immediately if anything happens either in the off-topic PM or in a personal PM.

Other info:

  • This RP is going to be both a little bit of free to play as you want but has a lot of side stories as well when you feel bored.

  • I also like to play with IRP* so when I’m online and you want to RP but don’t know with who, you can always tag me like this :

Actions and stuff
@meekepeek – IRP, please.

*IRP: In Role Play:
I often write in the first-person mode and as a character myself, but when IRP you can play along and I’ll tell you what happens when you do certain actions and what the consequences are when doing them.

These can be solving puzzles, riddles, finding hidden locations or even answers as to how to leave the village.

Main goals of the rp:
• Get out of the town alive
• Find out the reason behind the town and all the peculiar events that are happening.
• Find out why you are there.



@ohsumana - Hrishi :triumph:
@Littlefeets - Female
@Xx_Alyssa_xX - male and female
@Peppermints - male
@nil - one character
@idiot.exe - female
@Kbail - female
@TheDancingFryer - non binary
@LunaticLeviTheSecond - maybe
@Wonky - Dude


@Skyler2 @OhSumana @Littlefeets @Xx_Alyssa_xX_ @dusk @idiot.exe @CrazyCaliope @duck @L.C.R @BlackBlood @ForeverAngel @GlitterFist @LunaticLeviTheSecond @BlueInferno @Secreterz

RP hosts: @meekepeek & @coco

Start date: 18th of December.

if things are to busy or not enough have filled in the sign-ups we either move it past Christmas or in 2021


That was fast :joy:
Maybe I shouldn’t expect everyone to be a procrastinator like I am


'Kay, reserve for Hrishi :triumph:

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Reserve a female please




I’ll reserve a female plz I’ll fill out the character form tomorrow




Reserve female and male please!

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Reserve a male ~


This looks so interesting! However I’m sad because I promised I won’t be signing up to more RPs now :sob:




I did though, in the AC thread :eyes:


For how long?


Until December, I think :eyes:


So if I set the starting date to let’s say 10 December, you should be able to make a character in time? :smirk:



Since it’s near Christmas, maybe-


You know what, I’m gonna reserve one :sob:


Hahaha yesss