Monster High: Perfectly Imperfect || SIGNUPS AND CHAT

Are you a little… freaky? Do you have trouble fitting in, feeling like you belong, or controlling your thirst for blood? Do you lack confidence in your ability to go bump in the night? Are you a young Monster looking for a place where you can just be you? Than look no further than Monster High! This prestigious school has been operating for over 2000 years, creating the perfect learning environment for the children of legendary Monsters. Hidden away from the world of cruel humans who would mock and hate them, the campus is completely safe and accommodating for all students, whether they walk, crawl, swim, float, or slither. Custom dorm rooms personally designed for each Monster’s unique physiology, a wide section of classes and electives, and plenty of other Monsters to make friends with- Who could ever ask for a better place to embrace your freaky flaws?

So enroll at Monster High today, where nothing, absolutely nothing , could possibly go wrong!

10 years after the famous class of the 2010s have graduated, Monster High is still going strong with a whole new generation of students. More borders between Monster species have been broken down than ever, and students are learning to love themselves every day. Not everything is perfect, however. Notorious Monster Hunter Abraham Van Helsing has arrived at the school’s doorstep, claiming to have shed his prejudice and changed his ways and begging for a teaching position. Of course the school’s staff was distrustful of him at first, but Headmistress Bloodgood had the final say, and as she said herself, “How can Monster High claim to be a place for all of we deny him a second chance?”. So now Van Helsing is the school’s new History teacher, and no one is sure if he can be trusted or not yet. He may look nice on the outside, but on the inside he could be planning some evil scheme… And he does seem very interested in Parents Day, where all of the Monsters will be gathered in the same place. Can you and your new Beast Friends uncover what he’s really planning and save the day, all while juggling grades, clubs, and trying to get a date to the prom? I suppose there’s only one way to find out.

Welcome to Monster High.

In this RP, you will play as one of the new students who have arrived at the school after Frankie, Clawdeen, Draculaura and the gang have graduated. You will make friends, find your place in the social hierarchy, maybe find romance, and there will be plenty of events and activities to get you immersed into school life (All of which may require a different killer outfit)!

This RP is created and Co-owned by @anon69668780, @raviola, @Littlefeets, and me! If you have questions about the RP, ask any of us and we’ll answer!

Poses from official MH art were referenced, but everything else about this artwork is original. Please keep this in mind and support the original artists!


This RP will have the same rules as every other RP on this site, but because of the brand this one is based off of, I’d like to put extra emphasis on this one being family friendly. It’d just feel unnatural and wrong otherwise. Which means No cursing, not even censored cursing. If your character feels negatively about something, there are plenty of other words they could use to describe it, even words unique to the Monster High lexicon. And also Nothing sexual at all. Please. This is a high school RP, and even the immortal kids who are thousands of years old are still considered children. Don’t be gross.

Characters and Signup Template!

Characters in this RP can be any kind of Monster from anywhere around the world! Unless your character is a vampire or were-animal of some kind, please try to be unique with your Monster choices!

FC for this RP can be a random art fc from off the internet or a fc specially drawn for this RP by me! There are plenty of characters in the Adoptables Slides to choose from already, but you can also request a character for me to draw just for you by giving me their Monster species, gender, and style. I will give you full body art of them along with an emblem and a pet if you’d like, but the art is only for use in this RP unless you give me plenty of credit wherever else you use it.

Signup Template: (Must be filled out in first person, “I” and “Me” and from your character’s perspective!)


Role: (A brief description of their role at the school or what people know them for, Only a few words long)

Son/Daughter/Child Of: (The character’s Monster parent)

Age: (Between 14-18)



Abilities: (Any special powers that their species has)

Killer Style: (A description of their fashion sense)

Freaky Flaw: (Their biggest quirk. Can be physical, emotional, a strange habit or something else you think fits)

Favorite Color:

Favorite Food: (If this can be a spooky pun you’ll get bonus points)

Biggest pet peeve: (What annoys them the most?)

Favorite Activity:

Pet: (If they have one, if not then give a reason why or just leave blank if you can’t think of one)

Favorite Subject: (There will be a list of classes for you to choose from, but if you want to choose something not on the list, ask us if it’d be okay)

Least Favorite Subject:

(These are in 1st Person too⬇️)

Personality: (At least 5 sentences, same goes for Bio)


Faceclaim: (Must be art)

Emblem: (The little skull symbol that each character has, if your character does not already have one I can draw one for you)

Important Links!

Faceclaims: Coming soon…
Adoptables Slides: :baby:
Schedule of School Events: Coming soon…
Class and Club List: :books:
Monster High Lexicon: :speech_balloon:

Tags and Reserves

@GlitterFist - Female (Bloody Mary), Male (Ciguapa) and Female (Genie/Werecat Hybrid)
@raviola - Female (Lusca) and Male (Loch Ness Monster)
@Littlefeets - Female (Lost Spirit)
@Ouijaloveletters - Female (Slenderman), Female (Jenny Greenteeth) and Male (Spring-Heeled Jack)
@averis - Male/Female (Beasts of Gevaudan)
@elixr - Male (Haunted Doll)
@BlueInferno - Male (Ghost Pirate) and Female (Alien)
@Some_Kid - Female (Krampus)

Art Requests

@elixr :white_check_mark:


This is really tempting.


JoOoOoOoOin UuUs…


g l i t f i t

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I do have an idea, but I probably shouldn’t.

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Tell and we shall be the judges of that


can i reserve the beast of gevaudan

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inhales Slender man. I just don’t want it to be too much. Why am I so nervous?

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i have come to f i t your g l i t s

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its a school of monsters dont be shy put some more


You don’t have to reserve the monster, just the gender and how many you want

Unless one of my co owners thinks otherwise?

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okok just thought you didn’t want dupes

so male and female pleaaase

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I’m sorry, I’m just super jittery this week. I’ve had this idea for a while and decided to go for it. I understand if you say no. I can easily find something else.

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Sounds fun!

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Sweet! Ok, hmmm…Yuki Onna, a Japanese snow woman.


I mean with some monsters we’re inevitably gonna have dupes

If someone ever dupes your monster and you have a problem you can let us know though and we’ll ask them to choose something else

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