Most Disappointing Movie You've Seen

What has been the most disappointing movie you’ve seen? Why is it so? Did it have parts missing? Or did it have something that ruined it?

I have a feeling Percy Jackson fans might have a good answer for this…

For me, I think some of the teen Netflix movies have really disappointed me. Tall Girl: could have been good, but they did… pretty much everything wrong. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before 2: have Lara Jean end up with John Ambrose :pensive:


I’m about to prove you right
The Percy Jackson movies. Ain’t nothing good about them.


Fantastic four (the 2015 one)

To be honest, I forgot that existed.

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Yes so did I
It sucked

I have to agree with To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before 2. I didn’t like it…


The only good scenes were the ones between Lara Jean and John Ambrose.

I said what I said.

And also the scene where Lara Jean says ‘If I didn’t go to the hot tub, would you and Gen be together?’ I was shook and laughing so hard.

I haven’t watched either movies. Sappy teen romance isn’t really my thing.

The remake of Halloween released in 2018. I’m a big fan of the original Halloween franchise, and watching the remake was a total let down.

I’ve seen so many disappointing movies…

There was this particular movie I saw many years ago called The Cider House Rules. It was just disappointing from the beginning to the end.

I put paranormal activity on in the hopes it would be scary

Oh boy was I let down

The movie singularity was really bad, I like the actor that‘s why I watched it

Crazy Rich Asians. Didn’t love it :pensive: