Most viral internet trends of the decade

There are a lot of trends that went viral this decade and here are just a few of them:

Harlem Shake

The original Harlem Shake video was created by a comedian called Filthy Frank and featured a group of costumed dancers who start flailing wildly as the bass drops.

Ice Bucket Challenge

The Ice Bucket Challenge was centered around charity. Former baseball player and ALS patient Pete Frates helped popularise the challenge, which involved taking a bucket of ice water, dumping it over your head, posting the video to social media and encouraging others to do the same or make a donation towards research into the neurodegenerative disease.

Mannequin Challenge

A group of high school students in Florida were behind the biggest internet sensation of 2016 when they filmed themselves frozen like mannequins as the camera panned around them.
Skrillex’ famous song Black Beatles first featured a crowd waiting for the drop like mannequins in the background.

Debate over the dress

Was the dress blue and black or white and gold? We can discuss this in the Patrons’ Lounge. :wink:

Pokemon Go

This game quickly became one of the most popular smartphone applications with 84 million users in 2016. Pokémon GO allowed people to be real-life Pokemon trainers. You could roam around to catch different Pokemon and hatch eggs.

In My Feelings challenge

Kiki, do you love me?
In 2018, the ‘In My Feelings Challenge’ also known as the ‘Kiki Challenge’, inspired by Drake’s song, became a viral dance trend in which people danced outside of an open car door.

The Bottle Flip Challenge

From celebrities to young kids, this challenge became viral and is still very famous. All you have to do is throw a bottle, filled with water, so that it lands upright on a flat surface.


One of the most famous dance moves of the decade was dabbing, where the participant raises one arm straight to the sky while bowing their head into the crook of their bent elbow.


Another dance move! A move designed to make it look as though you’re maneuvering an invisible piece of dental floss around the lower half of your body. It went viral after 15-year-old Russell Horning, known as “Backpack Kid”, performed it during a Saturday Night Live performance of Katy Perry’s song Swish Swish.

The Bottle Cap Challenge

One of the most recent trends! The goal is to untwist the cap with a spin kick, without moving the bottle itself.

  • What’s your opinion on these trends?
  • What trend do you like and what trend do you dislike?
  • Do you know some other trends I didn’t mention?

I generally liked all of these trends when they were trends except for the in my feelings challenge, i hated that from the start because 1)I couldn’t drive (and still can’t) so I was not able to legally participate in the challenge and 2 it was generally dangerous, you could get hit by a passing car or your own car.
some others you could add to your list is
Gangnam Style (i don’t really know if that counts as a trend)


Yess, I like Kiki but would never try it! :joy:
Also, my personal opinion and people irl know this and always annoy me with it - I passionately hate dabbing.

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I remember most of these because of my students!

I think this was a 2013, right? One of my students had a sister in 6th grade, and her class included this in the play they put on at the end of the year.

This was probably in 2015, because I began adding a lot of former students on Facebook, and many of them did this challenge.

I actually did this with one of my groups! :joy: :joy: It was a good way to get them to stop talking and pay attention.

First, it was blue and black for me, then white and gold.

Oh yes, this was a huge deal in 2016. I never played it but there were so many memes about it on social media.

I don’t know how I missed this one… I guess because I was teaching elementary school in 2018, and no one is old enough to drive?

Ah yes, I replied on the bottle flip thread about this one! It was actually pretty cool, and I didn’t mind it if kids did it during recess or dismissal time. Just not in class, but no one did.

I think this was popular around the same time as the bottle flip.

I don’t remember this one…

I don’t think I’ve seen anyone do this.

Another 2016-2017 trend I remember is the fidget spinner. Nearly everyone had one, and whenever I found one, I’d play with it. :joy: :joy:

I don’t think I ever saw this one…