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The game I’m talking about is Munchkin, which is based on the Munchkin Dungeons & Dragons-based card game made by Steve Jackson.

You’re wannabe heroes who have been brought up around the lower-class of the kingdom. This kingdom hasn’t been focusing on its outer regions and rural parts, not until nearly two years ago. The new royalty to the throne, the beloved king’s brother and his new wife, had began expanding out it’s territory and discovering more out there.
Quite a few rundown mansion estates were discovered over this past year, all said to be abandoned during the plague that hit the king’s grandfather’s rein. Since then these estates have been overun with creatures big and small. The King has therefore called for “nobodies”, who wish to gain fame and fortune, to venture into each of the places that had fallen into disrepair and clear them. The first to gain a rank of 10 before any of the others, will not only have the power to clear the estate but also the King will grant them as the new owner.

So how will I do this?

Your characters will all walk the inside of the estate, either separately or together, and investigate every room, there are many and many. Each character must undertake a room alone, unless they can’t defeat what’s inside. Then they can either ask for help or run away. Running away can have consequences and they might not even be successful.

We will workout an order of the turns, whether it be randomly or you guys decide.
Then when it’s your character’s turn, they will come across a possible threat and face it alone. If your character must fight and they win, then not only will they go up a rank but they’ll also find treasures too.

To win the game deeds to the estate, your character must collect 10 ranks.

Ranks & Items:

Each successful fight will reward them with one rank up.

Ranks are used in fights to defeat the monster/creature. While most of the time, ranks will have to added together with items worn and in their backpack, to be one rank higher than the opponent. Reaching rank 10 means the character has beaten their opponents and now own the house.

Items on you:

Most treasures are items that have a gold coin value, meaning that if your character wants they can sell their items of value to go up ranks. 100 gold is the equalent to one rank. You just can’t do this at rank nine.

These are things that your character can carry in their backpack or only be equipped assuming there’s a place for it on their person. For example, if you have two hats, you can only use one since you only have one head and the other will have to go in your backpack.

Unless you have an Ally or a Cheat. An ally is someone who joins your side in this quest. They give you one extra rank point (only for battle) and can also hold one item that you may not be able to hold alone.

Items in your backpack:

Most treasures are items that have a point value, meaning that if your character wants they can sell their items of value to go up levels too. 100 points is the equalent to one level, as well as cheekily adding 100 points to your house. You just can’t do this at level nine.

Anything your character collects can go in their bag, so long as it’s an item. Proficiencies you can use must remain in your hand, well as opponents, roles, etc. Or you must discard them.

Unless you have an Ally or a Cheat. An ally is someone who joins your battles. They give you one extra level point (only for battle) and can also hold one item that you may not be able to use or hold.


When a monster/creature enters combat against your character, you simply compare the their combat strength (rank) to your character’s. Their combat strength is equal to their Rank plus any bonuses or penalties you receive from Race, Classes, Items, Allies, and Curses. Your character and the other characters may play One-Shot Items or Class abilities to help or harm them in combat.
If the monster/creature’s combat strength is equal to your character, or greater, they lose and must Run Away. If their combat strength is greater than the monster/creature’s, they kill it and go up a rank. Plus, they get the number of Treasures too.
Sometimes a card will let you defeat a monster without killing it. This is still “winning,” but you don’t get to rank up. Unless the card says otherwise, you don’t get the Treasures either.

Running Away and Bad Stuff: If nobody will help your character… or if somebody tries to help, and others interfere so they still cannot win… they must Run Away. To Run Away, the RP creator rolls the die. They successfully Run Away on a 5 or 6. Some special Classes, Roles, and Items make it easier or harder to Run Away from monster/creature.
If your character fails to Run Away from an opponent, it does Bad Stuff to your character, as will be described.
If your character must flee from multiple monsters/creatures, I roll separately for them to escape each one, in any order you choose, and suffer Bad Stuff from each as soon as they fail to Run Away from it.
If two characters are cooperating and still can’t defeat them, they must both Run Away.

Interfering With Combat:

Monster Enhancers: They can raise or lower the combat strength of individual monsters/creatures. Monster enhancers may be played by any character during any combat.

Fighting Multiple Opponents: Some monsters/creatures allow other monsters to join a combat. Your character must defeat their combined combat strengths to kill them. Any special abilities, such as forcing them to fight with their rank only, apply to the entire fight. If their hand allows, they can eliminate one monster/creature from the combat and fight the other(s) normally, but cannot choose to fight one and run away from another.

Undead Monster/Creatures: Several monsters in this set are tagged Undead. You may play any Undead monster from your hand into combat to help any other Undead, without using a Wandering Monster card.

Asking For Help: If your character cannot kill a monster/creature on their own, they may ask any other character to help them. Only one character can help them, adding that character’s combat strength to yours. Anyone can play cards to affect your combat, however!
Your character will probably have to bribe someone to help. They may offer the helper any item(s) they are currently carrying or any number of the Treasure cards the monster/creature is worth. The helper does not go up any ranks.
The special abilities or weaknesses of the monster also apply to the helper, and vice versa. For instance, if a Warrior helps your character, they will win if the combined total ties that of the monster/creature, and the Warrior helper can Berserk and discard cards to add their the combat strength (but only once per combat, not once per monster).

How to interfere?
• Use a One-Shot Item. Your character could help another character by using a One-Shot to strengthen their side. Or they can “accidentally” strengthen the monster/creature with it instead.
• Play a monster enhancer. They make a monster/creature stronger and give it more Treasure.
• Add a monster/creature from your character’s hand to join the combat, either with a Wandering Monster card or by using the special Undead monster/creature rule.
• Curse them, if you have a Curse card.

Fainting & Curses:

If your character faints, they lose all their stuff. Once they’ve fainted, they keep their Races, Classes, and Level (and any persistent Curses on they). But as your character comes to, each other character (in order of highest rank) gets to choose an item from your character. Then everything else is magically removed from your character’s possession and they gain consciousness again on the next character’s turn. And a refresh of items will appear on their next turn.


If your character walks into a Curse then it applies to that character. If acquired by Looting the Room, Curses go into your character’s hand and be played on any character at any time. Usually, a Curse affects its victim immediately (if it can). However, some Curses give
a penalty later or have a persistent effect. Keep these curses on your character until they get rid of it or the penalty takes effect.
If someone plays a “your next combat” Curse on your character while they are in combat, it counts in that combat! The same is true for a “your next turn” Curse played during your character’s turn.
If a Curse can apply to more than one Item, the victim decides which Item is lost or Cursed. If a Curse applies to something you don’t have, ignore it.


Okay, so…

  • One reserve per user
  • Everyone is human and of the lowest class.

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I wanna join, but ahhhh to many RPs!

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If it helps, this will probably be like the Adventure RP and the HP one in terms of how active.

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If I’m doing the hp one already am I still allowed to join this or not? @CrazyCaliope

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Of course.

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Ahh it looks like fun but I have toooo many other rps to make characters for :sneezing_face:

Hmm… so I shouldn’t have posted this then and I should probably cancel it. Damn.

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I’d be very interested in doing this. Just saying :pleading_face:

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That’s awesome but I’m not sure anyone else is…

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Hmmmm well if it was closer to the Adventure Game with Lucan and Thia, maybe people would be more open to making characters if they don’t have to RP them?

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Yeah, I suppose, though I wanted to make this one a little more RP like. I may just close this for a later time. Would you like to be in one of the Harry Potter ones, babe?

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Okay, make sure to tag me when you do~
… yes please
I just wasn’t sure if there were any spots left

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Will do. Maybe watch this thread 'cause I’ll just reopen it.
There are but I have an idea… hang on…

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Closed for a later time when more users are possibly interested.