Music by TikTok stars

Say what you like about TikTok, we all know it has the problematic elements to it and overall I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan of the app :joy: however this doesn’t change the fact that it’s allowed certain music artists to get their songs out there for people to listen to. This thread is for songs that originally came from TikTok as in that was where they debuted or the person who made it is on TikTok.

Some are listed here so feel free to give opinions on those or tell us about some you know! @Music


I thought when I clicked on that link I’ll find those popular tiktokers, I think we all know who they are. But I don’t want to say anything bad about them. What I can say about one of them is that Lil Huddy is surprisingly good and I actually love his music

Other than that I don’t know many other artists that got some recognition because of tiktok. Yes, it is a good platform for something like that but I honestly never heard of some of those mentioned artists. I know about Max Leone, I did find out about him because of this app and I’m in love with him