Music discussion: Backstreet Boys

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This weeks it’s: Backstreet Boys
Here’s their Wikipedia page
Here are some music videos:

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How have I not seen this before!? I love the Backstreet Boys! They were my childhood boy band that I loved listening to. My sisters preferred other bands that I was not interested in such as Nsync, Boyz 2 Men, and others like that. I have their Greatest hit’s CD that had the latest song out they published a while back. The song was called “Drowning” but I really wasn’t a fan of that song though.

Have you listened to the Backstreet Boys? Did you prefer a different band? Are you excited about their new music coming?



Yes, I have a couple song on Spotify including I want it that way. That song is my favorite

Yea, I love listening to music especially when it catchy and you can’t help yourself to sing along.

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I love the Backstreet Boys too! They make such great music.

Backstreet Boys > NSYNC any day, sorry not sorry

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I liked the Backstreet Boys back when I was in middle school! One of my best friends was a huge fan, and I used to go to her house and watch BSB videos with her, and listen to their songs. I was more of a Spice Girls stan myself, but I still liked BSB and N*SYNC.