Music discussion: Kelly Clarkson

Every week, we’ll present you with a musician and you can discuss their songs, music videos, life, style and whatever else comes to your mind! If you don’t know the presented musicians, share your first impressions, check out their music and let us know what you think! :smile:

This weeks it’s: Kelly Clarkson
Here’s her Wikipedia page
Here are some music videos:

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@Music I could use some new suggestions! :smiley_cat:


Ahhh, nostalgia. I loved her when I was younger, she has so many good songs


Good old Kelly Clarkson!!!

I remember I used to be addicted to Little Miss Independent. Used to blast that out after school.


Ouii her voice is so nice.
One of my fav songs I heard on radio from her was Heartbeat song. :brown_heart:

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Hmmm Kelly Clarkson :thinking: she’s one of those people who has songs I know but I wouldn’t ever put her on a playlist no hate just not my thing, I know that for many people she brings alot of nostalgia, what about everyone else?


I don’t mind her music. I like her songs such as:

  • Little Miss Independent
  • Low
  • Since U Been Gone
  • Behind These Hazel Eyes
  • Walk Away
  • Because of You

Because of You is this one song that really hits home, especially the music video. Trust me, it will make you cry because it is so relevant.

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