Music from the 80s

What do you think of 80s music?
Do you have any favourite artists or songs?

I know a lot of music from the 80s but I prefer modern music. I love songs like Beat it, Eye of the Tiger and Take on me, but I just listen to it when it’s on the radio :sweat_smile: But I bet we have some people here who love music from the 80s!


Personally I only listen to the 70’s and 80’s. particularly rock since it was very big at the time.
lots of 70’s and 80’s bands still play live and are just as great, like Kiss, Bon Jovi, Areosmith and Def Leopard

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I loooove 80s music! Especially Brit-pop and synthwave/new wave, city pop, funk, R&B and early hip-hop!

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I love 80’s music!!! It’s some of the best music imo


80s music is with no doubt the best music there is

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