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From now on, I will be happy to host you to see through the space of my consciousness


In recent months, I started learning to love writing online. Maybe you have already noticed it by seeing my replies on threads sometimes. So, I decided to have a weekly consor, because I really feel a real need to be expressed, but not in order to convince. I can’t really say about myself that I believe in convincing someone else, but I believe that every person should have his own thoughts about many fields. I also write on this conser for whoever thinks like me, so maybe I can organize and write the right words for what he thinks about a certain topic. I like to I like to organize thoughts in a concise and focused manner.

Throughout my time here, in ShanniiWrites forum, I was thinking about how can I take advantage of the fact that here we are encouraged to speak our minds. And today the idea of doing a weekly conser came up to my mind, and when I was told that it’s a good idea, I decided to go ahead it.
So, from now on I’ll have my own weekly conser, called “KanubishFT- Pays Attention”, which I will write every Thursday, in which I’ll share with you about my thoughts many things. Already asking you - do not take everything I say in a limited liability - it’s just me. I do not analyze minds or systems, nor am I someone who tries to be a mind reader. I am just a girl who has thoughts and opinions of her own. Some of them are true, some are a huge mistake :woman_shrugging:t4:. Some people are looking for (I’ll explain what I mean) others, and say: “today you said that, yesterday you said that…”. So, yeah, we all have said, still and will say many things. I don’t know what about you guys, but if already change my mind, I change it once a few years - I am more attached to the heart, less to the mind. When I state my opinions, I have no intentions of insulting or attacking anyone.
All I am going to do by writing this conser is reporting on my thoughts world. If I express my views in the political field, know that I am not trying to grasp any position (even though I don’t like to engage in politics).

So, I’ll be happy to host you to my consciousness spaces on the weekends, keep you busy reading it, give you pleasure, and maybe challenge you. And I, God forbid, do not want to ruin your day if I mention artificial dramas or a bit of gossip.

In short, enjoy. :blush:

Note: when I said “some people are looking for others”, I meant to say that they are coming at someone else without justification.

Summer Vacation

So, in my country, all the students are on vacation - for the juniors and high schoolers, the vacation began on June 20th, while the elementary schools began their vacation on June 30th (10 days later). Well, I started my vacation on 20th June, exactly after my birthday, so you could say that I celebrated doubly (the best gift can a teen get). But, I wasn’t that excited. Do not get me wrong - I am thankful that this year has passed very fast that it felt to me as if with the click of a finger the Lord passed the time from September 1st to June 20th, and for the first time in my life I desired to finish a school year. Why? One word - Bagrut. Well, you must ask yourself what Bagrut is. The Bagrut exams are the final exams that students do in Israel (today the high school students do these exams). When do we do them? Well, it’s divided to 2 part - we have winter bagruts (about on January-February) and summer bagruts (March-June. And July for these who should improve their grade on a certain subject. But, not on every subject you can take a test again). These exams aren’t so simple. This year wasn’t simple at all. But, thank god this year has passed well.
Since the vacation has begun, my sister and mother keep asking and mentioning to me about going to work. Of course, I want to work, but I am sure if I’ll even find something that will fit me. But, I am sure about one thing - I don’t wanna work as a waiter. At all - I do not want to work in something that requires me to talk to people. But, hey, I am not judging anyone who works as a waiter. Not at all.
If I was an adult (at least 20 years old), I wish I could go to visit a sibling of mine who moved in Germany for two years with his wife and 2-year-old son, even though he might come back only for holidays.

I just wish I could do anything interesting, just to spend my time with fun. My brother suggested me meet with some friends, but I am not the type who goes out with some friends as I am an individual person. All I can do is going to the library to read books, which is my hobby. I know some of you find it boring, but I can’t help it, I guess.
I just hope that this summer vacation will not be boring as it was in the last year :confounded::sweat:

“Medinat Mishtar Ra”

On June 30th, there was a death case of a 18-year-old Ethiopian teenage named Salomon Teka, who was killed by a cop. As respond, many people of the Ethiopian community went out at the demonstration. It is not the first time that an Ethiopian was killed by a cop - there were about 11 death cases of Ethiopians who were killed by a cop. I am not coming here to shade anyone, but there’s still a problem of racism in the police - of course not all the cops are racist, but these who are think that if the person is dark-skinned, then he’s a criminal. There were times that the police who built cases to young people who did nothing. Before that case, an half year ago, a young man was shot by a cop and died.
It wasn’t the first time that they demonstrated for a cop killing someone from the community, but this time it was different - it began with blocking entrance and exit roads, but then ended up becoming into a violant demonstration. I see where it comes from, but on the other hand I think they should not have used violence against other people who didn’t take part of that boy’s death. Indeed, the shooting was promiscuous, but using violance against people who did nothing is very wrong. Nor did it create supporters, but created more anti. It was stopped.
In protest, many people said things against the police, like: “Mi She’lo Kofetz, shoter” (whoever isn’t jumping is a cop), they even wrote on a signboard (in English) “(insert the F word) the police”, they swore the cops who were there, “An Ethiopian blood isn’t a waif”, “Medinat mishtar ra” (“A Bad Regime State”. They did a pun - mishtara (police) and mishtar ra (a bag regime) sound the same)

Moments of Pride

In the last month, it was the pride months. I don’t know whether other countries had the pride parade, but in my country it was on June 14th, and it took place in Tel Aviv. You know, during the time, I asked myself what’s like to be a gay, lesbian, bisexual, etc for the LGBTQ+ community members. Whoever came from an open family is lucky, because not every family is open when it comes to LGBTQ+. Some see it as abominable, for religious reasons, and what is annoying me is people using their religion as an excuse to hate the LGBTQ+ people. But, why?! They are human beings before anything. Have you ever gotten to hear from people that being gay is a choice? Well, on the one hand, maybe there’s a chance that some people chose to define themselves as gays, but on the other hand there are people who really were born as gays, so it’s not their choice.
They say that there’s always a reason for why things happen and exist, and if that’s the case I want to say that there’s a reason for why LGBTQ+ exists. Did you know that the slang word for hetero, “straight” was taken from the phrase “to go straight”? From here I want to say that I personally don’t use the word “straight”, because it can sound to me as if I am saying that the hetero person is normal and the non-hetero person is the “abnormal” one. But, I am not saying that whoever do use the word “straight” is being offensive towards the LGBTQ+ community.

In Hebrew, there are fews LGBTQ+ slang words . Examples:

  • Dov (= bear) - said by gay guys. A nickname to a full-bodied man, hairy and usually bearded.
  • Okhch - means “a gay”. Also used to describe a girly gay.
  • patutch = bye.
  • Le’Larler - to talk too much, gossip.
  • vieja = an old gay.

I really hope you LGBTQ+ people enjoyed in your month. I wish you stay who you are no matter what.

Feel free to leave a feedback after reading :wink:, and enjoy :blush:. (And I hope you’d like me to continue with writing conser)
Have a great weekend :relaxed::blush:.


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