My friend appreciation thread!

Hello! So I made this thread so I could show appreciation to all my friends here!


I want to tell you, I love you, I love hearing everything about what you are up too. I love having someone to talk too when no one else in the chat is online. And I love having someone to joke with and I love talking about your hair(and sometime I pretend I know what you are talking about when I don’t evne know what you are talking about :joy:) but overall you are a really cool girl who stands her groud, makes great jokes, and is always being very nice to others(unless they are being butts which they don’t deserve the nice AMagic). But overall thank you for being a great person!


Though, you are not on here much, I still like to talk to you when you are on and you seem very nice. :heart:


My friend, I know you are feeling down and sad rn. But I love you, WE love you. Don’t leave, you are always the one that has been the one that pulls me out of my “bad zones” and I love you to a very high extent. Your RP skills are :heart::heart: and I wish you luck if you decide to leave. I will miss you if you do decide to go.


I know I don’t have a great past with you, but I love to talk talking to you. :heart::heart:


Though, I don’t interact with you a lot, when I do you seem to be very nice, helpful and funny! :heart:


Mi hermana, te amo tu. You are my best friend in the whole group, without you, my life would be a lot less fun. I love you so very much, thank you for being so kind, helpful and friendly to me, I hope we stay forever hermanas & (best) friends!



Though you aren’t in our chats anymore, I loved talking to you and reading all your comments and some rants you did! I hope we can talk more in the future! :heart:


Because of these cursed time zones, I don’t see you on very much, but if we can both be on at the same time(cough cough by some miracle) then I’d love to get to know your smart self.


The little flower queen of this forums, who I don’t know amazing well but you are very sweet and kind. :rose:


I am sad to say, I also don’t know you as much as the others do, but I love reading your comments and replies in our chat!


You are a very funny person with great memes, and you are always poping in and out. I love seeing you around our chats! :heart:


The wisest person in our chat, who always has the smartest comments(I think :joy:) and you are always very smart with everything you say! And I love being your friend.


All I can say is, a very beautiful human, who I don’t know :flushed:


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