My View On Relationships

Now, I think I am just going to make a post about relationships since I am now an adult. This has been on my mind all day. Dang.

If you are single and you don’t want to be in a realtionship. Then that is fine.

  1. You are not rushing to find/date someone.

  2. You are taking your time to deal with yourself first.

  3. You have goals that you want to accomplish in your life. DO IT.

  4. If someone ask you if he/she wants to go on a date with you and you decline. That’s still fine.

  5. If someone ask you to be their girlfriend, and you decline meaning reject, that is still fine. If they can’t understand that then go find someone else.

  6. Don’t rush things, it takes time.

  7. If you want to stay single forever, that is your choice and your choice only. No one but you.

  8. If you are not ready to be in a realtionship then you are not ready.

  9. If you are not the “love/romantic” type, then that is fine. Be there for soemone maybe if they are looking for tips or advice.

  10. When the time comes and you are ready to be in a relationship. Go for it. Try it out. Don’t be afraid. Have confidence.

Seriously, this been on my mind all damn day, and when my mom saw my post she was like. 0.0 well dang Lana. I mean it is good to talk about relationships, but bear in mine that u must always keep it to yourself.

Like my views are basically for open conversation, not personal. What do you guys think? Has this been on your mind for some time?



or boyfriend :blush:

indeed. it takes time to find a genuinely nice person ‘cause there are so many sh1t people out there :star_struck:

hell yeah. i like being alone :sunglasses:

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Being single is so rad :sunglasses:


:sunglasses: :sunglasses:


Yeah, I agree.

Wanting to be single but also wanting intimacy and companionship is… A complicated mixture of emotions :eyes:


It seems like people always forget romantic relationships aren’t the only relationships that matter. I’m trying but failing at writing a book that has no romantic relationships because it focuses more on the MC’s relationship with her father, but it’s a fanfiction, and the entire demographic for that genre is just horny teenage girls, so…


This sounds like I’m trying to find someone to marry as the final goal. Hell nah.



I had lots of bad relationships but I want more


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@lanafrazer have these views changed in anyway you wanna share?

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Oh you mean if the views changed on me?

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Nope, I didn’t feel any change.

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