My Writing Resources! (+ a little discussion lol)

Hello! Sometimes its hard for me to find good resources for writing but I’ve found one that I love and ideas for you all too.

I sometimes have trouble finding resources because I tend to get demotivated when listening to people talking about tropes or something, it’s entertaining but it doesn’t really help me. It just makes me scared that I’m putting in those cliche tropes. Or that I’m not following a certain writing style or something- when in reality we all do things differently!

I watch a channel for writing where the writer says that we NEED TO DO OUTLINES! And acts like its necessary for all writers, when in reality we all do things differently and it isn’t necessary to outline! And channels like these or even blogs by writers tend to act it know-it-all when it comes to writing or only express one way of doing things and acting like it’s the only way. And as a writer looking at those things, it can be really demotivating. Because you think you’re doing your way all wrong!

Anyway- I found this account on Instagram which has basically compiled a lot of different tips from different writing accounts. As soon as I found it I instantly followed. I kind of let it sit and didn’t come back to it, however, when I did, it helped immensely. It has a wide range of writers and writing tips, from prompts to talk about tropes and cliches! I just skimmed through it and it helped me a lot because it reminded me of different ways to describe characters and I started experimenting and I’m writing a lot more because I’ve found a better way to write!
Here’s the account:

I recommend things like these that have a lot of different tips from different writers with different opinions, you can skip the ones you don’t agree with/aren’t ready for- for example if you’re drafting there are posts about drafting- if you’re editing there are posts about editing… etc… etc… which is why I really recommend it.

I also recommend Alexa Donne on Youtube! She expresses in her videos that everyone has different techniques and ways of doing things that I really like. Some Youtube channels about writing bring up a lot of things I hear literally all the time, and she’s like the only channel I’ve found that actually introduced me to newer writing things. I’d give her a look!

And if you haven’t already check out @ShanniiWrites blog! It’s great! Tons of different articles on writing, you’re bound to find something for you.

These are the things I recommend and why- are there any things you recommend? How have they helped you if so?


Ok so side note- I feel like a lot of those youtube videos about tropes and stuff could help when you’re editing, but when you’re drafting and it’s already hard it can seriously demotivate you and you might obsess over making it perfect, even subconciously.


As a major perfectionist, yes.



I never do outlines. I know that they’re a good idea, but I hate working with them. They definitely help in some ways, but I find that they can be super restrictive on writing, since you’re expected to come up with ideas all at one point and discourages you from using new plot threads you come up with later, because you’re expected to stick to your outline. I don’t enjoy writing something in such a tight range as most outlines are–I prefer just having a general idea of the start, the end, the characters, and a very vague sense of the path.


ALL OF THISSS! I usually start writing with a vauge idea, or just sit with the idea in my head for a few weeks before starting to write everything down. I’ve tried outlines before and just… couldn’t do it. Instead when I write a chapter I try to have a vauge sense of where that chapter ends and what I want to be in that chapter. Sometimes that changes tho and thats okay lol. Like sometimes I write a chapter with a certain intention then change my mind mid way through the chapter or decide to make the chapter longer cuz I like the development in it or just in general have fun writing it.


I remember watching Alexa’s channel haha. I will read everything when I got more time. Looks super helpful! :raised_hands:t3:

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