Nail polish thread

Nail polish is a fun but temporary way to change up your look or add a pop of colour to your everyday outfits. This is a thread to discuss all things nail polish!

Some questions to get a discussion going

  • Do you wear nail polish frequently?
  • Do you have a signature nail polish colour?
  • Do you have a favourite brand?

All the time, I repainted today actually

Red and black, alternating colours. Main colour being black.

Not one that I can name, as long as it doesn’t do that thing where it just gets sticky and hard to actually use then I’m there

Yes! I even painted my nails today and they are so pretty :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
But when I’m bored I tend to peel it off so I prefer acrylics

Not really! I usually have baby blue polish tho


The nail polish I’m wearing currently is called hot cheetos… they are really fcking delicious.

No seriously, if I wear nail polish, it always gets chipped when I’m eating or typing. I gave up on it ever since I turned 13.

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I used to wear acrylic or gel nails most of the time, but I haven’t gone to get them done since quarantine. So I usually paint them, but I hate that it only lasts up to 3 days before they start chipping.
I try all different colors… right now, I’m wearing a metallic rose gold-ish color.


Nope, I prefer to draw patterns and designs on my nails.

Nah, not really.

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  • yess i wear frequently
  • is clear a colour?
  • nopeeee

anywhoosiesss my best friend is getting me expensive nail polish for my bday so… i’m kinda a nail polish freak

I had an interesting experience with nail polish. My cousin painted my fingernails and toenails silver, and I dyed my hair red, which the dye looked orange. I goy it on my hands, so my fingernails turned gold. The dye stained the polish.

I painted my nails black a little while ago but now I really want to paint on some Halloween-themed designs on my nails to celebrate Halloweeeen :eyes:

I got acrylics so idk man

My manicurist has been out of town for a long time, so my nails are plain and boring right now. If she comes back this week, I might make an appointment for next weekend.

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I haven’t had my nails done since the summer. Salons are closed right now in my province, but I kind of want to paint my nails myself, just for the hell of it.

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I don’t wear nail polish often at all. I used to wear it more, but I just don’t really think about doing it. But I still have a ton of nail polish, so if I ever want to wear it, I have practically any color I could want. I don’t believe I had a specific color that I went for more, and I’m not sure what color I would go for first now. And as far as brands, I don’t think I’ve ever paid any attention to nail polish brand.

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Sort of, but I also just have them natural quite a lot… I like having my nails painted tho!

Black, 75% of the time when I paint my nails it’s black


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I go through phases. When I do decide to wear it, I suddenly keep changing it up every few days for a while.

What about our @BeautyEssentials people?

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My nails are currently painted and as I’ve said before I do enjoy painting them, overtime I got better at using my left hand to paint my right hand. I still haven figured out how frequently I should paint them.


I need someone else to paint them.

  • Do you wear nail polish frequently?
    Only whenever I want to grow out my nails. I’ve always been a nervous nail biter, especially when watching movies.
  • Do you have a signature nail polish colour?
    I seem to enjoy using gold a lot. Gold with purple accents, Gold and greens…I also love the thermal gel colors that change colors with temperature changes.
  • Do you have a favourite brand?
    OPI and, recently, Holo Taco.

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