Name a book from the past that was ahead of its time

What are some books you’ve read that you feel like was far improved philosophically than most?

I don’t really know any personally lol.

@Bookworms maybe you do?


Ummm… I’d say Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was.
Maybe Nineteen Eighty-Four too.

1984 or Animal Farm.

So a book from my own country unfortently no English release. its a teen book called kære dødsbog (dear deathry, its a mix between death and diary, deathry)

it takes up many teen subjects most teen books dont, the book is from 2008, teen books release today dont dare talk about most of what it did, depression, suicide, sex, bullying, teen books dont talk about this subjects unleash its a dark story, which this isn’t, its a comedy, its funny to read. its an enjoyable read about a very serious topic,

The book is about a girl who is planning her suicide. because of being bullied. and we follow her last two weeks up to it,

wanna note at the end she doesn’t die, her mother discovers her in time. she gets in therapy and gets better.


same author also wrote a book teen book about sexuality, discovering your gay, and such, I havent read it though.