Name, Place, Animal, Thing

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Name, Place, Animal, Thing

Hiya! In this game, you will state a name, place, animal, and thing based on the letter that the user above you posted! :smiley::rose::two_hearts:

~ Example ~

Person A: C
Person B: Name: Charlotte | Place: Cincinnati | Animal: Cat | Thing: Car | Next letter: J
Person C: Name: Jayden | Place: Jamaica | Animal: Jaguar | Thing: Jar | Next letter: T

I shall start! :grin::rose::two_hearts:



Name: Penelope | Place: Peru | Animal: Panda | Thing: Petrol | Next letter: L


Name: Lucy | Place: Lisbon | Animal: Llama | Thing: Lunch.

Next Letter: B


Name: Bea | Place: Britain | Animal: Bird | Thing: Boss.

Next letter: O

Name: Ophelia Place: Oklahoma? :sweat_smile: Animal: Otter Thing: Opera?
Next: E :eyes::sparkles:

Name: Emma place: Earlston animal: Elephant thing: Ear

Next: Q

Name: Quinn
Place: Quinntupplet
Animal: Quitte
Thing: Queen crown
Next: X

name; Xenophlious
place; xenia
animal; x-rayed fish

next T

Name: Tanya
Place: Tanzania
Animal: Tiger
Thing: Truck

Next letter is I

Name: Isabella
Place: India
Animal: Iguana
Thing: Igloo

Next letter: S

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Name: Sarah
Place: Samoa
Animal: Silkworm
Thing: Sand

Next letter: Y

Name: Yonit
Place: Yemen
Animal: Yak
Thing: Yo-yo

Next letter: A

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Name: Alison | Place: Australia | Animal: Ant | Thing: Apple |
Next Letter: H

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Name: Haruka :smirk:
Place: Hungary
Animal: Human
Thing: Heart :dizzy::blue_heart:

Next letter: P

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Name: Phillip
Place: Philippines
Animal: Panda :panda_face::eyes::sparkles::green_heart:
Thing: Pencil

Next letter: M :eyes::sparkles:

Name: Marianna :sunglasses:
Place: Mexico
Animal: Monkey
Thing: Microphone

Next letter: F

Name: Meghan
Place: Michigan
Animal: Monkey
Thing: Meow :smile_cat:
Next: I

Name: Fayge
Place: Florida
Animal: Fox
Thing: Fan

Next latter: E

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Name: Emiliano
Place: Egypt
Animal: Elephant
Thing: Ear

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next c

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