Need a Proofreader ~URGENTLY~

I’ve asked many people to proofread my upcoming story that I plan to release soon, but many of them haven’t responded back to me :disappointed: My story is called Wrong From Right, and it is based off a young, African American woman who is torn between love and reality. That is all I am going to say about it. If you’re interested in proofreading my story, please comment down below. You can also reach me on Instagram @brianam.stories :slight_smile:

I could do it, but depending on how much you already have, it would take me some time because I have a few other things to read…

I only have 2 episodes right now… I’m almost done with the second episode.

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Until when would you need it done?

By Saturday.

Is this done? If you’re desperate, I’m here, but I don’t do it for free

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No, my story isn’t quite finished yet at the moment. If you can help me, how much do you charge?

All details are on my ko-fi :grin:

Okay, then.

I’m sorry, I’m just pretty busy, otherwise I could help you :pensive:

Would you like the details? :smiley:

Yes, please.

Oh no :disappointed: I don’t have any money to pay you.

I can, if you still need me to.

Okay! I don’t mind.