Need Some Ideas of A Villian's Backstory

So I’m writing my entry for the Heroic Contest, and I’m stuck on a backstory for my villian backstory on what made him to be a criminal. Any ideas? This is a Action/Thriller kind of story.


What do you have for your villain so far? What type of criminal is he? What’s the hero like/their backstory, because you could have the villain backstory tie into the hero’s or mirror the hero’s in some way.

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I mean, I’d love to help, I love making a good villain backstory but I need a bit more info about the story and the other characters and his current personality and the world around him and the main character … Withouth those it would be impossible to make up a villain backstory.

Not a superhero story, just to add that in. lol I’m focusing on his past. Like I need ideas on what changed him to become a criminal. Hm. So, I don’t really know anything at the moment.

  1. All I know is that he had a past lover that didn’t work out, but they will reunite in the next few episodes after the antagonist’s men will invade a property/facility, and took two people hostages. which will cause the MC to set out to find the antagonist, and bring back the hostages. Hm, still drafting on that.

  2. A death in the family caused a major conflict between him and the MC. This is where they both worked for the same company but didn’t realize that their client was one of the villain’s relatives, target.

This is something he chooses to do and not by force. Hm, I also got some ideas from a few other authors, so I’ll be working on them as well.


You can always put in a Karen for a relative who just ruins his life for some reason. I’ll add more to it later, add an edit to this post once I get something to eat
Okay so let’s say this character’s mother and father either divorced or the father died or he left, so the mother could remarry, and she did remarry. Now ofc his mother was a good mother and considered her son’s feelings before marriage knowing she won’t get married to somebody she loves unless they agree with her son, however she was not as thorough as the rest of the family aggreeing with him. Let’s say the aunts in love hated the idea of their brother marrying and thought the mother was a gold digger who only married their brother so she could inherit something and for somebody to take care of her brat. If they had gotten to know her they would see she did like their brother, but she died in childbirth. When she did the step-father took the character in and the aunts thought something along the lines of “Look at the little brat of that witch, she’s not even here anymore and he gets to stay, that lucky son of a gun.” blah blah, but never to their brother only amongst themselves or to the son. The aunts bullied the boy and kept making snide remarks but in such a sly way that if the father was told about it, he wouldn’t believe it because it would often contradict to what he knew his sister to be. The char would grow up being percieved as a liar by his step family and would be bullied by his aunts.

CUT to his college girlfriend. Char was in college and ofc since he had a rich step-father/guardian he could afford to go to college with a hefty tuition. Well, he found a girlfriend there, one who he thought was a breath of fresh air, and one tha believed him when he told her stories (becus his father thought of him as somebody who might often lie, and his aunts never listen to him) but that all fell to ashes when his aunts were double dipping into his college funds and blamed him. His girlfriend believed his father instead of him the first time his father said he often lies and she thought he was lame, weak and immature to blame his aunts for something like this (she got the aunts side of the story and the father’s so ofc she believed multiple people instead of one) and his heart and spirit and his tuition cash flow were broken. He blamed the aunts for not recieving a good enough education and his father didn’t want to pay for college anymore. He wanted to go to college and he knew if he wanted to earn the money himself with only a high school degree he’d never earn enough money, so he started doing miniscule crime with a family memeber on his mother’s side. He would then realize how simpler his life is where his aunts can’t touch him becuase crime isn’t something goverment would be informed about so they had no way of knowing he was a criminal, so he grew larger and larger and started doing crime becuase it felt so right.
Then the family member he was working with died and he blamed MC for stepping in and ruining his family memeber’s plan and said she was the reason he/she/they died. At the end, the character’s end would be determined by MCs choices. She could decide to stay with the first LI or she could step into the Character’s side and his world, help him cope with the feelings of abandonement, anger management, betrayal and so on and would help him get revenge on his aunts and become something more. Maybe the character was leading a life of crime because he felt the sadness he forced himself through that helped him cope. (Like watching very sad movies on purpose) And she would help him get healthy and would make him feel safe around a woman again. I’m thinking at some point he would see how the LI likes her and he decides to take her as a hostage to insure his safety and then when they’re alone she gets really bored and starts talking to him, and she’s surprised he talks back and has an actually smart plan. And then MC could realize that he’s actually calculated, but it’s his anger and the feeling of betrayal that’s stopping him for achieving anything becuase he’s a criminal for all the wrong reasons and just needs fixing.


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the amount of everything you just said really give some new ideas!

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Great, go ahead, take the plot I just made if you want, there’s nothing I could really do with it

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Oh okay! lol Thanks