Netflix Recommendation: Locke & Key

Now, Locke and Key is probably one of my favourite shows on Netflix, I finished watching season 2 yesterday and honestly it was just so good.

Basically it’s about a family called the Locke’s who, after a huge tragedy, end up moving to their old family home called Keyhouse. While they’re there they start finding mysterious keys that all work in different ways.

Honestly the show deals with grief all throughout it, while it definitely has the lighthearted fun magical side to it, it also has some dark and super sad moments (especially season 2)

Anyway here’s a trailer:


Have you guys seen this?


Now, this is in my list and I know I should really hurry up and give it a go. HAHAHA


Watching season 2!!! Will come back to this when I finish it. I liked the first season, we’ll see how I feel about this one

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I’ll miss Gabe. Such a pretty actor

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