Never Have I Ever [GAME]

Welcome to Never Have I Ever! I am proud to announce that this appears to be the first forum game on this forum. This is a good game to just have fun and perhaps get to know each other!

How to play!

I will start with something like, ‘Never Have I Ever danced in public?’
The next person to reply will say:

  • if they have danced in public, ‘I have.’
  • if they have not danced in public ‘Never.’
    After giving their answer, in the same post, they will then come up with a Never Have I Ever.
Example of how to play!

OP (original post): Never Have I Ever travelled to a different country?
Person B: I have. Never Have I Ever been bitten by a fish?
@_haruka: I have*. Never Have I Ever baked a cake?
Person C: Never. Never Have I Ever…

and so on.

*I have actually been bitten by a fish. PM me for the full story :joy:

  • Please try not to go off topic. If you want to chat with someone about what they have/haven’t done, please take it to PM ASAP :pray::sparkles:
  • Some people may say ‘NHIE’. This is just an abbreviation for Never Have I Ever. Please don’t worry about it and just continue with the game :laughing:

Have fun!

Never Have I Ever owned a pet?


I have.

Never have I ever really liked a song, but didn’t know the name and unfortunately never found it?

I have :sob:

Never have I ever painted something (seriously, not just for fun/school)?

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Never have I ever started again on a forum? I did on episode

Never. I’ve wanted to though!

Never have I ever snuck something into a place it wasn’t allowed? (e.g food into a museum)

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I’ve snuck in biscuits to a cinema :joy:

Never have I ever sang in the shower

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How dare you! :scream::joy:

I have :woman_facepalming:t2:

Never have I ever been caught doing something you shouldn’t have been doing…? :smiling_imp:

I have, I got caught peeking at Christmas presents by my parents.

Never have I ever accidentally said something in the wrong language?

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I have :joy: I know too many languages for my own good.

Never Have I Ever called a teacher mom/dad?

Nope, :joy: thank gosh

Never have I ever baked something and ended up burning it?

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Never :relieved: although my dad accidentally closed the oven door while my hand was still in it once :unamused:

Never have I ever gotten on an escalator that was going the wrong way?

Image result for going up escalator wrong way gif

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Never I’m to scared :joy::joy:

Never have I ever been unable to control laughter in a serious situation?

I’ve laughed, but have always been able to control it, so never :relieved:

Never have I ever laughed so much that food came out your nose?

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Never :laughing:

Never have I ever read two books at once?

Yup. I have.

Never Have I Ever been chased by an animal?

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Nope :joy:

Never have I ever eaten pineapple on pizza and liked it?

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Um, yes. Pineapple pizza is the best :heart_eyes:

Never have I ever tried Marmite?

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Yes, I love marmite :grin:

Never have I ever made yourself laugh?

I have :joy: when I do, I look like a complete maniac, laughing at myself :woman_facepalming:t2:

Never have I ever discreetly/not so discreetly spit food out in front of others because it was so bad?

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Yes :joy::joy::joy:

Never have I ever yelled out something random, randomly?