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Wait Phoebe kissed aj?

I need to catch up on the thread

I know.

@astxrism hera had raw sex with Aj so :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I’m so funny dude

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Me: oH eM gEe PhOeBe aNd aJ KiSsiNg wOuLd bE sO gRosS

Also me:

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Hey novella sorry to bother you, but Richard has no name …

i know i need to wait to get on my laptop because it has saved the same font and colour as the rest of them

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Blue Royalty: New Blood - #6 by novella hi what are opinions on new banner and color please


oooh love it

okay thank youuu

also i’m glad someone does because i’ve already started changing posts

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Thanks lol just busy

It’s good that’s why

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Yes it’s great!!!

Off to go be a basic sorority girl woohoo

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Oh so that’s why, I was wondering, I don’t mind if it’s not there so you can take your time with it

Also I love the pictures you decided on for Richard

So I’m watching Father Ted and I found the actor who played Gerry in Derry Girls when he was young, and he was such an adorable priest!



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