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anyone approachable?

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Omg can I make a sexy boy plsss. I need another character

No <3

Wait I just realized I’ve never seen you with a guy character that wasn’t gay

I can’t play straight guys BUT I CAN TRY

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Yes! Tyler and Mia.

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@NewBlood okay hi i need some event opinions PLEASE
i want to try and attempt to have the roleplay go through… maybe at least somewhat near the end? and i think one way to do that is to make sure i’m not making events that people don’t want / missing out events that are wanted / making them last for too long so i will be sending out loads of polls on here, for how long until next timeskip, opinions on events etc because i do want to make sure i’m not making decisions that no one wants lol

so would love if vote below ::
please be brutally honest i would rather that pls

Are there any of these events ones that you wouldn’t want to do / don’t sound interesting / would be less interested in?
you can find a bit more information of them here, but you can also ask me about them below and i can let u know what i may have in mind for it

  • Halloween Themed Fashion Show
  • Winter Carnival
  • Oh My Dollar Valentine
  • Senior Prom
  • Ski Trip
  • Graduation
  • I think we should have them all

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These are the events I missed from BR1, do you think either of these should be added?
i’m trying to make it so that if we have less events we’re more likely to make it through the whole course of the roleplay
you can find more info of these here

  • Secret Santa
  • The Last Soccer Game
  • We don’t need to add these

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How many free days would you want in between events?
free days are quite reliant on whatever storylines you may have between characters so vote with that in mind!

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

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When do you want the first timeskip to be?

  • in 1-2 weeks
  • 2-3 weeks
  • 3-4 weeks
  • 4+ weeks

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thank you


like, in total or in between each event?


probably in between each


in between each

so if vote 2 then 2 free days between each event


but at the same time it may just vary

i just wanted to include it to get an idea

its like a general idea… like if ppl think there should be more while rping… or if it rlly slows down then maybe only 1 day?

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yeah that is flexible

there may be a point where it’s so dead we don’t have any free days

but i just want to get an idea

for me

i will be voting 1


ALSO two more things then i’ll be quiet

  1. if your character completes a task please quote it and send it to the character PM, because i may miss it, and then your character probably won’t get the points because i wouldn’t have seen it

  2. also some queries on christmas events

okay so i thought everyone forgot and didn’t care about secret santa however it has had votes on that post above SO i think it will come back BUT i also had the idea of the Winter Carnival… i say idea… it’s literally just like the Euphoria carnival episode used as a more interesting free day

do we want secret santa instead of winter carnival then
or winter carnival instead
OR secret santa as ‘event’ then winter carnival as a free day between halloween and secret santa
or just do none of them

  • Secret Santa only
  • Winter Carnival only
  • Secret Santa as main event and Winter Carnival as free day
  • neither of them shush ella

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ok I’ll approach Mia with Ari

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I’m not totally sure if I’m allowed to vote but doing both sounds super fun!

sky ru in this rp

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Ummmm… nobody is actually at the school currently.