New Forums Questions Star Format!

The Questions threads have become a staple of the ShanniiWrites Forums over the past year, and they’re a wonderful way for the community to interact and have fun while driving up engagement on the Forums themselves! So we’d like to make it more official, by adding a @QuestionsThread group that people can opt into to get their chance to be chosen! It’ll keep things a lot more organised and efficient, though it also comes with more rules!

When opting into the group, you will be given the chance to be the Questions Star each week, however, you will also need to post at least one question a week at a minimum to be considered for the Question Star! If you fall behind, you will be taken off the list!

To join, simply click on the tag - there’ll be a button there to become a member! Then make sure to get involved :smile:

For the original rules of the Questions Threads!



Is the tag still being made? Because I can’t tap on it


A link:

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Why am i not allowed to view the members?

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Ruins the surprise of who gets picked :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh TvT

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If anyone’s having the issue where their screen freezes after trying to join the group, don’t worry. It does still add you.

I’ll prove it here, @QuestionsThread