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Based on the book ‘Nine’ by Zach Hines

“In an alternate world similar to our own, humans have nine lives—and they can’t wait to burn through them.”

In a world where cicadas emerge in 18-year bursts and cats come from the Lake, the term YOLO doesn’t apply anymore. Since 1808, after the Summer of Storms, humans all around the globe all have nine lives, instead of one. When a human on Life 1 died, their body remained wherever it was they died, but they were reborn in the Lake with a better body. To prevent overpopulation, governments have incentives encouraging you to burn your lives, such as higher lives having better access to better homes. Despite the appearance of Wrinkles—defects and abnormalities, such as loss of taste—and the threat of developing retrogression (rebirth sickness) as you progress through your lives, for the most part, nobody showed any signs of stopping the burns.

Although Burning was illegal, and you were only supposed to die in an extinguishment clinic, this didn’t stop a group of students at Lakeshore High from killing themselves when and how they wanted. Distinguishable by their white blazer, the Burners ruled the school and were seemingly above the rules. Nicholas Hawksley runs the club and with his Dad as the current director of the Lake, he is able to get himself out of any trouble he finds himself in. Eloquent and manipulative, Nicholas is able to coerce many students into doing things they never thought of doing before. With Headmaster Denton silently encouraging the Burners, there seems to be no stopping them or their antics.

Still, Burning is a worry to some, especially considering the tale of Autumn Crate, a beloved biologist down at the Lake, who was researching ways on how to decrease the possibility of getting Wrinkles and developing retrogression. For whatever reason, Autumn burned through her lives too quickly and became riddled with retrogression, the illness causing her to become aggressive and forget all of her memories about her family. At Life 8, Autumn’s body was found near the shores of the Lake. Permadead, they called it. The tale of Autumn Crate was well buried, and most tuck into the back of their minds, but some people know there isn’t something quite right with the rebirth system.

You are a Burner or you’re pledging to become one. Maybe you’re a Burner because your family will lose your house if they don’t up their life score or maybe you just find Burning fun. Whatever your reasonings, you find yourself a part of the club. Soon, students who were Burners begin disappearing and it raises the question, “How trustworthy is the rebirth system?”

so, idea I had after reading a book—doubt I’d even get signups out before the end of this month, but I wanted to make sure to jot it down for when I’m more available. And also some things might not make sense, but I wrote this in the car and haven’t re-read it or anything lmao so my apologies.

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Also would be looking for someone to help me co-own the rp since it’s not like I’ve ever done that before. Preferably one other person, but I might take two.

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15 chefs. 5 bakeries. Who will win it all?

Welcome to Fake It till you Cake It, the hottest new baking show! 15 chefs get to open the bakery of their dreams. The catch? They’re randomly paired with three people they’ve never met! Every three days, the bakeries get new challenges thrown at them, and you, the audience, gets to decide which bakeries have to shut down for good.

Remember- winner ‘bakes’ all!

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The sparkling, urban metropolis of Las Levendas may be one of the worst places on Earth to live. Somehow, despite living in a world of magic and fantasy, the citizens of this once-great city have become used to the terrible living conditions of their home. Warring crime clans like the Moors Gang tear up the ghetto with their violence and magic-enhanced weapons. The local police force is at odds with a shrinking budget and a growing crime rate. And the mayor is sweet, benign, well-intentioned, but ultimately completely inept.

Then suddenly, just when it seems like things can’t get any worse, people start dissappeering. Women, Children, and the elderly are all being lured away or violently kinapped by the Lost Boys, followers of the Neverland cult. Neverland and it’s leader, a man known only as Pan, are quickly growning in numbers, power, and political influence. The citizens of Las Levendas must now finally band together in order to save their city from the forces of dark magic. But will behind-the-scenes corruption destroy the city forever?


Just your basic twisted fairytales rp. Good characters can become evil, evil can become good. As long as your character’s story has a dark and modern-ish twist, you’ll be right at home!
And @ForeverAngel will be involved in this, if that interests you more.


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Would you like to help me organize this/further flesh out the story?

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The Isle Asylum (maybe title~)

You’ve been diagnosed with a bad mental disorder that leads you to this creepy asylum. Your goal is to recover within 30 days in order to be let free. The twist, nurses are feeding you pills that worsen your condition making it almost impossible to leave. After 30 days and showing no recovery you are sentenced to death.
Because this is an insane asylum…


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You’ve messed up.

Somehow, you’ve been cast out from Heaven, sent to be reborn in the small town of Mica, Michigan and relive life in order to atone for your sins. You decide to join a club for other reborn angels disguised as a volunteering group, in order to get up your karma and hopefully re-enter Heaven.

What you didn’t plan on was normal humans joining the club, too. Now you have to juggle keeping your angelic powers hidden, telling angels from humans, and doing enough good deeds to be able to get back into Heaven.

Welcome to the Clipped Wings Club.

This RP has been created!

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The Amazing Race - SG

Based on the American tv show.

The Amazing Race, the show where ten pairs of contestants race around the world to win $1million. The race is split into legs, and after completing tasks within a foreign city, the contestants race to the Pit Stop, where the last team to arrive may be eliminated. When there are only three teams remaining, the contestants return to an American city for the final leg, where the first team to arrive at the finish line wins the million dollar prize.

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Yes, I’m actually going to try and make an SG. As long as there is interest, I will make it. I can’t guarantee there won’t be any hiccups along the line or that it won’t be a complete flop, but this is going to be my first time running an SG and I really want it to work out.

Signups are located Here


Yes, I know that I already have one new RP, but I really liked this idea too! I hope you guys don’t mind :banana::sparkles:

Over the last fifty years, humans were able to establish intergalactic colonies on each of the planets in the Milky Way. Over time, these colonists defected from Earth, better known as Terra, and have adapted to their new enviornments, developing different features, along with different cultures, societies, and governments.

Years after the colonies first defected, a peace treaty has been struck on behalf of Galaxsis, an international space organization that assures they only have altruistic intentions. Part of this treaty, an experiment under the name of A.R.T.E.M.I.S., involves taking teens from each planet and bringing them back to Terra see how they adapt to the planet.

Of course, many Terrans and colonists alike disagree with this new treaty. Adapting to a new planet is hard enough without rampant xenophobia and being under the watchful eye of a shady organization, but soon enough, mysterious occurrences start happening- and the children of the cosmos seem to be at the center of it all.

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Hidden in the woods all over the world, are portals that are connected to Zyria, ‘The Wolf Realm’. This world is a vast land of pure nature and inhabited by The Legendary Wolves. These wolves all have a signature power and though a gem they can create a connection with a human to form a bond that allows the human to gain the powers of their wolf partner.

Only Guardian Wolves are allowed to leave the realm to find a partner and it is their task to protect the portals and keep outcasts from returning.

When a Wolf breaks a heavy rule, they may be exiled to ‘The Human Realm’ and after spending a long time there, they will lose their powers if they don’t gain a partner. These wolves can only regain their powers if they return to Zyria.

After a powerful wolf somehow gained his power, a lot of Guardians lost their lives. Now it’s time for the next generation guardians to be trained by the only remaining guardian: Snow Dark and his partner Delia.

You can choose to either be a human, a wolf or make one of each. You can also choose to play your own partner or partner up with someone else. to make sure everyone is going to be able to have as much activity as possible, I will show in the FC in which selection of timezones they live (which each selection contains 6) to make sure most are at least awake at the same time.

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There are 4 types of fairies:

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Autumn
  • Winter

Faires of the different season have keen kept apart for the last 50 years. There was a group of summer and winter fairies that rebelled and left their native lands. It took the “deserters” a long time to find their current home. even though many years had passed since the deserters left the king of winter and the queen of summer have been trying to hunt them down. In their hunt, the land of autumn is now on the blink of war with the summer kingdom and a war between summer and winter not far of either.

In an attempt to fix the distrusting nations the high king and high queen have set up a school to teach all new fairie adult the ways of their speciality. Maybe even foster peace between the nations through the school.

Dear Insert name here,

You are now of age to attend the speciality ceremony. We hear by inviting you to attend the new school we are forming. Don’t worry about the temperature we have it covered. We hope to see you at the school


High king and High queen

Some world info here

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the first poll isn’t working :frowning_face:

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Gotham: To Save A Broken City. :cityscape:

Welcome to Gotham, A city…shrouded in mystery and crime. Many millenniums ago, an evil warlock was buried alive beneath what would one day become the central island of Gotham. It is alleged that while the warlock laid in a state of torpor, his evil essence seeped into the soil, poisoning the ground with his dark, corrupt touch. By the warlock’s own reasoning, he claims that he fathered the modern spirit of Gotham City and has even taken to calling himself-* Doctor Gotham. Now here in the 20th Century crime and corruption has reached a significant height in Gotham in which it became immortally characterized as a dark foreboding metropolis. Eventually, the Justice Society of America would even make it’s headquarters in Gotham for a short while. However, no matter what good these forces managed to do, the city remained in the control of organized crime.

The Goal: Doctor. Gotham, The creator of the city himself, Has been awoken from his Cryonic-like state now that’s he’s back he’s come to rule Gotham again despite the Justice League and even the Legion of Doom’s Dismay. Gotham has never been controlled by anything other than chaos and many villains and heroes are accustomed to that. Despite this Dr.Gotham has already set up his reign of terror, Unbeknownst to many that he holds an ancient powerful dark magic and he won’t stop at anything to re-claim Gotham City as his own again- Even if that means taking out various of crime lords and hero groups along the way. Hero’s, Villains no one is safe- Will everyone be able to save themselves and Gotham at the same time or will every villain and hero alike be forced to team up to defeat the creator of Gotham himself?

NOTE: This role-play is a revision of my old one, Although it basically got nuked when Episode Forums shut down their RP Section. I attempted to bring it here but the plot flushed out due to many leaving. Now I’ve re-done everything and starting it back up all over again!

Would you be interested? :gem:

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This is inspired by a roleplay I’ve created in the past, and like every Y/A novel ever, so I understand that there might already be roleplays like this out there. If you think it’s too similar to yours, please PM me and I’ll change mine!

The year is 2103. After a series of brutal civil wars, as well as disastrous changes to the environment, the entire continent of Europe, is in shambles. Due to these wars, and the many diseases plaguing the world, the continent has lost over two billion people. The few who’ve survived aren’t expected to live for very long. People fear that this could be the end, and are feeling like there’s nothing they can do to stop this.

Until now.

The world’s most prominent scientists have figured out a way to give the people of Europe a new chance. Sort of like pressing a “reset-button”.

A selection of people (ages 18-30) are gathered from all around the world. They are then placed in a tiny village where they will start living. This village might look like any other village on earth: it has a school, a hospital, a mall, houses, parks, etc. But it’s entirely fake. It was built only to execute this experiment in, and is being watched by the scientists at all times.

The point of the experiment is, for the scientists to see whether or not it would be possible for these test subjects to create some kind of utopia in this village. Meaning, that they create a better society than the one humans have already destroyed. No wars, no death, no climate change - just happy, healthy, and educated parents and children.

That’s right, children. The main focus of this experiment is to make sure that this utopia stays intact. And bringing new humans into this society is the way to do that. This means, that every test subject gets placed with another subject of the opposite sex, in order for them to procreate. of course your characters will be able to not be straight, this is just the way the scientists have set it up, hoping the people will produce children

Each person also gets assigned a group they belong to, that will also tell them what their line of work in the village will be:

* The Carers - teachers, nurses, psychologists, etc.

* The Thinkers - doctors, architects, scientists, etc.

* The Labourers - operatives, lumberers, seamstresses, etc.

* The Courageous - police, firemen, guards, etc.

* The Plentiful - cashiers, cleaners, drivers, etc.

So far this seems pretty straight-forward, right?

Well … it isn’t that easy.

You see, the test subjects don’t know that they’re part of this experiment.

The scientists have wiped their memories of their lives prior to this. Some of them might not even be in the village willingly.

All they know when they arrive in the village is their name, the name of their partner, the name of their home in the village, and the group they belong to.

Will you manage to create the utopia the scientists want you to, and reaffirm the faith in a new, flourishing society?

… Or will you discover what’s really happening to you?

Would you be interested in joining this RP?

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This RP has been created! Go check it out!


The Lost City of Atlantis

Atlantis, a kingdom lost to myth. Atlantis has long been a subject of wonder and a warning. Legend has it that the lost city was created by the gods, but one day, the gods were angered by the actions of the Atlantians and sent a great wave to flood the city. Atlantis sunk beneath the waves and became but a myth. Now, many doubt the existence of the ancient kingdom, but like the other great mysteries of the world, there have been many steadfast believers. Over the centuries, these believers have searched for the lost city to no avail. Some more successful than others, but all have failed to uncover the truth. That is, until now. Some came for the research, others for the glory, a few to solve the mystery, and the rest came for the adventure of a lifetime.

The RP will begin prior to the discovery, but soon into the RP the characters will discover Atlantis.

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  • I’m not interested.

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Signup thread is here if you’re interested!


ugh so I know I kinda suck at running RPs~ but the community is so dry and I’m bored so I am proposing an idea



Welcome to Camp Seafare! A summer camp for the kids of the rich and famous, filled with activities, fun, and drama! The air conditioned dorms and gourmet meals will provide a luxurious social getaway for the summer, and not to mention the numerous pools and hot tubs open for campers. Enjoy the summer as Seafare, the perfect oasis for the summer!

You pull into the parking lot in your limo and head into the main building to check in. The porter takes your bags and you hop into a golf cart to head to your dorm suite. After unpacking and getting ready, you head down to the pool deck for a quick speech from the head counselor.

Quick Note:
Ok, so since I’m really bad at running RPs, you guys are going to be creating most of the drama and I’m kind of taking a hands off approach. I will probably give you guys an itinerary and leave it at that, and kind of handle how long RP days last. I will also tell y’all when events start/end, but that’s pretty much all I’m planning on doing.

Are you interested (this poll is anonymous, so be honest so I can get an accurate depiction of how many people might join)

  • I’ll join!
  • I might join but idk yet
  • I probably won’t join

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The Sign Up Thread has been posted!

Camp Seafare RP Sign Ups


Alright, so my writing motivation has been really low lately but I want to bring it back again so that I can finish the SG I’ve already started, as well as restart one and start another I have planned.

So in order to do this, I have an idea for an SG that is shorter in post-length with a faster turn around to get me back into writing properly. I’ve been thinking about the plot and events for a few days now and will keep going with it so I can have it nailed down before I start.


This will be loosely based on the original series of Charmed.
Following a coven of witches who are not only discovering who they are as people but as witches as well. Learning how to balance both of their lives. This small Wiccan Coven embraces all genders of witches who have discovered they have an active power and need a safe haven/community to practice the craft.
Everything has been easy and perfect for those within the Coven. Although that’s about to change, and their skills and abilities will be put to the test when Demonic forces surface.

  • Each character will have different storylines as well as some as a group.
  • You’ll have a chance to be a witch, demon, and there will even be 1-2 Whitelighters.
  • Sign-ups will always be open and new characters will be needed.

So, are you interested in this SG?

  • Yes, definitely
  • Yeah, I could be
  • Yeah, maybe after you start it
  • I’m not too sure
  • Nah, not for me.

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|1x1 RP|

with SG parts

Greetings, my darlings!

I am free yet priceless, you can’t own me but you can use me, you can’t keep me but you can spend me. Once you loose me you can never have me back. What am I?

If you guessed “time” then you are right! And do you know what is the time right now? It’s time for the game of death and life! Tempting, right?

I saw the arrest warrants, hung on all the doors and trees of our beloved Mordville. Who put them there? My guess is that you know the answer to this riddle, right detectives?

Apparently, you weren’t aware that this brave step got you caught up in the greatest puzzle of all time! Of course, this experiment was completely created by your beloved moi. It is pure pleasure for me to see that you are going to take part in my little project. I hope you are also joyful because of that!

Sometimes at the door of your homes, at the bottom of a cup of your morning tea or in the front seat of your car you are going to find a message - a puzzle. I’m going to give you 48 hours to solve each of them… if by that time you still won’t figure out the solution… someone is going to… DIE! Isn’t that incredible?! What an adrenaline!

Button up, my dear detectives.

Till later,

Yours sincerely
ℳ𝓇. ℬℴ𝓊𝓉ℴ𝓃


Not many things were happening in the quiet town of Mordville. As for the crimes, the greatest was the robbery of a candy packet - a topic from two years ago. That’s why the town’s police didn’t have much to do. Actually… you could say they were getting bored with this forced laziness. They were begging for something more interesting to happen… and well… a week ago the first murder in the town of Mordville was committed!

The victim was found in a nearby well. He died of suffocation and then was drowned… but it wasn’t the worst. The worst was the fact that a bunch of colorful buttons was sewn on his face. The news spread all over the city and the people started to panic! Fortunately, two brave detectives came to the rescue, ready to face this killer… unfortunately, none of them knew that the man is famous… for quite unusual methods of leaving evidence.

Our characters are entangled in a vortex of puzzles and are forced to solve them to save the lives of innocent people and catch the murderer. They travel around the town of Mordville, from place to place, collecting further directions. It is a pity that with each letter from Mr. Bouton, his riddles are becoming more difficult and the time is of the essence…


Hello, my beautiful people!

At first, I wanted to do this with @/Tellyg47 on Episode Forums but it has never worked out. And right now, he’s inactive. I want to find a new RP partner because I simply love this idea!

I decided that I will try making a 1x1 RP… and this is what I have created! I hope that this theme will intrigue you and that you will be pleased to read my (and maybe your) posts.

However, 3 to 5 of you (or more, depending on how many people are going to vote) will have a very important task that can turn the whole story in 360 degrees! The RPers selected by my new partner and me will have to create puzzles and ”attack” the main detectives with letters (an example of one of them is presented at the very beginning of this post). In your post, you will have to include the number of evidence that can be found in the selected area and a list of witnesses (with short descriptions) with which our detectives will be able to talk.

Me and my partner will not know the answers to those riddles. You will bring twists, obstacles, and problems into the characters’ lives and they will have to face them. To summarise… you can play the role of Mr. Bouton!

If you have any questions, PM me.

  • I’d like to be your RP partner
  • Yes, I’d like to be one of the creators of the puzzles
  • I’d like to watch - tag me
  • I’d like to watch - don’t tag me
  • I don’t want to be the part of it, sorry

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FaceClaims ~ not created
Map ~ not created
Evidence ~ not created


Rot and Ruin

It’s just a normal day; birds are chirping, cars are driving around, and the sun is shining. Suddenly, the nation feels like it’s coming to a standstill. News companies are frantically publishing headlines about a “zombie virus” that’s been spotted in Europe. Supposedly, it’s incredibly dangerous. For now, though it’s just rumors. Life continues as normal for a while, since there’s nothing anyone can do based on the vague speculations being reported. That all changes when two scientists from Britain release a public statement. The “zombie virus” is real, and it’s started spreading beyond their control and beyond their monitoring. Those afflicted with the virus stop caring about themselves, becoming agents of the virus and existing only for the purpose of spreading it. The zombies look fairly normal, for now, but act strangely. The scientists end their message with a harrowing warning. It could be anywhere, so do your best to keep yourself safe and do not come into contact with any zombies. The disease has already started affecting the scientists studying it and major cities will soon be overrun with zombies. It’s up to you to save yourselves and perhaps the rest of the world…

This RP will be hosted by myself and the amazing @fraud! Let’s welcome her into the fantastic world of RPing.

The RP will start the day before the announcement, but your characters will not have any knowledge of the upcoming apocalypse.

This RP will take place in a fictional version of the world. The initial city will be loosely based on London, although will probably be subjected to a lot of American influence and innaccurate. There will be three starting neighborhoods, Kensington, Northfield, and Hillesden. (details are still a work in progress)


Kensington is a rich, urban area in London. It’s home to a lot of skyscrapers that are often office buildings, stores, and apartments. In the middle of all of the skyscrapers lies the famous Kensington University, which hosts a plethora of highly intelligent students. The 442 Baker Avenue Apartments are one of the tallest buildings in Kensington and host a large number of the residents who live in it. The skyscraper usually just called 519 hosts a large set of luxury stores, a few more reasonably priced stores, and is popular with both tourists and residents of the town. The Kensington Regional Airport is the major airport in the region and serves as a layover point for many passengers as well as bringing in tons of tourists to London.


Northfield is a small suburb outside of London. It’s filled with a prominent middle class community who commute to their work in London or work more locally within Northfield. Northfield is perhaps best known for it’s Saint Mary’s Primary School, which, despite not being the top school in the country consistently performs very well, is incredibly popular for families with young children who have to work in London. The Northfield High School is the largest high school in Northfield and educates a large number of the teenagers in Northfield. The most popular shop is the local grocery store, Grains and Things, which sells a wide variety of foods and contains it’s own bakery inside.


Hillesden is a much more rural area and features a strange mixture of expensive estates, farms, and parks. It stretches over a large expanse of land that goes all the way to the sea. Hillesden residents tend to be religious and the Cathedral of Saint Joseph draws a large number of churchgoers through its doors every week. The Hillesden Club is a country club located near the sea that lets members hang out on their expansive property and store their boats at their harbor. The Harbor of Hillesden is used by less affluent Hillesden citizens and businesses to dock their boats. Tsunami National Park covers a large section of the land in Hillesden and is a popular location for people from London to visit for day trips. The park contains a small forest, some grasslands, a large lake, and a few kilometers of shoreline. There are a few campgrounds in the park, as well.

Your characters will be able to die or become zombies. Characters’ actions will be monitored and we will use polls in order to track what your characters are doing.

There will also be a (slightly negotiable) two character minimum for the roleplay to make sure that we have enough zombie fodder characters to let the group have more options and capabilities, as well as making it harder for a lone zombie to decimate the group. There will be a list of jobs, and we will ask everyone to reserve an unclaimed job for their first character, but your second character will be allowed to have any job.

Jobs List (in progress)
  • Doctor
  • Scientist
  • Nurse
  • Pilot
  • Sailor
  • Forest Ranger
  • Teacher
  • Athlete
  • Definitely interested!
  • Interested, tag me
  • Interested, no tag
  • Not interested

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The title is a work in progress inspired by something that I’ve read, but the RP will not be based on that.

A few tags?

@Mouschi ~ likes tags
@idiot.exe ~ no longer a secret project


Hey, y’all. @ForeverAngel and I are bringing it back.


The year is 1986 on planet Earth, universe 328. Tensions with the Soviets and their allies have spiraled into nuclear war. Most of southern America, along with the upper northeast, has been ravaged by atomic attacks and turned into an uninhabitable wasteland. Out of the rubble and scars of war has risen a new, powerful, and potentially dangerous form of life: The Mutants, humans with dormant mutated ‘X-Genes’ that, when activated naturally through puberty or by some other means, can grant their possesor uncanny powers. Despite making up less than one third of the American population, some of the mutants posses powers so great that they could wipe out the entire northern hemisphere without breaking a sweat.

Intensified due to the tensions of the war, mutaphobia and human rights groups spread like wildfire throughout the nation, dedicated to putting unpowered humans first and shutting out or destroying mutants before they destroy humanity. Some mutants fight back with thier unstable and uncontroled powers, often fanning the flames whether they mean to or not. Others go into hiding, terrified of a world that hates them for being born. Some use the conflict with humans to profit for thein own gain, to gain power or wealthbehind the scenes and monger fear to both sides. A select group, however, may be able to bring peace to all of this, provided they follow a certain type of leader. And the closest thing mutantkind has to that type of leader is the young, brilliant, and inexpierienced Charles Xavier.

Xavier, with the help of his strong psychic powers and a close friend, is traveling across the country and scouring the globe for the mutants with not just the most power, but the most potential. He is seraching for those who will preserve peace and justice, who will defend themselves without slaughtering their enemies, who will create an example for all of mutantkind- and mankind- to follow. But someone is working behind the scenes to destroy what he is building. Someone is trying to widen the divides between man and mutant and cause a bloody uprising that could destroy both sides forever. Which radical extreme will win? Which will you choose? Whatever you choose, do so wisely. You are a member of the first great team of mutant leaders. You are a member of the X-Men: First Class.

So, as you can tell, this version of the rp will be pretty different. I wanted to make it more acessable to normies (That is to say, people who aren’t big X-Men fans) and to people who have only seen the movies. This rp will be very similar to the movie of the same name; The setting is in the 80s, The school isn’t around yet, and the X-Men itself has just barely been established. Canon characters will be younger and have a lot less influence, with Xavier and Magneto of course (And Jean Grey because @ForeverAngel wants to play as her) as an expection. You will be allowed to create a wider range of characters, not just schoolchildren, and you won’t be restricted to the setting of the campus and the land around it. Along with that, one of you more expierienced rpers who decides to join could get the chance to not only play, but create the main villian of the rp.

Also, there will be a much greater influence on choosing a side, as I’m hoping to make it the main theme of the rp. Some of your characters may have to be more neutral or fluid to accomodate this.

I was really dissappointed with the short lifespan of the first X-Men rp, so don’t say you’re interested or signup unless you KNOW you can be an active participant at least once a week. Here’s hoping we can get this thing off of the ground!

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  • I’d like to help with FCs, Locations, or Signups.
  • I’d like to help with organization and keeping the story moving.
  • I’m an expierienced rper and I’d like the opportunity to play one of the cannon characters or the main villian.
  • PM me.
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The Old Guard

Based on the Netflix movie

Unknown to the majority of the world, there is a group of mercenaries, highly skilled beyond the skills of anyone else. When things go wrong, that’s where they come in. Abiding only by their own morals, this group steps in when they feel it’s right, then right back into the shadows. On skill alone, one may think these mercenaries are unkillable. That’s where they’re nearly right. These individuals have spent years learning how to function as a team and how to fight. They fight with everything they have, knowing that they won’t die. These individuals are centuries old immortals who die and get right back up again.

They have to stay hidden, knowing they can’t let their secret be known, but one day a group of young individuals finds themselves as new immortals, just in time for the mercenaries to face their toughest challenge yet. A group aware of who they are and what they can do hunting them.

Alright I’m still working out the kinks with the idea and how the plot will work, but after watching the movie I thought of a few things to change for this idea. However, I would really like a partner for making this, to finish developing the plot and how it will work.

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I’m thinking about revamping my RP so I wanted to see if anyone would be interested to join now or again! I will be making some changes but I wanted to see if people are interested :blush:

Lime Grove

Welcome to Lime Grove ,
secluded part of the town only for the wealthy and famous. With pools and private gyms to mansions with rooms you can’t even count, this is the place not many can afford to live in. If you do, congratulations but don’t get too comfortable; it seems like Lime Grove is getting under a lockdown and you can’t leave.

Lime Grove is a secluded part of the town surrounded by fences and guards. Only the most influential and powerful people live here in their mansions with everything they wish for. Due to ???, Lime Grove goes under a lockdown without a possibility to leave or enter, only for the safety of everyone inside. Kids that are now all alone with only the people they might not like have no other choice but to hang out with those in the same situation as them. Suddenly, a site pops up with a main and only purpose of exposing these influential kids and you have a choice; believe everything you see, use it for your advantage, or even expose those closest to you yourself, just to keep your status?

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