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Damn! So there was one more SG that I promised to possibly bring back before the end of 2020. So as it’s only the first day, let’s pretend it hasn’t reached the end of the year yet. (sweat_smile) So here is my final SG idea for quite a while.

Hotel Ducksworth - A Challenging Mystery SG!

Let me tell you a story, told from the year 2219. A story about murder, wrath, deceit, lust, betrayal, envy… well, three stories actually. Three different murders, each separated by 100 years. But are they so different? Each story is set in the same New York hotel, at an annual dinner party, which is hosted by the hotel. Many familiar faces, some seldom attendees, and one or two newbies. How similar are the people, the clues, and the motives? How closely linked are these crimes really?

This story had barely started back on EF before everything happened. When I first realised the sign-ups, all I knew was it was a mystery. You were the ones who suggested and then voted on the era, timeframe, and setting/locations. From that (and the characters) I created the plot. Now it just needs to be written… if you want it to be.

So, are you interested in this SG continuing here?

  • Yeah, I have characters
  • Yeah, I want to adopt (a) character(s)
  • Yeah, I really want to read a mystery SG
  • Not sure, maybe
  • Nah, don’t do it, focus on your other SGs
  • Nah, not for me

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Those who had characters:

@BlueInferno, @BrookieK, @CrazyCaliope, @Daunt, @Littlefeets, @riahh30, @Secreterz, @sunflower.flow, @unsungcheerio, @wanderingechoes


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The Forgotten Realm (SG)

Your character will be required to be a thief - not an evil one, just a thief. Think Alladin or Robin Hood. There are not many requirements for this SG, just make sure that your character doesn’t have much money. They can come from a rich family, they’d just need all of the ties to that family severed. They also need to at least be allies with the other members of their guild. Their Guild consists of the other members of the SG. Try not to worry too much about this when making a character, though, if there’s anything wrong I’ll privately PM you and we can discuss things.

Look, this looks a bit more messy than it actually is. There’s an action packed plot with actual planning, however every combat situation can be resolved with an item you’ve acquired, talking to the person, or by running away (very brave, I know), or you can just attack. Full disclosure, your character might die. If you want a surprise death, let me know and we can plan that out. Or your character might just die because of something stupid they did. Keep in mind that this is designed to be a small group of characters, probably around 8-10.

So, if you have any questions at all, you can PM me and we shall discuss.
Also, this may or may not happen. It depends, this is just to see how many people are actually interested.

  • I’m interested, tag me
  • Maybe, tag me
  • Maybe, no tag
  • Not interested, please do not tag me

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For anyone looking for more information:


House of Caesar

Loosely based off House of Anubis. A RP with heavy SG elements

Kalopsia Academy, based on Long Island is a coveted academy with a sparkling reputation. With it’s history rooted into providing the best education and path for aspiring students and it’s flawless track record of not letting money or family affliations affect it’s admissions. Within it are 4 houses or groups, House of Caesar, House of Pysche, House of Cleopatra and House of Quetzalcoatl. However, for the time being, you shoud keep your eyes only on this house: House of Caesar.

For the prideful athletes, bold and cunning. Whether athletes of the body or the mind they were strong, stubborn and noble. Naming their house after one of the strongest and influential men in Rome – and the oldest House to exist within Kalopsia Academy. This is their story.

It’s the beginning of the school year, students have arrived and the Houses are still as rivarlous as ever, starting off the year with the annual basketball competition where the Houses and their best athletes face off. And not just for basketball – cheer has it’s place in the events as well.

However, House of Caesar had not accounted for one thing – prophecies and curses coming into play and slapping all of Kalopsia Academy to Pluto’s door, unless they find a way to stop it, they’re all dead men.

This is a story heavily based on Roman mythos and history being blended into a modern world and academy. The characters in the House of Caesar will have to balance fights, supernatural activities and their everyday lives. I hope that if we make it through this one we can explore the other houses which I have plans for.

Are you interested?
  • Yes - Tag
  • Yes - No Tag
  • Maybe - Tag
  • Maybe - No Tag
  • No - No Tag

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What do you want this to be?
  • RP with Heavy SG Elements
  • SG with Heavy RP Elements

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Are you interested in helping me create this?
  • Yes

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Untitled: Model Apartment in Beijing


13 eighteen to twenty-one year old girls from wherever move into an apartment for model training in beijing, china for a year. For most of them, this is the first time they live without their parents or a guardian, so it is a big gamble. Not only girl drama, but money management, urban danger, social networking in a corrupted industry, you name it. Will competition divide them, or will sorority save them?

plot ideas
  • definitely some romance between the girls, we love some flirty competition.
  • one of the girls who was supposedly helping the other girl is actually a sabotaging traitor
  • sponsors for the models who look after them, give them guidance, schoolgirl crushes.
  • grocery runs at 3am :pleading_face: not a plot thing but okay
  • stealing spots from eachother, whoever has the least gigs has the most house chores for motivation.
  • struggling with their body image can be a prominent thing
  • dealing with crappy managers of their business, harassment in the workplace
  • networking at charity events, talking with billionaires
  • culture conflict for those from outside of beijing, the world varies so much place to place.

Fashion week is two weeks out of the year of catwalks, however for rp purposes there can be one at the beginning of each season. The rp starts in winter.
There are eight types of modelling, models typically do all eight but you can have a specialty in either of the following: runway, fitness, commercial (catalogs and stuff like that), event/promotional (in person or online), lingerie (for da curvies), part (hands models, etc), fit (seamstress examples of various sizes), editorial (magizine covers, elaborate)
Fashion weeks happen in Milan, Paris, London, and New York. They will happen in that order starting from winter.
*Runway modelling has been opening up to shorter models
Models don’t need to do that much work in theory, but in practice there is alot that they learn. Some models may follow trend forecasting websites and organizations such as WGSN (for our overachiever chars :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:).
Either way they will learn taste and poise :sparkles:

extra parts

You can play other minor characters too! feuding fashion designers, show executves and directors, we’ll talk about them after we have our chars tho prolly (in order to get the best fit)

  • Interested!
  • Maybe!
  • Not Interested In This Form Of RP

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diversity is encouraged


Welcome to Blue Royalty, the game that tests your limits and loyalties. The prize? The most distinguished and established title someone could earn, a place on The Blue Bloods. But, this is a game, and your place on there is anything but permanent. The everlasting race to get to the top will break your relationships and shape you as a person forever - are you in?

The Senior Class of 2020 managed to escape Cerulean High, though Blue Royalty has remained a prominent part of everyone’s lives in many different ways. As time went on, the power the game held only increased with time, continuing to have influence over Beryl Heights, bringing fortune and luxury to the winners, and with that comes the downfall and hardship of those who lose.

Almost 20 years after the events of the first, Cerulean High continued to become a playing field for Blue Royalty, the same thing but with different names - the fight to earn a place on The Blue Bloods. The five students who have earned superiority through backstabbing, deceitfulness and betrayal, that came in the form of the tasks set by the gamemaster, in hopes for the more permanent place that will shape their lives. This year among others brought familiar faces from times before, hoping to make the most of another chance to get their family name unforgotten through association with victory from the game. But, unfortunately for them, that gave them no advantage against the fresh faces that were competing against them, aspiring for the highly successful lives that victors before them had achieved.

Okay sooo the sequel to Blue Royalty is now in the works! Though it won’t be starting until the first is finished (which would be around a month), I just wanted to see who would be interested in joining, so please vote below!!

  • I will be joining!
  • I might join
  • Not interested

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There’s no rush to be starting to make characters or anything, but if you wanted to be involved in the preplanning of the RP, head over to the Blue Royalty General Chat to join in!


Just Another School for the Gifted


In the not-too-distant future, mysterious forces that science are yet to identify has given rise to monsters known simply as The Enemy. They can look exactly like humans, even blend in and mimic personalities, pretend to have emotions. Deep down, though, they’re all bloodthirsty and emotionless monsters, and some of them are powerful enough to wipe out all of humanity with just a wave of their hand. Luckily, though, the same forces that created the Enemy also gave rise to the Prodigies, people who are born with incredible powers. As soon as their powers have manifested, young Prodigies from all over the world are sent to PCEA, or the Prodigy Cultivation and Enrichment Academy, where they not only learn the Three Rs, but also learn the limits of their powers and how to control and use them to fight the Enemy. Located on a remote isle hidden in waters not charted on most maps, students are not permitted to contact the outside world in order to keep from being distracted from their studies. The dormitories are as luxurious as 5-star hotel rooms, and the school’s amenities are state of the art. The academic courses offered are could prepare anyone for a successful career. Battle training is instructed by former high-ranking Military officers from the most powerful superpowers in the world. You’d have to be blind not to see that PCEA is the perfect school.

But one day, students start disappearing, and it starts happening at a greater frequency the longer it goes on. It doesn’t seem to matter how popular or smart they were or how strong their powers were; No one seems to be safe. As more and more people vanish, a terrible suspicion slips into some of the students’ minds; Could the Enemy have infiltrated the school? PCEA is on a remote island, and no one gets in or out without the approval of the Headmaster. It should be the safest place in the world. Then again, the Enemy can take a human form. Perhaps one of the students or staff members everyone knows and loves is actually a monster… In fact, anyone could be an Enemy in disguise. And now the rest of the school is trapped with them.

Little do the Prodigy students of PCEA know that everything they thought they knew is actually a lie. Despite what their governments may tell them, the Enemy isn’t just able to take a human form, they’re actually born and raised human. There’s a reason why the academy is on a deserted island, and no one is allowed to contact those outside the island’s borders. There’s a reason why it seems like with every new student that arrives, two more vanish. There’s a reason why none of the staff or teachers are Prodigies themselves, and why no one has even seen a Prodigy over the age of 18. What PCEA really stands for is Prodigy Containment, Examination and Annihilation. Sprinkled among the students with powers are highly trained and non-powered assassins, sent in to gain the trust of the Prodigies and cull the herd of any of them who get too old or powerful for their own good. The “powers” these assassins exhibit? The monstrous “Enemies” that are brought in for battle training? All clever technology, robotic tricks meant to keep up the illusion. The academy is a prison, the staff wardens, half of the students executioners and the tattoos that each student must get as a part of the “uniform” a way to secretly implant trackers. Prodigies have been brought here believing that they will be trained, but are secretly being studied for weaknesses and killed. Their powers are too unpredictable, too strong, and the world’s leaders don’t want them posing a threat. They are the Enemy, and they don’t even know it.

But every secret gets out eventually…

Yes, as you may have guessed, this RP will have high stakes and lots of mystery, including 5 randomly-chosen assassins working in the background. If I tell you that you are an assassin, you can not tell anyone else, and you must RP as if you are any other student. When the time is right, you will be able to kill a Prodigy, and your goal will be to help the staff keep them in line and eventually annihilate them all. That won’t be easy, though. As the RP goes on, the students will discover more and more of the truth, and start developing suspicions… Maybe even suspicions against you. If you’re an assassin, you must keep from being discovered. If you’re a Prodigy, you must try to find out what is going on and escape by any means necessary.

If you are interested in this RP, please like this post after you respond to the poll, so that I know when people vote.

Would you like to join?
  • Yes, tag me!
  • Maybe, tag me!
  • Maybe, no tags tho.
  • No! >:(

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Also, I love you guys~


Hey, please don’t bump the thread like that, this thread is made for rp/sg ideas as the title said, so if you have an idea post it, if not, just wait for others to have them :upside_down_face: but just posting bump isn’t really helping


Okay, Screw it, here goes nothing.
For those of you who don’t know me I am LTea, I vanished for a year while working on a personal project with a friend and also dealing with some other personal stuff like quitting a sucky job and moving house. since then I have finally reached a stable point in my life, and though I wasn’t exactly sure I was ready to do this sort of thing again it has come to my attention that I am craving Roleplays and also I need something to entertain me while I’m at work (New job thats much better then my old one and gives me lots more free time.)
I would, however, like to ask any experienced roleplay owners if they would like to help. It would be much appreciated. :sweat_smile:

So, without further Ado:

(working title)

The Mysterious Works of Lady Society

The year is 1816, in an alternate reality with fictional places and history, and the annual social season is soon to begin. As a young sir/lady attending the event, you are excited to make your debut into society and potentially find yourself a fine match, but more then that; you’re curious what the Mysterious Lady Society will think of you. Unlike any other city, in the capital Aryxddon (pronounced Ah-rey-ooh-dun), a peculiar tradition has emerged in the form of a free newsletter. The Mysterious Works of Lady Society. A pamphlet that records all the events of the social season, including the highs and lows, where no secret is safe and no scandal can hide. Considered the most popular piece of writing, The Mysterious Works of Lady Society has the power to make your debut heaven or hell, and can destroy a person’s reputation if it so wishes. As of yet, nobody knows who the writer is, besides their alias as ‘Lady Society’ but their perception of events seems second to none.
Regardless of all this, you have been invited to the capital to partake in this year’s social season. Bring your best outfits and put on your loveliest smile, because its going to be an interesting turn of events.

Tagging people I know and love: @ethereal @jaytastic @unsungcheerio @ScarletSwanHunter(should you return), And the rest of yous (you know who you are :wink: )

  • I’m interested, tag me!
  • Nah

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Ok, here goes something :joy:

Hi, as some of you know I am Acorn, and I’ve been playing around with this idea for a while. If any experienced rp owners have tips, I’m completely open to them btw.

Red Room

Blinking awake, you expect to see your bedroom, or at least wherever you fell asleep the night before. Instead, you realise you are no longer safe. You are no longer home. You are in the Red Room.

For the past year, people have been disappearing all over the world, turning up months later dead, mad or unresponsive. Those that retained even a morsel of sanity told of a red room and a game of life and death. Now you too, have been taken. Do you have what it takes to survive? Will you solve the mystery of the Man in White, orchestrating the entire operation?

There’s only one way to find out.

This rp is about a group of strangers that have been kidnapped and forced to play a deadly game of truth or dare. To survive, you have to play. Of course, that is not the only way out, but do you truly wish to risk losing everything in the hopes of finding the culprit? For those who do, the room takes on an entirely different light. For after all, when playing to survive it’s hard to see the bigger picture. How are you going to escape? Bargaining? Bribery? Or are you one of the smart ones.

There will be multiple twists throughout the roleplay, so expect to be kept on your toes! That being said, I will allow time between each event for people to make posts around busy schedules.
Relationships and drama between characters are, of course, encouraged also.

The amount of characters is unlimited, and there could be multiple rooms if necessary. I’m not completely sure yet, but if all goes to plan, I might start this around June. Please vote below if you’d like to join, so I know whether or not to continue planning. I hope you guys are interested, and if u have any tips, please let me know!

EDIT - I’ve decided to go with the train rp :slight_smile:

What do you think??
  • I’m interested, tag me!
  • Not for me

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Ok so hi again, just had another idea, and depending on which one does better in terms of votes, that’s the one I will go with.


(based on the movie Snowpiercer, I hope that’s ok)

At the end of the word, the only survivors are on a huge, 2,000 carriage - long train, circling the world. It can never stop, less the few survivors on board all die.

After global warming got out of control, scientists grouped together in an attempt to cool it down. A mistake was made, and their error cooled it to it’s core instead.
Mr Harvey Weildson predicted this, and built a huge train to act as a Noah’s Ark - for those who could afford it. The richest people in the world fought for their tickets, leaving the middle and lower classes behind to freeze.

A group of people without tickets, now known as Tailies, ambushed the train just before it left, a bare few of them managing to clamber aboard, overwhelming the armed guards.
They were pushed into the last cart, and in a moment of compassion Mr Weildson decided to let them stay there, on limited rations and the bare necessities they needed to survive. The woman of course were sterilised, so as to halt their population, and over the years their rations have been halved, and then halved again. It is clear that Mr Weildson’s compassion was short lived, and now he simply wants rid of what he views as a drain of resources.

It has been 3 years, 2 weeks and 4 days since The Train’s departure. The Tailies are anxious that they may not survive much longer. The working class is set on controlling and exterminating them. First, Second and Third class live in peace, with almost every need attended to.
There are many issues, but one stand out above all.

A second dead body has appeared.

With the working class frantically trying to keep it quiet, anything is possible. A revolution? Further Murders?
Who is the killer here?
Is this the start of chaos?

In the roleplay there are four classes of people:

  • Tailies, a group of people who did not pay for tickets, crowded into the back of the trail and living in the same conditions you would expect a homeless person to.

  • Third Class, the working class. They each have jobs, as well as rooms, plenty of food and entertainment. Their children go to school, and they live in pretty much peace

  • Second Class, the millionares. These people are minted, and have every eed to attend to. While not quite as luxurious as first class, these guys have all they could ever want on the train.

  • First class, the billionaires. Every single worker onboard the train is dedicated to making life onboard as perfect as possible for these people. Should even one thing go awry, the perpetrator is likely t be sent straight to The Drawers, prison on board the train.

In this roleplay, you can create as many characters as you want, although I would like to keep the gender ratios fairly even. Any and all ages of characters are acceptable, and npcs will also be made to “fill in any gaps”.
The roleplay will have the first plot of mystery, but many other sub plots also, to keep it interesting. If this gets more votes than The Red Room, I will start it around June, depending on how fast I get work done :]

I’m open to constructive criticism and advice, and please let me know what you think!
Please vote so I know which one to continue planning :wink: (If you like both rps then just hit “I’m interested” on both)

  • I’m Interested, Tag me!
  • Not for me

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| Star Trek: The Oblivion |

“Is bzzt reading me? This is Capta- bzzt of the USS Herald. We are in need of assis- bzzt. It was supposed to be a rescue bzzt but we don’t even know what it is. Please, find us-”

✦ Captain ?̬̲͍̣͠͡?̡̺͕͍͜?̛͓̣͖͖̟͈̟ of the USS Herald ✦

Aboard the USS Spectator, there lies a talented and brilliant crew without glory. The ship has no notable achievements, no outstanding missions, and no infamous battles under their belt. In fact, the ship has only been in commission for about two months, with the only interesting part of their journey a quick stop at a space station. To Starfleet, the USS Spectator is just a newcomer to the game with little worth to stake on. In fact, it’s most well-known for being the castaway ship, where all the “useless” Starfleet officers are assigned to remain spectators within space. No one wants to be trapped there and most transfer out in just a few weeks to find greater opportunities.

However, when the USS Herald sends a distress signal and they happen to be the only ones around, it becomes a chance to prove themselves and their capabilities to Starfleet. A once-in-a-century opportunity to launch them into greatness and show the fleet what the USS Spectator can become. What starts off as a seemingly simple, yet worrying rescue mission for the loose team turns into a twisted journey where the only ones they may be able to trust are each other. With a new discovery in their hands that threatens to change everything they knew, the USS Spectator must choose whether to fight a growing darkness or resolve into the fold of history once again.

“What are you willing to give to the dark? What are you willing to hide from the light?”

✶ Unknown Transmission ✶

Hello, everyone! For some of the people from the old forums, you might remember one of my first roleplays, a Star Trek one just like this. This time, I’ve made a more cohesive and set storyline for the roleplay and I’m excited to go through with it! However, take note that it might be a while before this starts, as I am still quite busy with school at the moment.

a quick tl;dr

Essentially, the idea is you play a role on the USS Spectator, a new and budding Starfleet ship that wants to make a name for itself and is made up of a bunch of “rejects,” whether your character was simply too eccentric or chaotic for their former ship, just happens to be the unlucky new recruit, or was assigned here as a last resort due to more… unseemly reasons. A recent distress signal seems like just the thing to get the crew into the good grades of Starfleet and earn some recognition, but there’s something much more sinister at work around the mission.

what to expect

This will most likely be a roleplay with heavy sci-fi (weird, right?) and mystery elements, alongside an emphasis on characterization and storyline. I wouldn’t expect to see too much battling, as I’m not sure how I would maneuver that, but I will still try and provide some action plotlines and scenes! Since there are mystery aspects, it is up to you all and your characters to decipher the clues I provide and interpret them however you wish. I’ll do my best to make the plot as flexible as possible and give you all room for mystery-solving and advancing relationships >:))

I’m offering a lot of creativity and room for this, so please don’t assume you have to know a lot about Star Trek to join! I am more than willing to create new things to accommodate your character and to provide further clarification and information on any and all questions >:D However, please note that there will be limited roles available, as the crew is rather small. Hope that clears everything up and just let me know if you have any questions or comments!

  • Sign me up, Scotty!
  • I’ll pass for now

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I think this is the first time I’ve just straight up came with an idea and not a future sign up thread LMAO. Okay to clarify, I’ve been thinking on this RP branch for quite some time and I’ve always sorta wanted to make a black-influenced RP not dominated but influential in our culture. I think it’d be interesting and different on terms on other city/school based Roleplay’s. I’ve been hesitant for awhile but genuinely I’m ready to make one alongside those lines. Especially as a black woman I’d like an RP with more diversity and a new take on a character’s livelihood and situation.

So here’s my ideas, something inspired along the lines of these TV shows: Proud Family, The Boondocks, and As Told By Ginger. No the RP won’t be a copy of those in itself unless people are interested that way but a RP that has those sorts of elements.

What I’m trying to vocalize is an RP with high school or college students working there way through life a school with actual elements that matter for representation, shows like As Told By Ginger, Proud Family, The Boondocks etc etc feature those elements and I rarely if ever see them touched upon so I took the liberty myself.

Here’s a poll, feel free to pm me on this subject aswell.

  • Inspired by Proud Family!
  • Inspired by Boondocks!
  • Inspired by As Told By Ginger!
  • Combining different elements from those shows!
  • Bring on the diversity and do whatever!
  • I’d like to help!
  • Don’t go with this idea, please!

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Hey yall! Let’s get this started :eyes:

So a few years ago, I had a concept and plan set in the past and inspired by movies like Heathers and Jawbreaker but never came to full fruition, so I decided to not overthink this and let this fate decide for this idea! Later on, an rp back in the Ep Forums was made (which flopped XD) and I will now revamp and redo that, so here’s the semi-full idea:

Set in 1989, you are playing as a student fresh from winter break and is now ready to face for the next year full of events. Going back to Brindton High, the most well-off school in the growing town of Lakewood, this last semester may be the most exciting filled with events from final examinations to prom. But with all the excitement that comes around to an end of a school year, the most popular girl in school was declared dead and concluded that it was to her intention. But is it? With more and more clues surfacing as the time passes, her death may be of suspicion and it could spread out to more than one person.

In this rp, by the time comes, it is your decision to either find the clues and find out who is the culprit or hide the clues in order to either save yourself or for good fun. It is your choice. But a friendly reminder, not all things are meant to be shown, even if it was right under your nose.

And here it is! A bit more structured, but still a skeleton of an idea at the least. This rp will possibly be an RP with a sprinkle of SG elements for the investigations, and there will be specific roles that will be reserved as they can serve as one of the biggest parts in finding clues. And so i just wanna see who’s interested at this idea and plan atm (no tags) so I could probs add the post here for the official tags and declaration of the rp. So who’s interested???

also a tag to someone who pushed me, even if it was a little help @ethereal thank u :pleading_face:

  • Yeee!
  • Maaaaybe…
  • No, gl tho XD

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Also a poll if you wanna help me further make this more… interesting and well thought out for the final output XD

  • I wanna help uwu
  • Nah, I’ll pass uwu

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edit: couldnt see who voted XD


This was the first rp I ran on the Episode Forums and I’ve been wanting to revamp it here for a while now, so I decided that I’m just gonna do it.

Allenwood Academy

Allenwood Academy. A prestigious boarding school situated on an island in the Toronto Harbour. Once acclaimed for the quality of education and student life, the school became a target for a string of student disappearances. As the school year commences, some of the students decided not to return, but many returned anyway, taking a potential gamble on their lives.

What do you think?
  • I’m interested, tag me
  • I’m not sure, tag me anyway
  • I’m not interested, don’t tag me

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50 years after the great war started by the Fire Nation. Peace has finally settled upon the four nations, Although tensions are still rather high. Many still don’t trust the Firebenders, and a few extremist groups still exist in the Fire Nation that still hold themselves as the rightful rulers of all the kingdoms. Into this quiet yet intense tension comes a whole new nation of Benders from a faraway, undiscovered island; The Light Benders. They are an empire with peaceful yet sneaky people, Alongside a rich culture and a passion for learning. Yet despite a newfound bending group and installment into civilization a powerful and corrupt villain has sprung into action bent on destroying the world’s newfound peace. Now it is up to the next Avatar to unite all five nations once again and learn a whole new power that none of their predecessors even knew existed. With a whole new nation as a part of the cycle, though, there’s more uncertainty about the next Avatar’s location than ever: This time, the Avatar could truly be anyone.

NOTE: Roleplay created by @ForeverAngel & @GlitterFist who will be joining later but we created this idea together! :heart:

Roleplay Rules!
  • No Mary Sue’s or Gary Stu’s it’s impossible.
  • Please be respectful of everyone in the role-play.
  • Art Faceclaims ONLY!
  • PLEASE Be active! A post every 4 days is required, If you give an excused reason as to why you need more than 4 days please pm me. After a week of inactivity, you will receive a warning through pm. After 2 weeks your character(s) will be put up for adoption.
  • Relationships are allowed but sure it’s nothing too intimate, Make it minimal with a trigger warning, Anything too descriptive take it to PM.
  • Do not attempt to kill characters without permission from the owner of said character.
  • Please add location to your character’s name so it wont be confusing on where you were if you take some time off the rp.
Limited Roles!
  • Fire Nation Children [0/2]
  • Water Tribe Chief Children [0/2]
  • Earth Kingdom Royal Children [0/3]
Light Bending Info!


Their origin is mainly Mexico therefore their cuisine is most likely original Mexican Recipies. Please search up Aztec history for a more broad explanation…Although it isn’t needed. Mainly just their style and cuisine. The Light Benders are prideful and sneaky people but their culture is rich and beautiful. When it comes to bending, Pretty much anything involving light…Light Benders can do. I will list some things.

Focusing Light into Laser Beams.
Bending light to see around corners or across great distances.
Projecting Holographic Illusions.
Drawing light away from an area, Causing complete darkness.
Like waterbenders they can pull power from the Sun but only on the hottest days, I will notify when.
Bending Light around themselves or someone else to turn invisible.

For more powerful and trained techniques, Light benders can blind someone whether temporarily or semi-permanently. Only this is after years of training and with permission or for lore or backstory.

Sign Up Template!




Bending Type:

Home Nation:

Strength, 1-10 please be realistic:

Bending Abilities:




Faceclaim: (Avatar-Like Art Please)

Extra Details:


Faceclaims: 🥸
Bending Types/Info: :ocean:
Cuisine: :ramen:
Currency: :moneybag:
Fauna: :bear:

NOTE: This is set 50 years after Aang’s death so it’s just slightly more advanced but not on Legend Of Korra’s technology level yet and the union of the nations have upheld up until this very point, meaning the avatar hasn’t been discovered due to people not looking until now. In the RP some may be in team avatar but it’s also highly encouraged to create villains as the main villain is just that- the biggest villain everyone has to face but there’s always room for more villains!


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Do you ever get tired of your everyday life? Waking up early in the morning, only to go work at your dead-end job, then getting a few hours to yourself where you ust mindlessly browse through Netflix before going to sleep and then doing it all over again the next day?

Yeah, me too.

So why don’t you come with me … to Stardew Valley?

Welcome to the coziest, most low maitnance roleplay around! Purchase and live on a farm, meet the lively townies and see how your character’s life changes through the seasons! Escape to the charming town of Stardew Valley.

Basically, you would place your character(s) in one of the town’s dreamy little farms, choose what kind of farm this would be, and take part in the events in town! The world is your oyster.

You will have to be quite active since my plan is to make every season in the roleplay last about two weeks, to make sure it moves as smoothly as possible and thus making it as low maintenance as possible. Every season holds an abundance of activities, which will move your characters along in their lives!


The Spring Cleaning Spree - (lasts all season) the town comes together to get everything nice and tidy after the long winter!

My Secret Valentine - (lasts for 3 days) everyone puts the name of their secret valentine’s day crush in a box at the mayor’s office. It is later revealed how many secret valentines everyone had. It is customary to bring the person you named as your secret valentine to the valentine’s day dance, unless they’ve already have a date, that is …

The Valentine’s Day Dance - (lasts for 1 day) a formal dance is held in the town square! Bring your valentine and have the time of your life! The cutest couple will be crowned the royal couple of that year’s dance and win a fancy price to benefit their farms! Dressing in all-pink is mandatory, or you will be disqualified.


The Big Summer Blowout - (lasts all season) yoo-hoo! Big summer blowout! Everything is on sale. You know that tractor you’ve been needing? Make sure to buy it now before it’s too late!

Summer Vacation - (lasts for 3 days) the weather’s delightful, your farm seems to be running smoothly, so why not take a few days off? Give yourself some time to catch up with friends and enjoy a day at the beach - you deserve it!


Harvest Day - (lasts for 3 days) the relaxing days of summer are over! Your entire garden is so ripe, you fear it might rot if you don’t tend to it immediately! Get to it before it’s too late, so you can either enjoy the money your produce earned you, or the yummy jams and pies you made out of them.

The Picnic Basket Auction - (lasts for 1 day) since everyone has yummy treats to spare after the fruitful harvest day, why not share them with the rest of the town? Get yourself a basket with the most delicious things you can find, head down to the town square and pray that the suitor you have your eye on bids on your basket!


The Winter Ball - (lasts for 1 day) the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful! So bring your loved one to the ball at the Stardew Valley inn, because baby, it’s cold outside!

New Year’s Eve - (lasts for 1 day) light fireworks in the town square with your friends and family to celebrate the past year, as well as the new year and all of its exciting secrets!

However, don’t take this to mean that the roleplay’s plot will be drama-free (unless you want it to be, of course). After moving in, I think you’ll soon find that some of the people already living in Stardew Valley can be quite … how shall I put it? Uncharming.

This roleplay would be loosely based on the video game with the same name, that’s basically a farming simulator where you renovate a farm and make friends. However, you do NOT have to have played the game to take part in this RP!

I would love to know how many of you would be interested in taking part in this roleplay! I would also like to know if any of you could help me create some of the characters I’ll need in order to put some of my plans for the town in motion, as well as creating the faceclaims (which I suck at :sweat_smile:)

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This RP has been created. Click HERE to join. :blush:


Miss. Merlyn’s Home for Peculiar Children

based off Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

You are a peculiar child, ever since growing up things have always seemed… peculiar when it came to you. Oddities that often caused people to stray away from you. One way or another, you were different. Some see monsters that lurk in the shadows, others seem to have a nasty habit of turning people to stone and some people can talk the dead into walking again. Either way, you have found yourself here, on Seastone Island, off the mediternean, an abandoned place that is old and run down. Left alone in time from the fall of Greece. No one really knows why it’s left alone, some claim bad vibes or shadows. Others say it’s been razed by a hurricane that wiped through the island in ancient times. But either by guidance or chance you have found yourself here, right in the center of Miss. Merlyn’s loop.

You are a peculiarity, or a Syndrigasti by some accounts. Someone who, by chance has inherited the recessive gene of a peculiar, granting you an interesting ability that causes you to stand out from the normal. From exotic to the macabre, pyrokinesis to reanimating the dead or even seeing the hollows. Unfortunately for you, your eyes are a prized possession. A delicacy for the infamous Hollowgast and for some your existence alone draws them to you. For other it’s the usage of your power. They seek to evolve into a wight and can only do that by consuming your eyes. Either way, you’re only safe here, in this loop. Until you aren’t.

Somehow, someway the wights and Hollowgasts find themselves into your loop and manage to take Miss. Merlyn, the Ymbryne that holds your loop together and keeps you from being discovered or aging. Without her, those who have resided in the loop since the times of Greece will find themselves aging right to death’s doorstep. The others are free prey for the wights and hollowgasts that lie right outside the borders of the loop. Peculiars will have to find a way to get along and save Miss. Merlyn or at the very least travel to another loop. Failure to do so will mean death and empty eye sockets for all.

You will have the ability to create up to 2-3 peculiar children, some will have found their abilities early on (before the RP starts) and some will discover it as the RP progresses. Some will have been there for centuries and others will have been there just as the roleplay begins. You can make a character born in any era from Greek times to the year of 2018. Some characters may end up being unique species such a Ymbrynes and Demi-Ymbrynes, each which will have a crucial role in the roleplay.

The peculiar gene is recessive which means that it may’ve skipped generations. Characters may have been told of their family history through grandparents or through letters left for them by their predecessors or orally and directed to the loop. Others will have been found by chance or seeked out by the Ymbrynes.

The goal will to be to survive, either by finding Miss. Merlyn and saving her as a group or finding/creating a new loop in which to exist. There will be factors that affect the characters survival and it will utilize a lot of dice rolling similar to D&D. More information will be provided on the sign-ups which I plan to release during early or mid April or even May if I get enough support for this idea.

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𝙻𝚎𝚐𝚎𝚗𝚍 𝚘𝚏 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝙳𝚎𝚗𝚜v𝚒𝚕𝚕𝚎 𝚂𝚠𝚒𝚝𝚌𝚑

The highschool at Densville is like your typical. There’s the popular kids who are rich and with no sense of sympathy for anyone but themselves, the athletes always skipping class for their practices and somehow still getting credt, student body presidents who run the school in arrogant ways and last but not least, the outcasts who either don’t tolerate the popular kids and argue, or ones who submit and get bullied. Densville football games are celebrated and praised like a cult gathering to worship their satan. School dances are the most important for the girls who want to be crowned prom queen with the yearly football team captain who’s always voted prom king. Girls who fight for the spot, drama occurs daily between many, while somehow sharing the same beleif that Densville is the best place to be.

Now, everyone in this school has one person they hate the most. Whether it started out in 3rd grade when someone didn’t play fair at recess, or that person took their not even so lovely girlfriend or boyfriend, they want nothing to do with them unless that’s getting revenge over their rival even doing the slightly insignificant thing that poorly affects their life.

Whether it’s a pretty highschool cheerleader hating an “outcast” for being prettier and smarter than her, there is a rival to anyone in that school and that’s just a simple fact.

And what’s even worse, there is a legend that says Densville is known for the headmasters switching sets of rivals’ lives magically and changing their lives forever.

It hasn’t been mentioned in many years so the new teens in the school hate others with no worry, doubting the possibility that it can occur until after the legend is a reality, after 100 years.

Following the lives of those involved in a rivalry against another, you get a glimpse of their life and what issues they have, what group they are apart of, and who they despise most. Few days later, the same night that both people are now asleep in their bed, their souls are switched into the others’ body. Waking up in the terror of seeing their rivals face in the mirror when they look, they have a meltdown.

The legend is true and they are definitely living it. The headmaster being unavailable for many days force the two to meet up and try and solve this together, as well as figuring out whether there are others with the same problem. Can they figure out why this is going on? Are they able to switch back or must they live a lie until their honest souls goes to rest?

In this RP, you will create a complex family background, a character you will RP as, and live a stereoytpical teens higschool life. You will be able to choose whether you’re a popular kid, student president, average highschooler, or an outcast. When the RP signup+chat thread is posted (if people are interested) the faceclaims once we have gathered an even amount of enough people, we will discuss what characters hate who to establish the characters future life they will be swapped in. It will be complex and start out before the switch happens and show how the characters are rivals in a way that is understandable.

When I think it’s been better established, without the knowledge of the RPers, I will create a post where there lives swap so there is also unpredictibility.
There will school events and things I will control and put into place as headmaster to shake things up in the RP. The chances of them switching back is possible but it’s a very long procress. Even at that, you might not be able switch back depending on how the characters treat this nightmare.

More info will be posted on the official thread if that time actually comes.

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Are you a little… freaky? Do you have trouble fitting in, feeling like you belong, or controlling your thirst for blood? Do you lack confidence in your ability to go bump in the night? Are you a young Monster looking for a place where you can just be you? Than look no further than Monster High! This prestigious school has been operating for over 2000 years, creating the perfect learning environment for the children of legendary Monsters. Hidden away from the world of cruel humans who would mock and hate them, the campus is completely safe and accommodating for all students, whether they walk, crawl, swim, float, or slither. Custom dorm rooms personally designed for each Monster’s unique physiology, a wide section of classes and electives, and plenty of other Monsters to make friends with- Who could ever ask for a better place to embrace your freaky flaws?

So enroll at Monster High today, where nothing, absolutely nothing, could possibly go wrong!

10 years after the famous class of the 2010s have graduated, Monster High is still going strong with a whole new generation of students. More borders between Monster species have been broken down than ever, and students are learning to love themselves every day. Not everything is perfect, however. Notorious Monster Hunter Abraham Van Helsing has arrived at the school’s doorstep, claiming to have shed his prejudice and changed his ways and begging for a teaching position. Of course the school’s staff was distrustful of him at first, but Headmistress Bloodgood had the final say, and as she said herself, “How can Monster High claim to be a place for all of we deny him a second chance?”. So now Van Helsing is the school’s new History teacher, and no one is sure if he can be trusted or not yet. He may look nice on the outside, but on the inside he could be planning some evil scheme… And he does seem very interested in Parents Day, where all of the Monsters will be gathered in the same place. Can you and your new Beast Friends uncover what he’s really planning and save the day, all while juggling grades, clubs, and trying to get a date to the prom? I suppose there’s only one way to find out.

Welcome to Monster High.

In this RP, you’ll be playing as the next generation of Monster High students after Frankie, Draculaura, Clawdeen and the gang have graduated. Van Helsing will be a teacher at the school this year, and who knows what he may have planned? That won’t be the only thing this RP focuses on, though. There will be plenty of fun high school activities to do, all of which will of course require a different fabulous outfit. Think of this as the show combined with a movie- Small plots of high school fun building up to a big quest to save the day!

For characters for this RP, you can take an existing fc off of the internet or request a custom-drawn one from me! I already have a few adoptable characters so you can peruse my work, and you can adopt one of them or request a custom character! Custom characters will come with full body art, different options for hair and outfits, a emblem and a pet if you’d like. The art I give you will be only for use in this RP unless you thoroughly credit me if you use it somewhere else.

This RP is owned and will be run by Me, @ForeverAngel, @Littlefeets and @raviola! If you have any questions about things, you can come to us!

So are any of you interested in having some freaky fabulous fun?

  • Yes, tag me PLEASE!
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  • Yes, and I’d like to help with planning or other stuff!

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