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INTRO (Not necessary to read)

There once was a time when in Europe and the world as it was known then people belived the planet Earth consists of Europe, Asia and Africa. That time has changed forever after the Osman Empire banned travel from Europe to India withouth paying for it. This process, costing too much for just some spices, made people look for different ways to get to India. And with the coming of travelers other pices of land were discovered, possibilities were bigger, and things were about to be changed forever.

And today we all know that all the land we know abotu is a the land there is? Correct? No! We are actually as clueles (not as much with the American but still) to the tribes unknown near the island was never named on unsteady waters that left all to be dead. The small piece of land the size of Suriname (that’s if you count the small islands around it too) hidden beneath the deadly clouds that always seem to surround the Bermuda triangle. It’s your lucky day when after almost dying in the Bermuda triangle you suddenly find yourself on a dry piece of land.

Basically it’s a story about a piece of land nobody knew exsisted, where you find yourself after a boat crash in Bermuda. There you find a few tribes who already know why you’re here (but they’re not psychic they just had these situations before). Escaping from this land is practically impossible so now you accept the new life ahead of you and help the tribes advance.

You are either the part of the tribe or part of the ship or you are a pervious ship survivor/previous ship survivor’s relatives

So what do you say? Would you join?

  • Would join
  • Would join + Would help out
  • Maybe would join
  • Maybe would join + I’d like to help out
  • Wouldn’t join
  • Wouldn’t join but would help out

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Just tagging random people I know on this thread (Which isn’t easy becuase I’m new to this one)

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Mystic Lake Academy

Located just outside the idyllic small town of Dawn Harbor, and an hour away from the nearest city, Mystic Lake Academy is a boarding school for teenagers of unusual backgrounds. To the outside world, the school is normal, just a bit odd in some ways. In reality, the school hosts children of monsters. Some famous and others relatively unknown. These students all have one thing in common, if the world knew who they were, they would not only be outcasts, but likely killed. The real question is, is how well will they follow in their parents footsteps or make themselves be heard. For the good or the bad.

What do people think?

  • I’m interested!
  • Maybe…
  • I’m not interested.
  • I would like to help.

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Find the signup thread here!


Please add the start dates for your RPs in the new RP calendar :eyes::sparkles:


Escape the Virtual world

On the first day the Game went live, you discovered the logout button is missing now you must work with the other testers to escape. the only announcement game wide was ”win the game or die. The first race to complete the game gets a special prize as a reward”

Starvenia is the name of the game world. Starvenia is a floating world with many different floors. Each is protected by a boss monster. Defeat them all and gain your freedom.

Will you be able to survive this death game.

There are 3 races you can play as:

  1. Elves - the best magic users around.
  2. Dragons - love gold and treasure. They can either look human or as a giant dragon. Great hunters
  3. Demi-humans (half-human / half-animal spirit ) - disregarded by the others seen as weaker and not given many lawful jobs. They are often left to become criminals or crafters like blacksmiths or tailors ( make the clothes)

The long-lived elves are children of nature. Thought to of been the first creatures of Starvenia. Elves value their privacy and traditions, and while they are often slow to make friends, at both the personal and national levels, once an outsider is accepted as a comrade, such alliances last for generations. elves that spend their lives among the short-lived races, on the other hand, often develop a skewed perception of mortality, the result of watching wave after wave of companions age and die before their eyes. they have very strong magic powers. Unable to control or create fire with magic. They can’t create any of the 4 base elements they can only control what is around. Each elf has a different level of skill when it comes to controlling the of 3 elements. (assigned randomly by the creator of the RP) The elves have a strong belief that all life is sacred. They care about all life even their enemies or animals they hunt. Elves can’t stand Dragons as they don’t care about preserving the balance of nature.


Dragons are generally like to live in large family groups with women at the top of the clans, as there are so few women dragons. (5 men 1 woman). Some dragons prefer to be loners and live surrounded by their treasure horde. Dragons are very aggressive. They don’t care about life. They can breathe fire and will kill anything they feel has crossed them.


Demi-humans have a mysterious beginning. They suddenly appeared on a day out of nowhere. half-human and half-animal spirit. They came in all different forms. Bird demi-humans are rare. demi-humans tend to stay away from the big settlements.They like to keep to themselves where possible.


  1. Hunter
  2. Mage
  3. Swordsman
Occupations Explained
  • Hunters- best at long-range fighting. They are typically are weaker at fighting at close range. Weapons commonly used are bows, crossbow, spears, tridents No Guns

  • Mage - people able to use the natural magic in the air around them. Elves have a better capacity to control the magic. Followed by dragons, the demi-humans and in the last place is humans. Elven mages tend to stick with the base elements of magic. Dragons tend to stick with fire magic. With what demi-humans lack in control of magic they make up for it with there adaptability with controlling the more obscure magic elements. ( light, shadows, animal, spirit) ( base element is randomly picked by the creator for each mage.)

  • Swordsman- good at close range combat. Their styles of fighting vary from person to person. Elven swordsmen tend to be more reserved and will study opponents before going in for the killing blow.

battles - how they work in this rp

Monster fights

The monster will appear and you will be give 3 options on what your first move is.
You right a post about your choice and what you do from there.

If in a group each person will be given an option for what to do. The attack order will be picked at random.

At least to replies before the monster dies. For each monster attack you will be given move ideas. It’s up to you after the first attack if you go with them.

One you have done your move the monster will go. Make sure to post within 24 hours (3 days real time) of the encounter or you die.

Player vs player

You decide who attacks first. You write the first move then the other person writes their own move. It’s up to you if it’s a deathmatch or training.

If you want me to decide who wins that’s fine too.


Fire tornado- a spell that all non-Elven mages know how to do as a first spell. It conjures a tornado of fire.(fire mages starting spell/ Dragon can use in their Dragon form)

grass net - basic spell of Elven mages. It creates a net mage out of grass on a target.(Earth Elf mage staring spell)

Whirlwind- a spell for elves in general, creates a whirlwind that can move, however takes a lot of effort. It can pick things up or slow a falling person down, but not stop the descent? An advanced spell. With practice of magic control this spell is able to be used by elves as they are less likely to be drained completely by its use. (takes time get the spell. to get it faster with 3 + monster encounters)

Nova healing - a light magic basic spell that heals all simple wounds (light mages only staring spell)

Shadow net - a dark magic basic spell. Like Grass net but uses a person’s shadow trap them. (dark mage starting spell)

Start of the rp

All players will have little to know skill unless they have specific knowledge of their weapons in ‘Real life’. None of they player will be good at magic.

*Monster kills will reward you with something different that relates to your occupation. *
all players have a stamina count off 100 at the start of the game. Certain choices/spells will make that score go lower.

Each race starts Starvenia in a different location. For the first floor you have to make your way to the other side of the map. There are many routes and monsters on the way.

Training is required for all skills in Starvenia

  • Interested (Tag)
  • Maybe (Tag)
  • Maybe (No Tag)
  • Not interested
  • Interested and would like to help (Tag)

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Hey people. I had an idea that more experienced rpers and newer rpers could take part in some 1x1 or small group RPs. That could help some less experienced rpers learn/practice, without the pressure/intensity of a full sized RP.

What is a 1x1 or small group rp

The planning of either a small group RP or a 1x1 is usually done in a pm

Small Group RP
A small group RP is very similar to a regular RP. The difference, is that it is limited to about 3 to no more than about 6 RPers. Typically each RPer only has one main character and maybe a secondary character. Though that can vary depending on the RPers and plot.
A small group RP can be done in either a thread of its own, or a pm.

1x1 RP
A 1x1 RP is done between two RPers only. The plot of a 1x1 RP typically focuses on just a couple of characters, where each RPer has one main character and a secondary character, or 1-2 main characters. Each RPer may have other minor characters as well, but the RP centers around just a couple characters.
A 1x1 RP can be done in either a pm or a thread.

Here are two ideas I’ve had in mind for a while. I am willing to do the same 1x1/small group RP with more than one RPer/group.


It was by pure coincidence that you ended up here. A delayed flight, picking up a friend, things out of your control lead you to be in that specific spot near the airport entrance at that time. You were in the wrong place at the wrong time. A man walked by you, coughed a couple times, and collapsed. You and one other decided to intervene to try and save the man’s life while an ambulance was on its way. The man did not survive, coughing up blood onto the two of you before taking his final breath. After the ambulance arrived things quickly went into a whirlwind of commotion as the man’s traveling partner died the same way nearby. Before long, it was determined to have been a contagious, deadly, disease. Everyone at the scene was fine, except those of you who had gotten the blood on them. You were brought to the hospital, and placed into a quarantine area with the other person from the scene. Knowing nothing about each other, how will you cope with the likelihood of impending death. Not knowing if a cure will make it’s way to you in time.

Wedding or Not?

Preparing for the wedding can be part of the most wonderful, crazy, busy time of a couple’s relationship. So many things to plan and experience. Leading up to the day they vow to be together until death do them part. But what if one of them realizes their fiancé’s sibling they’ve never met, was actually the person they’ve always loved. A lost love, from years before. Which is stronger, a stable, safe love, or an old flame that just happened at the wrong time.
For the record, I am willing to do any gender or sexuality on this one.

Either idea can be done as a 1x1 or as a small group. Both of which I recommend, no more than 3-4 RPers.
I am open to other ideas as well, so don’t think these are it.

Choose which option/s you would like to do, and if you want to do a small group with certain individuals, let me know.

  • Quarantine - 1x1
  • Wedding or not? - 1x1
  • Quarantine - Small group
  • Wedding or not? - Small group
  • A different 1x1 idea
  • A different Small group idea

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Some of those who might be interested:
@RP-Apprentices @RP-Mentors


Divergent RP/SG

I felt like creating a movie - based RP so I put up a poll and the majority voted Divergent so here it is!

In this world, after the war that caused mass chaos all around the globe, a city built a wall and they his inside it, safe from everything outside.
The leaders created a new system to help this place thrive and reach maximum life value and all that. This system was called the factions .
The are 5 factions , and each has a different role. When a young person turns 18, they must choose one of the five factions. To help with this choice, a test was made. The test is supposed to tell you what to choose, although sometimes it gives mixed results. That only happens when the person is a divergent.
Divergents don t fit into the factions, they may have a bit of each of perhaps just si!ply don t fit. Divergents are hunted down and killed before they can wreck the balance and peace.

The factions are;

Their symbol is an eye, and they represent wisdom and power. They believe that they should be in charge, not Abnegation.

Candor stands for honesty and order. They are things like lawyers and things like that, and say exactly what is on their mind.

Their symbol is a flame, they stand for strength, power and loyalty. to be dauntless is for one person to stand up for another. They are basically the police.

The farmers, they head outside the wall to farm the land and make food. They represent happiness, unity and kindness.

In charge of everything, they are selfless and kind but Erudite believes that they break the laws and keep the good for themselves.

They have either been rejected by their faction or refused to pick. They have no status and the only ones who feed them are Abnigation.

This roleplay is about living in that city, and whilst there are plot twists it’s going to be quite free range so feel free to make your own side plots with characters.


  1. General Roleplay rules
  2. no homophobic or easier characters. I don’t care that this is “just a roleplay,” in trying to avoid drama.
  3. i don’t mind helpful criticism but no discrimination of other people please.
  4. no goddmoding. If it’s not your chatacter, then don’t control them. Simple as that.
  5. pm me about a major plot twist that will affect other rpers.
  6. I’ll add once I think of something.

Soo what do you think?

  • Joining! Tag me
  • Maybe! Tag
  • Maybe! No tag
  • No…
  • Need more info

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Albra gu bra forever bound


Welcome to this inspired Camp Half-Blood Role-Play. This is based off of the Rick Riordan series Percy Jackson and the Olympians and THOO The Heroes of Olympus. Here, you can create your own demigod, advance through your own story to become a legend, make and venture on your own quests, and so much more. However, this is an AU Demigod RP, where the series never existed in the first place. The greek gods are gone. Now the Roman and celtic gods are making a come back.

The camp is in scotland or as the demi-gods there insist you call it Caledonia. All the branches of celtic gods are at the camp since the romans have conquered their homelands. Will they manage to stay safe from the roman invaders and the monster that are after them?

Camp Jupiter - a roman camp for the roman demigods. insistent on finishing what their predecessors could not. Wipe out the celtic gods. They have found a potential spot where they could be hiding. Can they do it before the camp moves again?

About the camp

Age limit, the youngest you can be is nine years old. The reason as so is that, some of you all have your abundance of imagination for a kid superhero, but, we must make it clear you’re still a demigod who has inexperience with anything. In this certain topic, you don’t necessarily have any experience with your powers, we mean, at all. You’re still training to control those powers. You may have some little experience, but, you can’t be all powerful as soon as you enter camp

Cabin Leader and Counsellors, these are two different things. Cabin Leaders are the ones who are in charge of a cabin, and Counsellors are people who are over the age of twenty, passed the supposed age where demigods tend to die

Head Counsellors and Cabin leader - they should be over the age of fifteen and have stayed in camp for at least two years. They are to attend war meetings. Counsellors are people over twenty, they do more work than the Cabin Leaders, in a certain way, they are the “models” of the camp.

A symbol representing a person’s godly parent appears above their head. It disappears after a few moments.


  • No god-modding without permission
  • Keep your powers at a limit. There’s no demigod that’s stronger than their parent. And no one can control their powers as soon as they enter camp or are claimed
  • general RP rules
  • blur or asterisk swear words
  • NO Sex on the RP thread please take it to a PM or time skip.
  • yes (tag me)
  • Maybe (no tag)
  • Maybe (tag me)
  • Not interested

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This rp is based on Jumanji.

  • Interested
  • Might join
  • Not Interested
  • Tag me

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Centuries ago, the great Phoenix came to earth, entrusting its orb to the royal Firecrest family. The orb was passed on for generations, and as it’s handlers grew old and gave it to their children, so too did their children become more corrupt, using the orbs powers for their own gain. When the great Phoenix returned to Earth, it became enraged, burning down the royal palace and casting its orb out into the world.

Every generation, the great Phoenix sends a group it seems worthy enough to attempt to retrieve its orb. The one who retrieves the orb gets to adopt the Firecrest name and becomes the holder of the great Phoenixs’ abilities. Nobody has retrieved the orb thus far- until you.

You have been selected to participate in the Phoenix Trials. Now, tell me- will you be able to retrieve the orb? Or will you die trying?

  • I’m interested, tag me!
  • Maybe, tag me.
  • I’m not interested, don’t tag me.

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𝕄𝕒𝕣𝕧𝕖𝕝/𝔻ℂ: 𝕃𝕖𝕘𝕖𝕟𝕕𝕤 𝔸𝕤𝕤𝕖𝕞𝕓𝕝𝕖𝕕

Welcome to Stark Academy,

You are of the few individuals that have been invited to learn at our advanced academy for heroes in training. This is a school for the elite, with legacies ahead of them for the taking. This is where you will be writing your path.
Please meet at the school gates by taking a teleporter to the school’s dimension. The teleporters to this location will close promptly when school begins. Please be on time.
This is the first year where the children of villains have been invited to attend. Please welcome them and have a great year.

With regards,
Stark Academy Staff

A new school has been founded - Stark Academy where every sort of hero and villain can go. For many years, there has been a debate about this issue, but finally, this year, the children of villains will be allowed to attend. Though there are sceptics regarding the school’s true purpose, Stark assures the public that this school will be for the future heroes. The hope is to create heroes out of everyone that attends this school. It’s a combination of both Marvel and DC worlds in a separate universe created just for this Academy.

Little do they know that this is the perfect opportunity for other villains to strike. A whole school of heroes in training separated from their parents is a disaster waiting to happen. What will happen to your stay at the Stark Academy? How will your legacy impact the fate of the multiverse?

Classes will not be run the usual style with teachers and a classroom. Since this is a school for aspiring heroes, activities will be hands-on and will be announced by the start of each day. They could range from tournaments to contests in skills and knowledge. There will be a reward for characters that do well in terms of importance to the plot later.

  1. Powers/skills are limited to those of your parents. Your character can have alternate powers/skills, but there must be a good reason. Example: If your character is human, then there shouldn’t be any reason for them to gain the ability to fly. Then can, however, gain archery skills as a skillset if they practice.

  2. Children of alternate characters are allowed, and there can be multiple children to each parent. For characters in the Marvel universe, there are three main universes (there are other universes):

  • The movies universe (U-999999)
  • The original comic universe (U-616)
  • Ultimate Marvel (U-1610)

DC has their universes but they are named differently. You can still choose a character, but if you are choosing a character from an alternate universe, name the name of that universe.

There can only be one version of each character, name which universe the character is from. If you don’t know, you can ask.

  1. The characters you choose can have their personalities and do not have to follow the traits of their parents. Diversity is welcomed.

  2. Please stick to an equal number of genders. For every female you make, there has to be another male and vice verse. If you have an odd number of characters, then there can be one more of one gender compared to the other. Genders don’t just have to include male and female.

  3. Dating is allowed but only is the relationships make sense and are safely built up over time. Sex is not allowed and once clothes come off, please take it to PM or time skip.

  4. General RP rules (i.e. blur curse words, no over excessive drama)

Do you want to be part of this RP/SG?

  • Yes, sounds amazing! (Tag me)
  • Maybe, I’ll think about it. (Tag me)
  • Maybe. (Don’t tag me)
  • Not this time (Don’t tag me)

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At the moment this is just an idea but I want to see how many people would be interested in it?

The Ashin Diablos Project

Kids who live in downtown Boston New York grow up in a life of crime. The parents are involved in the New York Mafia and they started a project. They call it ‘The Murder House’ where kids grow up training and learning how to be a serial killer and not feel remorse for their crimes and how to constantly get away with it. To prove you are apart of The Murder House your first official task of every teenager is to kill their mothers. The kids that refuse to murder their own mothers, are executed on site. Those who do, officially join The Murder House. Then, they say your life of crime truly begins but when the kids disappear anonymously the head counsels have no choice than to believe they want out and that they must be assassinated.

Your character(s) can be apart of the head, the rogues, or the mutants.

Mutants and Heads can switch to rogues at any given time, as long as it flows with the storyline and plot


The mutants are those who have been overtaken by the mafia and are wandering the New York streets killing those in their paths. They work along side the heads in finding the rogues.


The rogues are ones they managed to slip away from The Murder House and are safely hid in what’s called Trio Mountain. The rogues themselves have jobs, hunters, suppliers, healers and farmers. The hunters hunt for food in the wilderness. The suppliers get all the essentials they need. Healers bandage and care for those injured. Farmers plant crops and keep the entrance of the mountain secured and hidden.

The Heads

There are only 6 heads and they are the top of the food chain. They work alongside Ashin Diablos and follow her commands. Those who disobey her orders are executed.

  • Sounds Cool!
  • Interesting
  • Eh…
  • Bad idea

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Hey guys, I tried to start an rp here before, but it didn’t really pan out. Now since I’m trying to be more active here and there are more RPers here now, I figured I would see if anybody was interested in a couple rps I suggested, but never made, forever ago on the episode forums.


100 years ago in the year 2025, war happened. A global war where everyone had everything to lose. Yet people would act as if they had nothing to lose. It was a free for all, and everyone was fighting dirty. Nobody knows exactly what caused the most destruction, but biowarfare is what most people consider was the final straw. Most of the human species was wiped out. By 2026, countries were reduced to just a few cities, and by 2027 many of the remaining cities in the world created the Childbirth Act. The Childbirth Act requires that as an individual reaches adulthood, at the age of 20, they are assigned to a partner of the opposite sex and brought to a holding facility within the city. Basically living in dorms with their gender for the first year, the individuals have their chance to pick a different partner. From then on the male and female live in a dorm style room together, with the task of assisting with repopulation efforts. They remain at least until the age of 26, or until two children are produced. (Exceptions include if there are not at least 2 children by the age of 29, and medical reasons) Afterwards, the parents of the children are not required to remain together, but are encouraged to remain as a, hopefully still expanding, family. There’s only one way to avoid this fate, and that’s to be considered a defective. If you are considered to be defective, and it is not wanted for your traits to pass on to the next generation. Instead of going to the holding facility with the other 20 year olds, you are cast out as one of the Defectives. Out of the city, expected to have a high chance of dying out there on your own. Most who are cast out, die due to the inability to survive out there with nothing, but some survive.

For this rp the characters would be the defectives who have been cast out of a city. Each character’s own goals may differ, but overall, their goal is to live, not even having to worry about the strict rules in many cities. Some may strive to find the supposed, City of the Outcast, and others, find their way to one of the few cities in the world without the Childbirth act, that doesn’t get rid of the Defectives. Although if enough people would like to, city residents will be allowed as characters as well, but the more interesting things will be for the Defectives.

Examples of Defectives/Outcasts
  • Health issues
  • Mental issues
  • Inability to reproduce
  • Too much of a troublemaker (criminal/other undesirable qualities of the type)
  • Special reason* (if you really wanna know, pm me to ask cause I don’t want everyone to know right away.)
    This is not an exclusive list. Just a few examples.

If you want to help make/run the rp, feel free to pm me.

  • I’m interested!
  • I’m maybe interested
  • I’m not interested.

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Fated Souls

In Ancient Greece, there was a group of friends. They did everything together, as close of friends as could be. Even their differing personalities, the friends were always strongest together, especially with the couples paired together. After the sudden death of the guy who brought the group together, the rest of them, the couples, made a blood pact. They went to an altar dedicated to multiple of the ancient gods and vowed that nothing would separate them, not time, and not even death. Soon after, a storm came and each of them died.

Years later, during the renaissance, a group of people came together. They may have had different backgrounds, but their souls were the same as they were in Greece. The couples were drawn together and the group became friends. After some time, one of the girls died in childbirth, and shortly after the rest fell ill and died, devastated over the death.

Once again, the souls were reborn. This time early in America’s history. The friends came together, and the soulmates were drawn together falling in love. The group fought and died together in the revolutionary war.

Then soulmates, and friends, came together once more. Destined to be together, their time was unfortunately cut extra short. They each began to meet each other during World War II, some of them were medics, some soldiers, and one was a local to a town where the troops were stationed. They all died before the war reached it’s end.

Reincarnated to live yet another life, during college in the year 2020, how long will this group remain. Will they break the cycle and live long lives together, or will they die young together once again. Despite their completely different backgrounds and lives, they will be drawn together, but what is in store for this reincarnation only time will tell.

When you sign up for a character, I will take all of their information to determine who their soulmates are. I will ask about their new reincarnation mainly, but I will ask a little about their previous reincarnations as well. I won’t tell you all who each of the soulmate pairs are, but I may tell a select few who their character’s soulmate is ahead of time. And even though I say they have been a group of friends, it doesn’t mean they all always get along each reincarnation.

If you want to help make/run the rp, feel free to pm me.

  • I am interested!
  • I am maybe interested
  • I am not interested.

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