New user are welcome to join call of duty on mobile

New user are welcome to join my clan on call of duty on mobile. My invite is below.

They are doing a zombie attack right now here a picture of the hard level

There battle pass and I just made it to level 50 like last night.

There are only level 150 in call of duty on mobile. My group is open for you to voice chat with friends.

Make sure you practice hard.
If you want to know what weapons to use in game, comment below.

Are you zombie ready for Halloween. Call of duty on mobile is in a zombie mode now

I do have a video of me playing call of duty on mobile in quiet :zipper_mouth_face: mode.

Let me know if you want to see it.

Talk about the car and wallpaper in game

I did make a TikTok for gaming but if you want to check it out. Let me know.

There are weapons you can get from the battle pass.

If you wacky a zombie below.

Come and join my clan team

If you check on my Instagram, I post the game on my phone I play.

Well I was watching the call of duty championship play off and what the heck did I just watch.

Well, I just got turned in to a zombie.
Unlock this character in game.

If you are in North America championship playoffs begin this weekend.

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Wow, I may watch it.

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Nice :+1:t2:

One of the best car.

It takes teamwork and trying to find the car. I do have a book on tip and trick on Wattpad. So if you are starting call of duty on mobile. Sight reading the game help too.

Also I did a tiktok for games and I do post it on Instagram too.

Dang I’m love it :blush: and got first again on battle royal.