Nintendo DS discussion

This is a throwback I had the DSi and my friend had the DS lite, hers was pink and mine was matte black. I took alot of photos on it. My favourite game was probably super princess peach or imagine family doctor :joy: I also had Spyro the eternal night. I had some tinkerbell games too, since my R button broke the way I play is slightly hindered on some of them lol.


The corners dig into my hands and I hate it :slight_smile:


How were you holding it? :joy:


With his hands? (raised eyebrow)


You see there’s the issue you gotta hold it with your feet :wink:


AH YES I had this DS. I had the tinkerbell games too! And the Lego Harry Potter ones. I think my favourite one was the Super Mario Bros one!


Added games tag :rose::two_hearts:

I used to spend hours playing the DS! And my mom told me that she had to take it away sometimes because I kept recording weird songs on it :joy::rose::two_hearts:

My favorite game was Tinker Bell :eyes::heart::rose::two_hearts:

I still have it (it’s in the closet, lol) but I lost the charger :pensive::rose::two_hearts:

Omg I throw my DS away because it wasn’t working anymore, I miss it soo much.

I had the DS lite and loved playing with it. Me and my Mum each had a white one and my Dad had a black one. I got different skins for it to make mine different from my Mum’s and eventually I even got one of those plastic cases to protect it if I drop it (which happened a lot :joy:)
The L button of mine is broken because I played Mario Kart all the time with my parents and got a bit…aggressive :sweat_smile: But whenever I want to play now, I use my father’s DS because it still works just fine and it’s black :smile_cat:

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Somehow my 2009 Nintendo DSI is still working and let me tell you, it’s some nostalgic stuff. :clown_face:

I still have my old DSi that I got for my birthday when I was like 5 or 6. It has a protective case on it to protect it because I dropped it a lot, but other than some minor scratches it still is in great condition. Then I got a 3ds xl when I was 10. I’ve always been one to take good care of my stuff, so both are in excellent condition still. I have a lot of games for them too.

SAMEEE! I had the blue one and that was the first expensive item I bought with my own money. My sister got a pink one and our family friends got a white one (they shared).


I always played with Yoshi :laughing: He was fast but got easily bumped away :joy:


Ahhh, yesss

I wish I had one of those…