Nonbinary pronouns in writing

Non-binary pronouns are essentially any pronoun that isn’t he/him or she/her. Have you ever encountered non-binary pronouns in writing? If you’re a writer, have you ever used them in your own writing?


Some of my Rp characters use they/them as well as neopronouns like xe/xem, ze/zim, ae/aem


I’ve had a few non-binary RP characters, so yeah, I’ve used non-binary pronouns


One time I’ve written a short story without using any gender pronouns at all. That was very interesting. I’ve had non-binary characters in other stories and read quite a few stories including non-binary pronouns. Most of the time I enjoyed it, but sometimes I feel like people add a non-binary character without research which sucks cause it leads to stereotypical and wrong portrayal…


Yes, I have. I want to be respectful of my characters.

Yes and I try to use them in my own writing as well! I recently read Legendborn which included a non-binary character so the author used they/them and I myself have used nonbinary pronouns in my own writing

My friend’s kid identifies as nonbinary and they haven’t told me what pronouns they prefer just yet. But, as I was researching pronunciations (I was totally pronouncing xe/xem incorrectly in my head), I finally came across the variation I want to use for my nonbinary shifter character in a story I’ll be working on in the future! My feline shifter will use the ve/ver/veir/vers/veirself variation.

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So, I just spent four hours reading the first season (and the start of the second season) of a comic called Fluidum on webtoon: Fluidum | WEBTOON

It portrays characters with different levels of dysphoria and different points of view and feelings regarding specific genders, along with nonbinary difficulties. It’s a scifi setting, but a terrific read so far. Just wanted to share it.

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