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1x1/Small Group RP- Oblivion

It’s Winter break. And at the local college, various students return home for the holidays. In fact, there were many who left early do to a winter storm that had been forecast weeks before. It had been called ‘record-breaking,’ ‘Inclement’ and having extreme conditions.’ Practically any word you could think of to exaggerate such a thing was used. While bad weather was realatively common, this storm was told to be far worse than anyone had seen.

However, for whatever reason, there were those who remained behind. Staying in their dorms or college appartments.

As soon as the storm hits, they quickly realized that they are not only trapped in by several feet of snow. But that they may be the some of the only survivors of this natural disaster.

This RP will be for Quick Start. Which will require most basic character information. And other things (personality and backstory) may be required at a later time.)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask below and tag me.

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@Meekepeek (if you’re interested)


Did anyone tell you that they’re interested in this?


Yes, they did.

I did a poll on the New Ideas 2.0 Thread, and there were four who voted as being interested (‘yes’) on that poll. Though I haven’t gotten any responses on here.

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Yes, I saw that. I only asked 'cause no one had replied to you, so I was checking if they PM’d you something.

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Oh, okay.

Other than the New Ideas 2.0 Thread, I haven’t had any contact with anyone regarding this RP.

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Okay, well, if you still wanna do this but don’t get the interest after a wee while longer, then I’m happy to talk about doing a 1x1 with you (for this) or something!

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Okay then, thank you!

Would you be open to a small group RP as well? If it came to that amount of interest?

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(wink) Can’t let your idea die.

Yeah, sure. I’m open to it.

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@CerealKiller were you interested in this?

Not really lol

@CrazyCaliope since nobody else has expressed interest in joining this RP, do you want to go ahead and get the 1x1 started/planning for it started? (Which there isn’t much of. Just clearing up any details/questions or anything.)

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CRAP! I saw this and was too preoccupied to replied at the moment. Yes, I do wanna do this, if you still want to. Shall we discuss in PM or here?

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We can talk about it here, since this thread is already up.

Do you have any questions or anything I need to clear up?

Okay, so college kids staying at school during winter break and get stuck there during an apocalyptic storm. Is that right?

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Yes, that’s correct.

Though characters who get caught at the college in the storm don’t fully have to be students. They could be visitors, travelers who stopped in for the moment for a tour, maybe people who live in the town but are going there or driving by for whatever reason, etc, whatever is reasonable/makes enough sense outside of a college student.

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Oh, righto. So how many characters do you want to create each?

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At least two would be nice. In small group/1×1 roleplays like this I tend to create many NPCs that our characters intetact with. So we don’t have to make too many characters.

But at any moment that makes legitimate sense, we can bring in new characters. I’d just like to start off with two.

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Cool, cool. Yeah, I was only wondering how many you wanted us to start off with in this. (wink) Two to start sounds great.
Before I start thinking, do you have any preference to the character ages or relationships between the starting characters?

No relationships specifically. Maybe some who are friends, or siblings? As far as romantic, I’d

As far as ages, I’d ask for 17 to be the youngest. But maybe 19-24 would be a good range for the majority of characters.