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Wasn’t sure what to title this, so there’s the title I went with.

So most people know that before Episode took away all our roleplays (haha that was a fun time)… they took away all our roleplays from the OLD website. Technically, there’s no way you can access that website anymore.


(this may be a really stupid thing but it got me very excited and weirdly nostalgic)

I found a website called the ‘Wayback Machine’, and instantly I wanted to type in the Episode forums link, as they used it for both the Old and New Episode forums. Then, you can go to any date to look at what the website looked like at that certain day (I’m really bad at explaining things, this sounds so stupid). It is quite limited what they have saved, but even looking at the old layout and old usernames made me nostalgic.

Quick disclaimer: You can’t get old roleplays back. For the ones that show up, it only shows the first page of it.

Example of what it shows

also, I made my account in 2016 ?!?!? did not know that. I also completely forgot that I made an Incredibles roleplay, so that was fun to look back on haha

So I don’t know who exactly will be making use of this, but I thought I would share it anyway because it certainly made me excited.

You can also use it for literally any other website (YouTube’s a pretty cool one to use), or even the New Episode forums to see all those roleplays.

Here’s the link to see the different dates of saved pages (some- if not most- are unformatted, but you can still see roleplay titles, usernames, and read some of the roleplays!)

This is the link to the website if you want to use it for anything else.

Okay well that was a fun little trip down memory lane I went on. Once again, I have absolutely no idea if this is going to be interesting to anyone… but here it is in case someone was wanting to see what the old Episode forums looked like haha.

okay cool bye guys



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The amount of times I said ‘No way’ was ridiculous

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Lmao I remember those days and how much smaller the Roleplay community was :rofl:

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youre fricken chitting

I’m trying to find the posts I made there :joy:

Omg why have I not seen this thread before :sob:
This was such nostalgia like asldjkhgjsh