Online dress-up games

What do you guys think about online dress-up games?
I’m kind of obsessed with Covet, and I play daily, although it took me a long time to get into it at first because I didn’t know how to play it.

I used to play Campus Life back when you could recruit models and enter them into competitions, and a similar game called Runway Life that didn’t really take off the way it could have.


I think they are great, especially if you’re looking for a certain “vision” to imagine your character in while framing a story.

If you are a LoTR or a GoT fan, you should check out Doll Divine or Azaleasdolls. They have a lot of dress up games there.

Oh my god, I LOVED dress up games when I was little. They usually didn’t have a main goal, you’d just throw on an outfit and go ‘Okay, what else can I mix and match?’

I’ve tried to play Covet multiple times, but lost interest… multiple times :joy:

One thing that I’ve noticed is that they’re always female models in them. Guys could be interested in them too and might want to dress someone that resembles them. And that’s on stereotype based sexism :relieved:

The only online dress-up games I used to play out of curiosity and boredom was those on friv and and on app store…
It was never really my thing but yes :joy: ngl I did kind of enjoyed dressing up random characters until I just got bored of it on a whole and stopped play them.

Lmao all the episode portal is to me is an online dress up game

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