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Heyy there! So in this thread you can request outfit ideas for your story, (both ink and LL) If you ever need help with outfits, reply here the theme of the outfit you want and style, cause i love creating random outfits yk, i’ll be happy to help


ok, lemme give you an extra hard one

Can you pls create a qing dynasty outfit (qibao) but without using the qibao outfits?

Ink please!

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Something like this?

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But not using the qibai outfits please.

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Yea i know, but what else can i use apart from these?

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I understand.

Thanks for the help!

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No problem :+1:

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Hmm I need a 1940’s flirty look for like a club or something in limelight. Female to be more percise. Also, I need another suggestion for ww2 uniform for male soldiers. I really don’t want to use the modern day fatigues to be honest.

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Bump cause this is a good place to get help with stuff!

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Added shop tag :white_heart:



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Are you still taking requests? :smiley_cat:

Yes, always!

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:rocket: :dizzy:
What’s a good outfit for space travel? (Male, INK)

Ooooh… I like the idea of this thread, however, I’m not writing stories or creating characters on Episode. Although I was wondering if it’d be okay if I suggested ideas for you to create just for the fun of it. Would that be okay?

Added #outfits tag !

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