Overlay Needed!

I need a wheelchair overlay that looks kinda like this:

But the chair part and feet part visible to where I can make the character sit in it

I tried finding one on a free stock photo site but couldn’t- oof. They all had people sitting in them. But you could probably get the character to sit in it. You just make the chair a layer above the character and then just kinda position the character so the character doesn’t look weird lmao. If you haven’t tried that already I would advise you to do that…

Wait I found one! I found it on Episode life so you’re gonna have to give credit to the creator but…

Also it doesn’t look exactly like that wheelchair but this is all I could find lmao.
When in doubt- double check Episodelife lol
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I tried that one originally. Couldn’t get the character properly sitting in it.

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I mean, you could make one of the arms an overlay so the character fits. Is your story ink or Limelight?

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So I made an overlay for it and after this you can get the character to sit in it fine. The only problem is that the character’s feet don’t touch the thing intended for the feet but honestly that’s only a minor set back.


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