Phobias! 😱

Everyone of us has our own phobias, right?

Don’t you dare deny it, I know there is a little fear in you. :smiling_imp:

In my case, I have necrophobia (fear of dead hings, not fear of dying). So when I see historical photos, coffins, or watch historical movies, I will have insomnia that night as I’ll keep imagining the image in my brain. The funny thing it, I did research before writing historical fiction, which I didn’t even get to start writing due to personal reasons. :man_facepalming: yes, it gave me insomnia everythime I did research as well.

The reason cause this phobia of mine to happen is because I’ve heard people seeing souls, and not just one person, multiple. Some even said the souls scared them. It made me scared.

  1. I’m afraid that I’ll see ghosts one day and if that happens…
  2. Since I can’t see them, I don’t know if they are next to me of not.

If you’re asking if I survived history lessons or not, I didn’t. I swear those photos will scare the heck out of me, especially the black and white ones.

Feel free to share your phobias and past experience of facing them!!!


I have a similar phobia as yours, when we celebrate our indipendence day, at school in middle school we watched the most tragic video about WW2, there were images of people getting hanged, concetration camps and how people suffered there and i was almost crying, i got scared for life This fear never went away, i was scared for a whole year and since then i am scared of wars


I am Claustrophobic. It’s not as dramatic as the books and movies show for me but I can’t stand in closed spaces for real long. I can’t be around too many people at once, even out in the open. I’ve had it always I guess?

I also have Herpetophobia (did I spell that right?) I am scared of reptiles (well, mostly snakes and lizards). And not as much of snakes as of lizards. Lizards always scare the living daylights out of me. My most terrifying nightmares so far have all been of lizards and people say it’s such a stupid thing to fear but lizards are so disgusting and weird, like ugh. It scares the shit outta me.


I have Haemophobia – the irrational and extreme fear of blood. This is why I kind of don’t like Vampires and other fictional things that associate themselves with blood…


I have trypophobia.
When I see a hole, imma leave.


I’m scared of death (I have death anxiety, aka thanatophobia) and a bad fear of heights.


I have really, really bad claustrophobia


to be honest… i’m scared of most things. i tend to always think about what bad could happen with any situations. i guess it’s my anxiety.

main things? social situations that could go wrong, spiders, bridges, confined spaces, too much heat, rejection is a huge mental one… that’s all i can think of for now, but like i said, i generally have a fear of most things.


I’m pretty afraid of heights. I do try to challenge myself with this a lot because I love hiking and mountains, but sometimes I get too scared near the edge of a cliff. Usually, it’s more about like people being around and either them falling or pushing me? Or I’m afraid of just slipping since i am sometimes unsure of my footing?

I don’t think I could ever climb mountains with like climbing gear.

Weirdly, I did skydive once but I was 22 and reckless and it was free (like not sketchy free, just free because I helped plan the event so they comped me and the other planners) so I did it! I was super scared though. And recently I went parasailing and that was cool. I wasn’t as scared of that because I watched a lot of people do it right before me.

I’m also ok with high buildings. I lived on the 30th floor with one wall of windows and I was totally fine.

So I think my fear is more about the edge of a cliff than a height itself?

@chococarmela how does your fear of heights manifest?


On bridges (I use photography to overcome this one), zip-lines, certain rides, highways without railings, and certain cliffs


I have major archnephobia, nyctophobia, and thalassophobia.

I can’t stand the sight of spiders. If I see one I just freeze for a bit then flip out if it is near me. I use to wear footie suits to bed when I was a child because I afraid of getting bitten by brown recluses. I will go into a panic attack if I can’t get away from the spider. It doesn’t help if someone is with me because they tend to think the phobia is ridiculous to have. I have gotten past some of the phobia now I’m older but I still panic if it’s a big spider or poisonous spider. i can’t even look at a picture of a spider without flinching multiple times.

I have a extreme case of fear of the dark. I have to have a light on or I will panic. I have to keep my phone on bright or the flashlight on if I’m walking through a dark hallway. I can’t stay at places I don’t really know without getting episodes from the fear and nightmares from it too. I have major nightmares when I stay at hotels. I still have episodes even in my own house when I watch something that aims to make you scared of the dark or ghosts but it has to be something like the movies Lights Out or The Ring.

I also fear the ocean. I can’t go into water if I can’t see my feet. Definitely can’t do ocean water where I can’t touch the ground. This fear has been with me since I was young. I think it stems from the incident where my fingertip got cut off from a boat ladder and I was in deep water when it happened. My finger was put back together; just putting that out there. I even had a hard time with deep pools. I think not being a good above water swimming was part of it but I can swim underwater fine. It also ranges from not being able to see without glasses and contacts in the water. I can’t even make myself surf when I go to the beach or swim to far out. It’s just that bad; I think it’s my worst fear out of the three that I suffer from.


Well if you believe in ghosts and you know you are afraid of them and don’t want to see them, trust me you won’t. That’s one of the reasons people don’t see ghosts.

I have Emetophobia (fear of getting the stomach virus/throwing up) I have constant- I mean, CONSTANT anxiety over it, I hate not having control over my body. Once I start to feel even slightly nauseous (sometimes that’s even me being hungry… slight heartburn) I get so much anxiety and will start tapping on things (my way of having control over what’s happening).

I even have trouble seeing the word vomit, or words like that. First I see the word, get a little anxious, then start to think about the symptoms, think I have the symptoms, then end up either freaking out or eating something. When I can’t eat or I’m not relaxed, like if I’m in a classroom, I put my hand over my mouth and violently tap my finger on something.

I don’t have it REALLY bad, it’s gotten a little better over the years, but it is a pain. I don’t go on rides, planes, boats, I can’t see someone vomit, I can’t talk about people vommitting (aside from this), it’s hard to see someone on TV puke.

It sounds funny but it is a really really big fear of mine.


I also have emetophobia. I absolutely CANNOT see someone puke, or say any details about throwing up. I mean, if someone says they threw up without sharing any details, that’s okay… but PLEASE do NOT tell me what they ate or anything else about it because it makes me very uncomfortable. Also, whenever I’ve had to throw up, (because of a stomach virus or something-- I’ve never voluntarily thrown up) I always close my eyes and flush the toilet quickly as to not see it. Puke scenes ruin movies for me, as well. I got seriously grossed out seeing a puke scene in She-Devil, and also Parental Guidance. If I sense that there’s a scene like that coming on, I close my eyes until it’s over, but those two just totally caught me off guard.


I’m afraid of being shot… :fearful:


Oh- lol i can see them

and feel them


I have trypophobia, the fear of holes


Claustrophobia, the fear of small spaces


Trypanophobia, the fear of needles


Thanatophobia, fear of death


Lmao, I guess you’re one of the gifted ones.


Ooooh bridges used to be a big fear on mine. I still don’t like to be the one doing the driving over really big ones, but I’m ok on a train, walking, biking, or riding as a passenger now.

That’s awesome that you’ve overcome it with photography!

And yes, highways without railings freak me out and there a lot of them here in France and it’s scary! Especially in the snow!!


I understand your fear of needles! I can’t stand needles either. I have to look away each time or I get sick to my stomach about it. I use to jump in fear when I needle was coming near me as a child and it took me having to held down or distracted to have shots pf any kind. Or blood drawn and iv’s put in place. Still freak out a bit now but I have trained myself to deal with the needle now. I have to make myself look at it before and after in order to stay calm.


There was a highway without a railing in Canada and it was so freaking scary!!