Please help me, Passie, Rainbow, TL and all other forumers who have a story out on Dorian with something Dorian related! (It will only take a minute) 🥺💚

Quack :duck:
There’s some kind of popularity contest going on rn and the winner will get a prize (although my short attention span made me forget what it is- well, I like surprises, so it’s fine🤩)
To win it an author has to receive the most comments with a :love_letter: emoji on their stories :eyes:

So I’d really appreciate if you could go to the Dorian app and leave some comments with the emoji on some of our stories :pleading_face::green_heart:

Here’s a step by step guide in case you’re confused :eyes:

Step 1: Download Dorian

This one should be quite obvious. Use this link if you want to receive bonus coins when you install it.

Step 2: Find our stories

Just use the search button at the top and type in our author names (mine is Ducky)

Just tap on the story once you find it.

Step 3: Leave a comment

Open the comments section by tapping on the comments button.

Then tap on the bar that says “enter your comment” and start typing! Make sure that you’re writing it on the story comments tab (the left one)! :eyes::green_heart:

And most importantly:

Don’t forget to include the :love_letter: emoji!

Thanks for your help and feel free to advertise here if you have a story on Dorian! :pleading_face::green_heart:

Tagging the @Utensils so they’ll hopefully spam Passie with comments , because she deserves more appreciation :pleading_face::green_heart:
(Not sure where to put this, so feel free to move it!)



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Thank you! :pleading_face::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:

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It’s actually such a cute thing to see these comments on our stories, so I don’t even care what the prize is :pleading_face:

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ples no mek me cry…


Why can’t I be a lazy duck? :pleading_face:

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Who said that you can’t be a lazy duck? :pleading_face::duck:

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I dun wanna do workkk

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