Poetry Competition: Animals

It’s time for the fourth poetry competition. It’s a 2-week contest starting in the other week than the Art competition but the days will be the same.
You have until 2020-03-05T23:00:00Z to enter and then we will have a poll open for 1 day only where people can vote on! I’ve learned that keeping it open much longer doesn’t bring in many more votes.

The theme for this competition is animals (decide by @Hanna1). Have fun and keep it at a maximum of 12 lines :purple_heart:

If you win you will get a post on Instagram and no, I still have to get on top of the badge but it will happen!



how do we enter?

Sorry for posting so late :see_no_evil:

My entry

They say be a fighter
be wild like a tiger.
Never be scared of a howl,
and be wise like an owl.
Go and have a breakthrough,
but don’t walk like a kangaroo.
One day you’ll have to wear a veil.
But please don’t look like a whale!
What’s with all that expectations?
Don’t give in to manipulation!
Look at me, I’ll be a duck
and I won’t give a fuck.

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One of my first ever English poems :smiley_cat::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:
(It’s awful, I know :eyes::eyes::eyes::green_heart::no_mouth:)

Do you want to be a duck?
Well, you’ll really need much luck.
Learn to swim and learn to fly,
Then your survival chances will be high.
So have fun, learn fast and good luck,
You’ll need it if you want to be a duck. :eyes::sparkles::green_heart::duck:

Is this even still open? 👀

Unicorns are red
Dogs are blue
Animals are cool
And so are you :blush:


Umm if this is open: (umm keep in mind this poem may be sensitive to some people and it’s slightly creepy :eyes:)

Forget Me Not

I’m afraid to pet my cat

My cat has prickly thorns

I know I shouldn’t touch it

I let my fingers bleed

I’m inside or outside the cage

My cat stands outside

It is waiting to be seen

I think I’ll wait for it to shrink

But maybe it is waiting for me to shink further

For it knows that to forget is in my nature

I hope it will forgive me for forgetting its name

It is rose

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Bump? :pleading_face:

You have until 2020-03-14T11:00:00Z to join! I’m deciding to give it another week this time!


6 minutes, any last minute entries? :eyes:

@Announcements please vote :pleading_face:


Oof tag me next time for this?

Congratulations @RainbowCat, I’ve never officially announced you as winner. Do you have any suggestion for the theme for the next competition?


Yay :partying_face:

What about “universe” as a theme? :thinking:


Ohhh, I like that, the new thread will be up shortly! Also, do you allow me to post our poem on the insta?


Sure :see_no_evil:

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Competition is over :eyes::sparkles::green_heart: