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• you have to create at least one poll for each poll type (single choice, multiple choice and number rating)

• your polls have to be related to the contest’s theme

• don’t copy/steal other people’s polls/ideas

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• commenting is allowed, but please keep spam to a minimum to make it easier for people to see the polls

• try to keep all your polls in one post, so the thread will be easier to navigate

• you have to create at least 4 polls, but you can create as many more as you want

• the winner will get a badge and can pick the next theme

• you have 5 days to join and one day to vote for your favourite polls, you can vote for your own polls if you want

• if you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me to clarify anything

This contest’s theme is


(Picked by the eyemazing winner of last week’s contest, @Peppermints) :eyes::sparkles:

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:sparkles: Poll 1:sparkles:

Which of these words do you like from the acronym 'ADVENTURE?

  • A - Ambitious
  • D - Dauntless
  • V - Valiant
  • E - Enterprising
  • N - Nefelibata
  • T - Trotter
  • U - Unafraid
  • R - Reckless
  • E - Energetic

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:sparkles: Poll 2 :sparkles:

On a level of 0-100, how adventurous are you?

  • 0
  • 10
  • 20
  • 30
  • 40
  • 50
  • 60
  • 70
  • 80
  • 90
  • 100

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:sparkles: Poll 3 :sparkles:

Out of these five adventures, which excites you the most?

  • Going to Egypt in search of an evil, ancient emperor who is mummified in a sarcophagus.
  • Travelling outer space to discover potentially hospitable planets like Earth.
  • Climbing the hazardous heights of Mount Everest in Kathmandu, the tallest mountain on our planet.
  • Journeying to the deepest point of the Earth, known as Challenger Deep.
  • Frisking through the lush green and mysterious rainforests of Amazon.

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:sparkles: Poll 4 :sparkles:

Would you allow yourself to step out of the house and go for an adventure even during the time of COVID (with necessary precautions, of course)?

  • Yes! No one can stop my adventurous soul.
  • Hmm, I would probably give a thought to it.
  • No. I fear for mine and others’ safety.
  • I don’t know what to say…

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:sparkles: Poll 5 :sparkles:

Would you prefer an adventurous significant other to have as a partner in your life?

  • Of course! He/She/They should be adventurous enough to match my spirits.
  • Well, I guess? A little adventure won’t hurt us, I mean…
  • Can’t say. I am on the sidelines.
  • No! I prefer grounded people.
  • Jokes on you, I don’t want a/have a partner :star_struck:

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:sparkles: Poll 6 :sparkles:

Do you like going on adventures alone or with other people?

  • I like going on an adventure alone. I prefer being my own team :sunglasses:
  • Welp, I guess having a few people on board won’t hurt… :eyes:
  • I prefer going on adventures with a lot of people! The more the merrier! :star_struck:
  • Bold of you to assume I even adventure :roll_eyes:

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:sparkles: Poll 7 :sparkles:

Which of these continents would you like to go to for an awesome adventure?

  • Africa :earth_africa:
  • Antarctica :antarctica:
  • Asia :earth_asia:
  • Australia :australia:
  • Europe :european_castle:
  • North America :earth_americas:
  • South America :brazil:

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Sorry, it was late already :pleading_face::broken_heart:


Your Great Adventure

Its the beginning of your first adventure! And as we all know, every adventurer needs a little pet!
  • Fox
  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Owl
  • Toad
  • Mouse/Rat/Possum
  • Other

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Now that thats been decided, youre going to need a weapon - to be more specific, youll need two weapons.
  • Axe
  • Sword
  • Knives
  • Club
  • Shield
  • Bow + Arrow
  • Pike
  • Num-chuks
  • Staff
  • War Hammer

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Youre almost ready, all thats left is how many members will be in your party.
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10

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One final thing, where are you going?
  • A small mountain village in the South with pillager problems
  • A bustling city in the North at war with giants
  • A (supposedly) uninhabited island in the West
  • A fishing village to the East who’s aquatic life has mysteriously been missing

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image image image HELLO HUMANS!!
Welcome to an Adventure with Tanaka!


:herb::butterfly::blush:First Question :blush::butterfly::herb:

Define Adventure!
  • an unusual and exciting or daring experience.
  • to sleep in bed all day.
  • to eat a lot of food while procrastinating on whether to go on an adventure or not
  • a rad experience

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:herb::butterfly::blush:Second question :blush::butterfly::herb:

Choose an adventure trip youd most likely to go on out of these pictures.
  • image
  • image
  • image
  • image
  • image

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:herb::butterfly::blush: Third question :blush::butterfly::herb:

Which of these would you most likely NOT go on?
  • image
  • image
  • image
  • image
  • image
  • All of the above because, what the h*ll! :exploding_head::exploding_head:

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:herb::butterfly::blush: Fourth question :blush::butterfly::herb:

On a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest and 1 being the lowest, how rad are adventures?
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

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:herb::butterfly::blush: Fifth question :blush::butterfly::herb:

If I told you, I want you to come on an adventure trip with me, which of these I have the offer would you choose?
  • Take a hot air balloon over Cappadocia
  • Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Walk along the Great Wall of China
  • See the northern lights in Iceland

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:herb::butterfly::blush: Sixth Question :blush::butterfly::herb:

Which of these would you consider a MASSIVE risky adventure?
  • image
  • image
  • image

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:herb::butterfly::blush: Seventh question :blush::butterfly::herb:

What are the benefits of adventure?
  • Spending time outdoors reduces stress and you gain a sense of accomplishment
  • Nature can rejuvenate your soul
  • gives you helth :blush::mechanical_arm:
  • Build new friendships
  • The outdoors can make you smarter

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imageimageimage Thats it from me beauties, I hope you enjoyed your time with me reacting on my polls.
image image image

Are my adventures RAD or RISKY?
  • RAD!! :sunglasses:
  • RISKY SM :exploding_head:
  • Uhh how about both bro~ :eyes::slightly_smiling_face:

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