Poll/Protest: Should Feminine Products be Overpriced

  • Hello, I’m Natalia, a topic queen, and I wanted to address a topic that is sorta bum to me. Let’s begin!

At half of the US is filled with woman, and due to natural causes, woman get their periods. With feminine products invented, women can now use that invention in their life. But the ting is, 1/2 of the women can’t afford feminine products, here’s why: (remember the statement below is in my opinion, state, and beliefs.)

**Around the world, women get their period, and to prevent some situations from happening, women use feminine products. But, most women don’t due to the prices of the invention. In the world, their at least a million people around the world that are homeless, and barley have enough money for food, so how do you expect women to afford feminine products?? Women get creative and make their own products, which in my opinion is pretty stupid. Stores should reduce feminine products prices, like $4 lower, or even more! It’s unfair how half of the women can afford feminine products, when the other half can’t. Everybody should have equal items/opportunities. If the US doesn’t start to be fair, then how will they like to be treated unfair by people around the world?! :thought_balloon:

  • This is a topic that doesn’t mean to be offensive, flagged or etc. I just want to make a point, and statement.

should feminine products be overpriced? Select below!

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I mean, yeah the prices should get reduced, but the products are usually high quality- which is why they cost so much. I think they should be reduced, but we should also consider the quality of the product too.

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It is absolutely, 100% economically possible for feminine hygiene products to not only be reduced, but to actually be 100% F R E E

We know this for a fact due to condoms being completely free, but using rarer materials that cost more to produce than sanitary pads or tampons. Items like femfresh or other such cleaners can be priced, yes, just like other soaps and shampoos, but they are currently massively overpriced. This is currently economically completely possible, the only barriers are social and political.

The absolute worst offender is the female razor market. Women’s razors are usually just as good, if not worse than men’s razors but 1.5x as expensive. For instance, my gilette fusion Pro was barely £9, and Shannii was amazed to see the way it moves to adjust to the face and glide over it easier, when her razor probably cost up to double that and it. Barely works now.

Basically yeah. Capitalism sucks, real bad


I mean, women don’t choose to have their periods, so why overprice them? I think it’s unfair that women have to pay for something they have no control over. :yellow_heart::sparkling_heart::gift_heart:

I don’t have much knowledge on these topics, but I’ve heard some girls can’t even go to school because they can’t afford period products. It’s unfair…they should be free.


Feminine products, much less pads and tampons, should be free. In some places in the world, girls miss school because of their period. Why, in developed countries like the U.S. and U.K., must women who probably know about periods, pay to regulate the flow of their menstruation? It’s almost unfair in a way. These products should be free.

Capitalism sucks.


They really should not be over priced. In my place of education one of the departments has funded free sanitary products to be provided within all the toilets. They’re for everyone and free for those who need them.


No it should be available at cheap rates so that evey girl can use it .But its too expensive.I’m lucky that my periods are light and I go through one packet per month (some women go through three per month). I also use a cup so I don’t really worry about pads any more either.



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I don’t think companies should produce their goods for free, just because of women physiology. So should government pay for it? Why should 100% of population sponsor 40% of the population needs? Men don’t choose to have hair on their face, that they have to shave in order to not look like hobos.
Women products are not overprised. Men and women products of similar applications often have a different ingredients. Why no one is acknowledging it? And some men products are more expensive than women’s.
When I look for a deodorant, I look at the price, at the smell etc. I don’t care if it’s men or women. I purchase men’s razors, that are more expensive, because they are better in performance, I get my more expensive shampoo that smells like strawberries and shit, not the men’s one that smells like a clean toilet. It’s about choice.


So in the US, in some states, it’s absolutely true that tampons and pads are priced too high because they are taxed as “luxury” items, just as they were in the UK until recently (tax rate was lowered from 17.5% to 5% tax). Personally, since they are a necessity like food, I don’t think they should be taxed at all (at the very least) and this is being pushed for all over.

And though this study was pretty small, it shows a clear divide on men and women’s products: https://www1.nyc.gov/assets/dca/downloads/pdf/partners/Study-of-Gender-Pricing-in-NYC.pdf


I started reading but I saw this one numerous times
Makes me laugh every time. Okay so pink one costs 2 times more. Why? Well, apparently pink one is more desired by customers, which suggests that people are more likely to pay a higher price for it. Don’t have money? Buy the red one.

UPD. I wouldn’t even bother discussing difference in clothes pricing, because women’s clothes are more complicated to make. I know it from experience. Same goes for sanitary.

Shampoos and razors are different. Some ingredients, details make the initial cost just a bit higher, but it get higher progressively once it is out of the factory, so it makes sense.

This study is senseless.


I don’t think that’s a fair comparison. Men shaving is an aesthetic choice. Not having sanitary products is a health issue. It can cause a lot of serious health concerns to just have blood everywhere.

Preventing the spread of disease always costs the government a lot less than curing or treating diseases


We shouldn’t have our products overpriced. It should be accessible for us and cheaper, like pads.


I worked in the warehouse section of a shop that sold women’s products mostly, but they had a mens section and the women’s stuff was more expensive at every turn. Just the way people say it is…

And I can assure you, the extra bits of plastic, the different scents and coloured dyes don’t actually add to the price when buying the stuff in! They’re the exact same in bulk, some even come together. It’s the shop that boosted the price of the women’s items.

But you’re right, razors, shampoos and deodorants shouldn’t really be tax free imo either, they are for aesthetic purposes.

Sanitary items though? Should absolutely be tax free. I really don’t like stories about poorer kids needing to use socks and stuff when going to school. Not fun


They use socks? Feminine products should definitely be free. Nobody should have to use a sock in replacement of a pad/tampon.


Yuuuup it’s bad


Not to mention people often forget how serious some periods can be like.

Tampons are barely effective for some people, and they were invented for bullet wounds. Periods are no joke, sanitary items aren’t luxury


Tampons were invented for bullet wounds? Interesting.


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I think they need to be reduced, feminine hygiene products are not something that we want to have but need to have. We can’t help it that our reproductive system wants to do some weird sh*t. Feminine hygiene companys put so much unnecessary stuff into the products and nobody is talking about that. They put a few chemicals in there but the majority of it is cotton. Cotton. It’s so cheap, so why is the price rising up?