Polyamory/Open relationships Discussion

So we all know the typical monogamy relationship where it only includes two people in a relationship, but what about the people who have open relationships, or relationships that include more than two?

Do you think it’s right for people to be in these type of relationships? Would you ever be in an open relationship or a poly-amorous one? Why or why not?

Or here’s a fun one, if you’re bisexual/pan or your sexual orientation includes multiple genders, have you ever thought of dating each side at once to try or ever thought of trying?



communication is key, as long as you communicate with your partner I have no reason to stop you

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I would never be in a romantic relationship. It’s just not my thing :ok_hand:
However, for hypothetical’s sake –

No. Relationship is based on mutual trust, care and commitment. When people come into an open relationship, they break their promises to their partners.

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I think people who make it balanced and work out well deserve to do what they want. But personally, I could never because when you think about it, there will always be the two who are more close or more intimate and well… even I would feel off. So I stick to just one person when it comes to dating.

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I’m not judging that, I know a lot of people that like that and as long as they are happy that’s all that matters!

I would personally never be in an open relationship! I can be incredibly jealous so being in that relationship wouldn’t be healthy for me

I don’t personally see any problem with open relationships I just don’t think I’d be in one and call it a relationship. But that’s just me. I’ve known people in an open relationship and I’ve seen that they can work quite well as long as there is good communication just like with any relationship

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Yes, but only if all the people involved agree to this. If they’re cheating then :slightly_smiling_face::fire::hocho:

Not really…

I dunno… It’s just not my thing, I guess.

Ooh, nice thought, but me is hetero

Umm honestly do whatever floats your boat as long as everything’s consensual

Nope, no thank you, not my cup of tea. I just couldn’t be with multiple people at once .


I have no problem to admit I’m too jealous (mainly based on insecurities) to ever be in an polyamorious or open relationship. But that I personally couldn’t deal with it doesn’t mean that I think it’s wrong. As long as it’s something everyone involved wants and there is proper communication, I don’t see why it would be an issue.

Definitely not my thing, so that’s a no from me.

No, I wouldn’t ever. I don’t care if anyone else is in one, but I personally prefer poly relashonships that everyone loves each other and not everyone just loving one person in the relationship.

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I’m way too monogamous for that lol
But you do you

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I’m actually in an open relationship rn :star_struck: it takes a lottttttttt of trust for it to work, and also really good communication. I know there is a lot of room for jealousy, and sometimes I’ve felt really strong pangs of intense jealousy, but then I realise he doesn’t have any feelings for them, and the jealousy goes away. So yeah; it’s not everyone’s cup of tea


I would never judge someone else for having an open relationship. Not my life, so not my choice. I can understand why some people would want an open relationship — sometimes I’ve thought of considering one myself, but I don’t pursuit one because my preference to be independent always wins. Maybe one day I’ll try it out before I die cuz it seems like something new I’d like to try.

What relationship people want to have is not your place to sit and judge. When someone thinks it’s wrong, it’s just because it’s not their cup of tea. But just because you see it as wrong doesn’t mean it is because it is still consensual — so the relationship is still valid

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It’s really not my business what other people do in their bedroom but as long as both participant agree to have an open relationship then it’s ok if not then it’s cheating.

Maybe who knows what will happen in the nearest future?