Positive music 🎶

Okay, this is a place where we can send positive music, either because the lyrics or vibe of the music is really positive, or the story behind the song or artist is really positive.

I wanna start with sharing this song

A 12 year old boy who just has is own style and the lyrics are also so positive. I feel like kids like that, unique and who really do something else deserve way more appreciation.


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puts this thread on tracking :eyes:


A music addict in one song.

Yass! Read through all unreads! :partying_face::tada::white_heart:

Positive music indeed. :yum::white_heart:

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Congratulations Tea! :tada::grin::new_moon::dizzy::black_heart:

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Bump :purple_heart:

Well I thought about one song, but it’s goes like ‘Don’t tell me goodbye’ or something so probably not :confused:

Priceless. This is also a movie. If you have the chance to watch it, you should. It’s really good.

I have so many songs that really helped me.

My favorite song from Chris Tomlin.

This song is for anyone who thinks they’re can’t make it. Whoever has addiction (this includes me) you are an overcomer!! I can’t do it alone, I need God to help me through this struggle.

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Why are all the songs I’m listening to really sad?

i don’t listen to music that’s positive like ever
at best it’s thoroughly neutral