Post your custom emoji ideas/suggestions here ✨

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You heard her, post your custom emojis ideas in this thread please :smiley_cat::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:


Petition for a kool-aid emoji!!!

This will be my new signature (input kool-aid emoji).


Dick Grayson - Wikipedia

When someone is being a… (wait for it)… D-ck!

Sing it with me@!!!
Ohhhhhhh! Sweeeet! BABBBYYYY! RAYYY’S!


A raven please :pray:

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Ay yi yi :joy:

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More coffee and tea emojis!
We need some cappuccino, frappuccino, and different colors of tea besides green.

There should also be more types of cats. Persian cats? Siamese? Tuxedo (B&W) cats?

Animated sunflowers.



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Ducklings :pleading_face::duck:
Moving sparkles? :eyes::sparkles:

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A cat with a rainbow! :rainbow::smile_cat:

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An Easter egg emoji, a brownie emoji and a cup filled with water emoji.

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What about a :raging_fire: gif?

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Coffee, tea, chocolate, caramel, cultural foods, and LGBTQ+ flag emojis

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Black rose, Neffex, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow palette, metalhead, ice lolly (popsicle), glass of juice, pearl milk tea

BLUEBERRIES :eyes::eyes::eyes::green_heart:

A red lightsaber emoji would be so lit or even darth vader’s mask!

I really want a bean emojii and some more pride flag emojis! :smile:

I think we deserve Shrek emoji!

Aro and ace hearts! LGBTQ+ hearts! :partying_face::tada::white_heart:

Hmm… just wondering, @Heads, how we can go about doing some of these suggestions. I figure that like most of the art and things used on here, we have to be careful with copyright and stuff. So… what do you guys think of taking on some of these suggestions and making some of our own? I kinda really want to try doing this for the users but I just wanted to check that it was easy to add them and if we had enough room to do it?

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