Pretty Little Liars: Crescent Bay

Crescent Bay is a very popular tourist destination and is known for their beaches and boardwalks. Crescent Bay is known as one of the friendliest towns in the country, but soon to be the scariest. When resident, Chelsea Brewer is found dead, chaos comes to Crescent Bay’s shores. Soon secrets will be out and relationships will be ruined. In addition, a serial kill is on the loose. Who will live and who else will share Chelsea’s fate?
Note: I will ask in the Sign ups for permission to kill off your character


Please reserve if you want to be one of Chelsea’s five friends. Also, the killer needs to be reserved, but please PM me so nobody knows who you are (otherwise the plot of the RP is spoiled). Reserves are first come, first serve.

Sign Ups



  1. Killer is taken!
  2. Chelsea’s best friend- @Kat
  3. Chelsea’s friend- @Parix
  4. Chelsea’s friend- @Xx_Alyssa_xX
  5. Chelsea’s friend- @AstroPoison
  6. Chelsea’s ex-boyfriend- @Madilnel
  7. Chelsea’s friend and rival friend- @GlitterFist
  8. Chelsea’s rival- @lb15


  1. Please be active!
  2. No ‘perfect’ characters (Mary Sues and Gary Stus)
  3. You can create as many characters as you want
  4. No killing off other characters unless the owner lets you (Will ask your permission in the sign ups)
  5. I know this RP is supposed to be horror/ thriller theme, but please keep the violence and other mature content at a respectable level and use as little details as possible, blur or take it to PM if you want to get serious.
  6. No horrific, mature, bloody, and gory images please (Do not want to make this to visual)
  7. No bad language, if you absolutely have to use it please blur it

@Xx_Alyssa_xX @astxrism @GlitterFist @Parix @duck @BlackBlood @Mouschi @Kat @Madilnel @TL_DR

More information to come in the near future!

Let me know if you have any questions!


OOC: added the #roleplays tag! quick questions, is this the official thread, or the sign ups?


wAsSuP nErDs! Couple quick questions:

  1. Same as what @wanderingechoes said
  2. How many characters do we get?
  3. Do all of Chelsea’s friends need to be female, or can we get a guy in there, too?

These are the signups right?


Is there only one best friend allowed or can there be two? Like a trio type thing.

Im doing up to five. Would you like to reserve one?

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Yes. These are the sign ups

Sign ups!

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  1. Yes these are the sign ups
  2. As many as you want :blush:
  3. No they do not have to be. She can have male friends/boyfriend!
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Yes please!

Is this from the episode forums pll rp? And I’d like to reserve a female as Chelsea’s friend.

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Can I reserve for maybe Chelsea’s ex?

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Reserve a male friend and a female friend!

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alrighty, then I’ve added the #signup tag as well!

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Its kind of a spin off. and yeah go ahead!

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We have reached the max number of people for chelsea’s friends because I was going to do five max, but you can be the last one and your other character can be something else. Maybe friends with her rival (my character) or anything you want. Is that ok?


Signing up now :wink:

Ok! I’ll have the male be the last friend and the female be the Rival’s friend

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How scummy are we allowed to make Chelsea? Asking for my character’s secrets. Both submitted, btw!


What. do you mean by scummy?

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