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Promote Your Episode Stories

This is the place to promote your Episode stories and to find some awesome user stories!


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Why should people read it?:


Title: Daughter of the Blue Dragon
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 4
Description: Lena Okumura, daughter of the Blue Dragon Yakuza boss is being forced into an arrange marriage with a rival gang. Due to a sudden family tragedy, Lena runs away. Can she stay hidden from those looking for her? Will an old love save her?
Author: WolfGamerGirl37
Why should people read it? If your looking for a drama that isn’t sappy and you want to learn about Japanese culture then this is the story to read since I give out facts about Japan during the story. I hate sappy stories so I decided to make my own romance story instead.


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Title: Secrets from Hell
Genre: Action
Description: “Since we were born, we’ve been torn. I’ve lost too much, even myself…”
A cold-blooded killer with an odd family whose members have a lot of secrets to unfold.
Author: WNVT
Why should people read it?: Just like @/WolfGamerGirl37, I got tired of some subjects like the action stories plot’s revolving around romance and/or MC’s life, completely ignoring the family, friends, and becoming a romance action. The family faces the struggles together, relying on each other while dwelling with their own issues. (I am aware mine has some amount of drama too, though :sweat_smile:)


Title: Deadly Nightshade
Genre: Thriller
Description: “The balance of black and white.”
A woman is murdered and her ghost is out for revenge. Ambition, betrayal, revenge and wicked schemes play a deadly game in Clifton. Who’s next?
Author: Faith
Why should people read it?: I wanted more representation of black MCs, and I never really saw evil protagonists. Not ones who discover they’re evil, or are evil for no reason, I wanted a protagonist whose path to darkness made sense and was realistic to some extent. Plus, everyone is evil somehow, so why not write the story through the villain’s POV? And it’s rare to see tragedies on Episode. I wanted something different. I wanted things I liked to write about to be seen, and maybe written more too.

(here’s the link)


Title: Gold Leaf High
Genre: Drama
Description: G.L.H. is a private school for the prestigious and rich. Meet and follow our characters as they take their third year of High School. Love/Family/Friendship/limited CC
Author: MTB
Why should people read it?: I guess my story is unique in a way that there isn’t just one MC but 9 of them. You learn more about them as the story progresses. You may think it’s cliche with the high school setting but I like to think it’s not. And people told me they love the diversity in my story.


Title: Miss Understood
Genre: Adventure
Description: Emilianna has always believed that the world revolves around her… until she starts working with children that are even more spoiled and entitled than she is.
Author: Marianna Escalante
Why should people read it?: It’s a story about personal growth and family. Emilianna and her family members are Lebanese, and they have strong ties to their culture. A lot of it is based on my own experiences as a teacher as well.


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Title: © Tribe of Malapinchi (Original)

Genre: Realistic-Fantasy/Mystery/ Adventure/Thriller/Horror

Description: Tales of the Old Asians warned that WW2 scars still plagued the exotic-cursed tribe in the mythical land within the Pacific Ring of Fire at East South East Asia. The land of Sun, light & black magic, lies and dark secrets. Can you survive, solve the havoc, cleanse and heal, save and free everyone before it’s too late? Or die in vain?

Author: Jannah Jackson

Why should people read it?:

  1. Ever feel like you wish to watch a movie while reading episode?
  2. Craving for very unique and creative ideas, original and complex written plots and a lot of diverse yet realistic characters as well as stories that tackle numerous real life issues in a tactful and respectful manner?
  • The World Wars
  • Human rights and women rights
  • Leadership; People in positions of power; what’s wrong and right with them.
  • Minorities, Slavery, Caste system
  • Disabled people and how to empower them?
  • Social discrimination, prejudice and stereotypes and how to overcome them?
  1. Want an intellectually stimulating and thought provoking story on an Episode platform?
  2. Want to read from multiple point of views that’s just not from your CC MC to gain a broader perspective of the story? Don’t want your CC character to always be the center of attention? Want your CC character to have flaws and make mistakes?
  3. Always reading about white chicks(cause ppl always end up white washing them) in school with all the bad boys, mean girls etc etc and always in a school setting? Sick of it? Sick of these tropes and most of Episode featured stories? Want something different? Really different?
  4. Ever wish to read a story on Asians…mainly ancient Asians, minorities on episode and more precisely Asian stories written by an Asian author as well? Want a story that has parallels to real life and provides life lessons that we can all learn from irregardless of age and background? (Also wished this was on Asian Voices…hhhh maybe one day.)
  5. Do you love nature, animals and the natural environment?
  6. Do you love Avatar: The Last Airbender, Game of Thrones (Danaerys, Lyanna Mormont), Narnia, Asian horror stories…well they say Asians provide the best horror stories. Well, you’re in luck because this story takes inspiration from all of these and based on my own experiences being a Malay Singaporean too!



Title: Magicka: Ethereal
Genre: Fantasy
love interest: only one. not up for discussion.
Art scenes: Yes Optinal to watch
CC: Full.
Choices: yes
Mini-games: YES YES YES!!!
Grammar: amazing thanks to @MissHaze
Description: walking back to college from work you find an unconscious man, while waiting for an ambulance a magic creature hides in your backpack, but other people are looking for that creature too. people who are not human but something more magical. but are you trusting the right people.

link :

cover/ trailer:

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