Promote your story by describing the complete opposite 🤩

As the title says, the describe the complete opposite of your story!


Romance story, two lovers who have an immediate connection fall in love and move in together and live happily ever after. plain cliche, no adventures, no nothing no comedy MARRIAGE :star_struck:


Episode would pay you a million :star_struck::hot_face:


Almost featured story :triumph::triumph::triumph:


A female MC, with 2 brothers, and their mother left them. Witches are treated like normal people. And MC does not do anything suspicious.

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living happily with your happy loving family where no one is dead, in normal ordinary life. well until your brother mysteriously diaspores.


Emilianna only thinks about sex and impressing the bad boy. She smokes like a chimney, doesn’t care about fashion, and has gotten fired from every job she’s worked at since she’s a teenager for physically assaulting the clients. She’s also incredibly intellectual and loves museums, but she’s not family-oriented at all. Her parents send her to become a gang member so she can support them. She falls for Leather Jacket Liam with his 10,000 face tattoos, but she also falls for Brooding Brody, the anti-deodorant stinky bad boy. Oh but there’s also Abusive Axel! Who will she choose?



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So, the exact opposite:

Ellie is a cold-hearted bada$$ who is extremely skilled at cooking. She wants to enroll in a cooking school so she can get revenge on her dad for abandoning the family. She has two disgusting, nasty brothers and a hateful mother. She meets equally cold-hearted mafia bad boy Eduardo at a wedding, where he sings a reggaeton song. They instantly feel attracted to each other, but after a wild night, they part ways. Until Eduardo’s sweet, angelic mother is impressed by Ellie’s cooking skills and invites her to enroll in the cooking school. Eduardo’s sister, Ana Paola, becomes Ellie’s BFF, and Andre, Eduardo’s nemesis, falls in love with Ellie, creating a love triangle.

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Angelina Thornton is a great person. She, Cynthia, and Vincent are all great friends! Clifton is a perfect town with wonderful people. There’s no way that nothing bad could happen here. Right? No secrets, no lies, and no crimes.

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