Promote your story by letting a background character explain the plot!

Okay, I’m going to choose random faculty member from Miss Understood… Miss Helen, the first grade math teacher.

So, basically, this story’s about a spoiled rich girl in her mid-twenties who only cares about spending money and hanging out with her friends. Her parents send her to some small town in Illinois to live with her aunt and uncle, who make her get a job. She gets a job here at this private school, Pine Hills Elementary, and after obtaining her teaching license, they don’t make her an assistant nor a student teacher. No, that brat immediately becomes a third-grade homeroom teacher. The only reason they gave her that job right off the bat is because the previous teacher couldn’t stand those third-grade monsters and left after three weeks. No joke! I didn’t like Miss Blair anyway, so I was glad to see her go, because she refused to obey our great principal and savior, Sharon Hollister. Well, this Emmy chick now has to deal with kids that are ten times brattier than she ever was, but she actually stays because her cousin, one of the few decent kids in that group, is in her class. Awww, how sweeet. (NOT)


This is from Sandra’s nosy, old neighbor, Dina. :wink:

A useless singer, who uses her assets to seduce men, flees to her hometown like a coward. She stirs up trouble for everyone, especially her neighbors, who are annoyed by her nocturnal activities and the constant stalkers around the place. Her countless bad decisions triggers a series of deaths and it’s up to a young, naive rookie policeman to solve the murders.

Well, good luck to them. I just want my peace and quiet.


Don’t read if you do not the topic of a toxic partner and friend

My story is about a toxic boyfriend to spread awareness and this is the POV of a jelous friend who is not understanding of the MC

My best friend is going crazy, she’s completely obsessing over the guy who sits alone at lunch.
She’s always babbling about him I think I see stars in her eyes.
I mean, why?
She’s dating the most popular guy in school.
She’s so ungrateful she’s dating Jade, he was my childhood crush and she ruined my chances with him.
She’s always so down in the dumps when I mention his name.
And always so sad once she gets out of his house.
And I’ve noticed she’s been extra clumsy lately.
She always has such weird bruises each week from falling.
I still honestly don’t know what Jade sees in her but oh well.
Good thing at least, the quiet kid is moving next week so I can stop hearing her constant yapping.

This story doesn’t promote toxic themes


I’ll try this with one of my background characters from Dreams and Nightmares, Rover, the best friend of one of the MCs.

If you’re looking for a cute romance, you’ve found it! My girlfriend and I are couple goals, especially because… oh wait, this story isn’t about me. It’s about my best friend and boss, trying to overcome his past like every good leader. There’s also this girl, I forgot her name, but she exists and that’s all my friend needed to start a great change. Maybe for the better, but maybe for the worse… who knows?

Maybe Rover isn’t the best to describe it, but at least he doesn’t spoiler too much of the story :joy:

I think this thread could be interesting for all the others in @TapasTeam! Promote your stories!

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This will be from the narrator of my story Love Deception - Your Heart will be Mine! (yes, the narrator is a character of the story as well although not revealed just yet who) :wink:

In Taisho High School, Nobura Kaito and Miyazaki Kazane are shipped by every one of their classmates and pretty much the entire school as the power couple due to their status in school. Although from the outside it looks like they are constantly flirting with each other, both of them actually are the children of opposing political factions as well as secret agents in their ranks tasked to get the other to fall in love with him/her in order to use them as a source of intel!

Will Kaito fall to the charms of Kazane, will Miyazaki fall to the charms of Kaito, or will something else entirely happen? As the narrator, I can just tell that something juicy is about to unfold!

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Okay, I’m going to let Vanessa, one of the classmates of the main characters, explain the plot of There’s No Accounting for Taste:

Just because I don’t hang out with other people doesn’t mean I don’t see what’s going on.
Meh. Anyway, the story’s about Ellie, this girl who tries way too hard to make friends and be liked. She gives me secondhand embarrassment every time she info dumps her life story, but whatevs, I guess. Ellie can’t cook, but she likes watching cooking shows. You’d think she would’ve learned something from that, right? So, she’s watching this cooking show with her brothers when she sees her dad on it. Her dad left years ago, so now she wants to get on this cooking show to find him. The next day, her grandma sends her to cater a wedding. That’s where she meets Eduardo, the nephew of the groom who was supposed to sing some Post Malone song (Better Now? I think) at the wedding. Well, his sister and her crush interrupt him and start singing another song, so Eduardo goes to the snack table to eat his sorrows away. He ends up liking some turnovers that Ellie brought to the wedding, and goes to get his grandma to try them. Ellie takes the credit for the turnovers, and as it turns out, Eduardo’s grandma is the principal of a high school with a culinary program. So of course Ellie gets in, but I just wanna know how long she’s gonna keep up the charade before someone finds out she doesn’t even know how to hold a chef’s knife.

I’m gonna let Adam Bordeaux, the family doctor for the Thorntons, try to describe the plot:

So umm… all this started a while ago. From what I know, Cynthia Thornton was murdered and they never found her killer. Then Vincent married this woman named Angelina Rutherford. Very nice lady, I went to their wedding. Then things started to change. People began being more ruthless, secretive, and overall evil. Angelina didn’t seem like herself anymore. One thing about this town… everyone has secrets. Even me. It’s just a matter of who reveals them first. What I do know is that a lot of people are gonna be destroyed, and what I’m gonna do is sit back and watch. As a doctor, it’s my job to take care of people, but who says I can’t have some fun of my own?