Promote your Story by Sharing the back Story Behind it

So, the point of this thread is that you are suppose to promote your story by explaining how you came up with your story. I will start by using my main story on Episode.

Story behind it: I actually got the idea to write this story after reading the Kissed By the Baddest Bidder Otome game. Mainly Soryu’s route because he is a member of the Chinese Yakuza based in Japan. So, I decided I wanted to center my story around a character who didn’t want to be stuck in the family of the Yakuza. Soryu’s route is one of the few that actually doesn’t romanticize the mafia trope but you actually get an understanding of what someone in the yakuza would deal with if they had family on the outside. Hence the main character for the game. I’ve always seen stories that are based on a love interest that was forced into the business versus a story where the character wants out. She knows what her father does is bad but she wants no part in it.

Title: Daughter of the Blue Dragon
Author: WolfGamerGirl37
Episodes: 4
Plot: Lena is the daughter of a Yakuza boss, who is being set up for an arranged marriage. She decides to run away when tragedy strikes within the Blue Dragon gang.



Here’s the backstory of how I came up with There’s No Accounting for Taste:

From December 2020 to mid-March 2021, I had absolutely no inspiration nor ideas for a story. My mind was totally blank. Nothing seemed to inspire me. Finally, I got inspired to write a sequel to Miss Understood. It was going to be about the MC getting married and running a school with her husband. But somehow, I just didn’t feel that it would be interesting enough, and I decided I wanted to focus on one of the students I had created instead of the couple from my previous story. I also came up with the idea of having it be about a cooking school because one of my abandoned story ideas was about cooking.
At that time, I had just finished watching the Argentinian musical series, Go!, and I kept thinking about what it was that made it so special to me and how I could incorporate some of those elements into my story. So I decided to re-watch it. One of the main characters from that series inspired the LI in my story.
Around this time, I also became a fan of Post Malone, and his music helped my creativity flow. So it actually evolved from being a sequel to being its very own story, even though the characters from Miss Understood do appear in one scene, and the LI is the nephew of one of the characters from that story.

Would anyone else like to share the backstory behind how they got inspired to write their story?


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I wanted to write a Creepypasta OC that wasn’t a Mary-Sue. I think I succeeded.

For Deadly Nightshade, I wanted to try writing a story with an evil MC, but not too cliche. Then I wanted to try writing morally grey characters. I watched a few k-dramas and got to writing. Now that I’m on episode 6, I see how eerily similar my story was to the hit k-drama Penthouse: War in Life (I just finished it last week and I’m kinda broken.) That was completely unintentional and I think I’m gonna finish this story, somehow, some way.

I wanted greed and ambition to be the central focus of my story, so I read Macbeth (which was basically the main inspiration for Deadly Nightshade) and wrote notes for all of it. Then I started working more on the story, refining it before I finally published it. Eventually it ended up very quite well-written, I almost gave up on it twice but I decided to finally pick it back up.

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Wattpad and other platform stories can be on this thread too!

Title: Dreams and Nightmares
Author: RainbowCat
Platform: Tapas
Backstory: I started writing this story on Episode when I read many stories on there but never found something I liked 100%. It was a bit like “if you don’t find it, write it yourself” :smile_cat: After publishing a few episodes, I took a break, left Episode, and turned the story into a novel. I started publishing on Tapas in June 2020 and the last chapter is going to get published at the end of December 2022. I had some ups and downs while writing, ended up with an ending that was on my “don’t end the story like this”-list and it’s much more of a slow-burn than I expected it to be. Most of it is really exactly what I want to read and see in a story which makes me super happy whenever I read it (and I had to read it a few times already :joy:)