Promote your story through the eyes of the antagonist!

I’ll promote Miss Understood through the eyes of Principal Sharon Hollister, the main antagonist of the story.

This story revolves around the newest and least experienced teacher at this school, Emmy Saab. Her real name is Emilianna, but it’s too long and pretentious, so I suggested we shorten it to Emmy. She wishes the world revolved around her, but since it doesn’t, she had to have her way and be the protagonist of a story. Emmy comes from a rich family and is used to getting what she wants, but she had a rude awakening when she realized that there are people much more important than her. For instance, my adorable grandson, Rodrick Liam Montgomery the Third, who, unfortunately, happens to be in her class this year. Rodrick says that’s she’s ugly, stupid, a bad teacher, and doesn’t know how to control the class, which I completely agree with.
She even has a favorite student, but it’s not my Rodrick nor is it the child of any of my friends. It’s that Lebanese new kid, Emiliano. Teachers are not supposed to have favorites unless they are the principal’s favorite. But at the end of the year, I plan on firing her because she doesn’t fit with our school’s mission.


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